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From £36.99

    A compact 40mm MOSCART grenade launcher. The perfect combination for any Airsofter looking to make a scene, clean up any CQB killhouse in style and leave a huge mess in the same trigger pull. 

    • Pistol Mounted
    • Gas Powered
    • Holds 40 BBs

    The HG-138 is a Rail Mounted BB Launcher designed to be attached to the underside of Pistols and Rifles as a single shot 40 round launcher which can be used to clear a group of enemy or as a last hurrah before you get hit.

    From £94.99
    • Full Alloy Construction
    • 40mm Moscart Launcher
    • Fits 20mm Rail & M16 Barrel

    A full metal M203 style Airsoft Grenade Launcher by Double Bell, designed to fit onto either a 20mm RIS rail or the underside of your M4A1 / M16 this 203 launcher adds a uniquely menacing look to your gun!

    From £99.99
    • Full metal construction
    • Supplied in a hard storage case
    • Includes barrel mount, RIS mount, 40mm grenade shell

    With this simple trick, you can turn one gun into two guns! The M203 under-barrel grenade launcher is heavy, manly, and ready to shower an unlucky opponent with a cloud of BBs! This is the 9 Inch short variant, ideally suited to mounting to an M4A1 with a 14.5-inch or 10.5-inch barrel, though it will fit all M4 variants and anything with a 20mm rail on the handguard (or elsewhere, heretics!) with the included 20mm Picatinny rail adaptor.

    About Our Airsoft Gun Mounted Launchers

    Your enemies won’t know what hit them with our airsoft gun-mounted launchers. These formidable beasts promise power and range so you can charge through your opponents and dominate the battlefield. 

    Attaching your launcher to your gun gives you the added benefit of not having to switch weapons during a tense game, allowing you to stay versatile, switching between regular rounds and grenade attacks. 

    We have options for every style of player, including CO2 powered mounted launchers, launchers ideal for AK variants and more. 

    You can also stock up on all your ammo needs here too, including projectile grenades and audible grenades. Plus, with our next day delivery options and buy now, payer later payment plans, getting a new airsoft gun mounted launcher has never been easier. 

    Shop our full collection online now, or take a look at our standalone launchers. We also have a store in Huddersfield where you can try out our airsoft gun mounted launchers in our dedicated range.