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  • 12g Capacity
  • Single CO2 Bulb
  • Steel Construction

    A 12g CO2 Bulb Capsule Single, sold individually these 12g bulbs can be used for both Airsoft and Air rifles.

    • Play For Longer
    • For Omega CO2
    • Holds 2 x 12g CO2

    This is a spare or replacement CO2 Cradle for the Tippmann Omega PV Series with a CO2 Stock. It holds two 12g CO2 Sparklets which lasts for hundreds of shots, but will need refilling with CO2 once empty. Having a spare allows you to quickly change out the cartridge rather than opening it up and replacing the CO2 Bulbs. This is a direct replacement, that is exactly the same as the one supplied in the original box. If you want to stay in the field playing for longer, rather than sacrificing your sweet position and returning to the safe zone, then this is a must-have purchase.