Learn more about the Novritsch Airsoft brand

Novritsch, known by his real name, Christoph, is a charismatic figure in the world of Airsoft, capturing the hearts of enthusiasts and gamers alike. With a sharp eye for detail and a passion for all things tactical, Novritsch has risen to prominence as a leading content creator and influencer in the Airsoft community.

Whether you're a seasoned Airsoft veteran or just getting started in the sport, Novritsch's content offers an engaging blend of gameplay, gear reviews, and tactical insights, making him a go-to source for all things Airsoft.

Why Choose Novritsch?


SSG24 Sniper Rifle: Novritsch's SSG24 is a bolt-action Airsoft sniper rifle known for its high-quality construction and exceptional performance. It's designed for long-range precision shooting and is available in different configurations to cater to various player preferences.

SSX-23 Pistol: The SSX-23 is a gas non-blowback Airsoft pistol designed by Novritsch, based on the MK23 platform. It's known for its accuracy, reliability and stealth. This pistol is suitable for stealthy players or snipers who want a secondary sidearm for close-quarters engagements.

SSG10 Sniper Rifle: This is another bolt-action sniper rifle from Novritsch. It's designed to be more affordable than the SSG24 while still providing excellent performance for Airsoft snipers.

Gear & Accessories

Ghillie Suits: Novritsch offers ghillie suits designed for camouflage in Airsoft sniping scenarios. These suits are available in different patterns and designs to match various environments.

Scope Cams: Novritsch's scope cams are designed to capture high-quality video footage of your Airsoft games. They are typically mounted on the scope of your Airsoft gun, allowing you to record your shots and gameplay.

BBs: Novritsch has his brand of precision Airsoft BBs available in various weights. These BBs are designed for accuracy and consistency in performance.

Protective Gear: While Novritsch doesn't manufacture protective gear, he often recommends and reviews a variety of Airsoft safety equipment, such as eye protection, face masks, and tactical gear, in his videos and on his website.

Custom Apparel: Novritsch has a line of apparel and merchandise, including T-shirts, hoodies, patches, and other items featuring his logo and branding.

Airsoft Accessories: Novritsch may also recommend or review various Airsoft accessories like magazines, silencers, bipods, and other gear commonly used by Airsoft players.

Tactical Equipment: Novritsch often showcases and discusses tactical gear, such as backpacks, holsters, and pouches, in his videos. While he doesn't manufacture these items, he may provide recommendations and insights into their use.

Novritsch Airsoft FAQ

At the Patrol Base Showroom in Huddersfield, we have a dedicated Novritsch section where you can get a first-hand look at all the guns, gear and ghillie suits that Novritsch offers.

Yes! Most Airsoft Technicians can repair Novritsch guns, including Patrol Base. Your 12-month warranty applies if you purchased from Patrol Base and have not modified the internals of the gun, so if you have a failure during the first year of purchase, get in touch and we will sort it!

Alternatively, you can bring your Novritsch gun to the Patrol Base Showroom in Huddersfield and book it in as a repair job and our techs will get you up and shooting again.

As with any Airsoft gun purchased from Patrol Base, Novritsch Airsoft guns are covered by a 12-month warranty. More information can be found here. Novritsch also offers an extended 25-year warranty on Novritsch Airsoft guns which must be claimed directly from Novritsch. Terms for the Novritsch warranty can be found on the Novritsch website.

Yes, you can get Novritsch directly from the manufacturer. But why would you? Patrol Base offers a convenient 12-month warranty and next-day delivery! We can even offer Novritsch Airsoft guns to those without UKARA, with VCRA-compliant two-tone colours thanks to our two-tone paint service.

Shop at Patrol Base and there is no need to wait, and you can get a Novritsch gun without UKARA!

Yes! Novritsch is a great brand or we wouldn't stock it! Novristch Airsoft guns are some of the best out there and outshoot many similarly priced platforms, not to mention their awesome build quality. The same is true for Novritsch Ghillie suits and tactical gear; all are made to the highest standard and feature some of the most interesting innovations we have seen in years.

Novritsch built his reputation on social media and used his passion to transform it into one of the fastest-growing Airsoft brands on the market. This simply wouldn't be possible without Novritsch products being every bit as good as they look!