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  • MK23 Body Kit
  • Savage Aesthetic
  • Use Pistol As Primary

An absolutely awesome 3D Printed Bodykit for TM, ASG, STTI and KSC MK23 Gas Pistols, which converts your MK23 from 'Pocket Sniper Rifle' to 'Menacing Carbine'. If you love the performance of your MK23 Pistol and want to start using it as a primary, then the SRU MK23 Conversion Kit is just what you need.

  • Covert G-Series to Carbine
  • Railed Handguard / Receiver
  • Built-In Torch / Folding Stock

A carbine kit for G-Series pistols which converts your handgun into a full-length carbine with a forward RIS rail system, railed top receiver, folding foregrip, ready-mag system and an adjustable sliding stock.

  • Built-In Torch
  • Ready Mag System
  • Accepts EU17/18/22/31

An easy-to-use carbine conversion kit for G-Series 17/18/22/31 pistols, with a tonne of cool features such as: built in torch, ready mag foregrip, ambidextrous slide controls, included handstops, QD sling point and three point rail system.