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  • Short Range LED Torch
  • Red and White Illumination
  • Helmet, 20mm RIS and Cap Mounts

A lightweight LED Light Set suitable for providing close range Illumination or light for Airsoft. Constructed out of robust polymer and metal, this LED set is more than capable of taking bumps and knock during combat. 

  • Polyester
  • Range of Patterns
  • Adhesive Sniper Tape

Camouflage Adhesive Sniper Tape which is perfect for wrapping around your Rifle, or anything else you want to add a camouflage pattern to.

  • Tools Included
  • Internal Storage
  • Compact Design

A slight angled fore grip designed to stiffen up your grip and aid in improved accuracy down range. A must for anyone wishing to keep a low profile and slick look but gain a tactical advantage on a longer weapon or super CQB package.

  • 20mm Compatible
  • For 25mm Torches
  • Polymer Construction

A lightweight and durable mount for fitting your torch to any 20mm RIS/RAS rail.

  • Easy to Cut
  • 10m Length
  • Easily Removed

This Camouflage Tape Roll has a total length of 10m, and is a super simple way to get your Airsoft Gun, Air Rifle or other Hunting Equipment concealed without having to use a permanent method such as Spray Paint. Simply wrap the Tape around your kit and off you go. This makes for an excellent base layer for Spray Painting, and is easily removed when not required any more.

  • 5 Positions
  • Easy To Rotate
  • Polymer Construction

The perfect mount for your torch, able to fit to any 20mm RIS/RAS rail and with 5 adjustable positions.

  • Pack of Six
  • Metal Targets
  • For Training/IPSC

This is a pack of six individual shooting targets that are made from metal, and can stand up on their own. When hit with a BB or Pellet, they make a satisfying 'dink' sound and will fall over. These targets are perfect for honing your skills on private land, or for IPSC style competitive shooting with friends or a club.

  • Alloy Construction
  • Canted/Angled Rail
  • Fits RIS / Attaches to RIS

A 20mm Rail that is designed to install Torches, Lasers and other 20mm RIS Accessories at a 45 degree angle, which allows you to maximise the available space you have on your Airsoft Gun. Although designed for Torches (specifically the SF X-Series), this Rail could also be used to mount a Canted/Angled Red Dot Sight to use as a backup to a Main Sight. The Element 45-Degree Picatinny Rail Mount easily attaches to 20mm Rails via the Allen Screw on the side of the unit.

  • Quick Release Loop
  • Sling Plate Included
  • Ambidextrous Mount

An Alloy constructed sling loop for AR/M4/M16 platform Airsoft Electric Guns, which comes included with a replacement Sling Plate to mount the included Quick Release Offset Loop on either side.

  • Extends Stock
  • Improved Ergonomics
  • Enhanced Grip Control

An attachment for AK47/74 Skeleton stocks, allowing you to extend the length of the weapon whilst at the same time providing a more comfortable surface to shoulder your weapon. 

  • 37000RPM
  • Ultra Torque
  • Short or Long Shaft

The Element Ultra Torque Motors are aftermarket Motors for Airsoft Electric Guns, which provide excellent Torque and High Speed for all types of Custom Builds. If you're looking at upgrading your Airsoft Gun then this is an excellent starting point. Both a Long and Short Shaft option is available. Please be aware that this part will require some technical setup, and could need tuning upon installation.

  • Fits 20mm Rails
  • 2 x Navigation LEDs
  • 3 x Pressure Switches

This solid unit is a Foregrip System with an Integrated 190 Lumen CREE LED Light for illuminating dark corridors and helping navigate tight spaces, as well as giving you the edge over your opponents. After all, how can you hit what you can't see? If you need to keep a lower profile then there are 2 x Navigation LEDs for very dim illumination if you need to read a map, or just see where you're going without giving your position away.

  • Integrated QD Picatinny mount
  • Includes pressure switch 
  • White light, red laser and IR laser in one unit

If you have a small gun but a big need for illumination, or if you want the latest and greatest PEQ style laser unit, the DBAL A2 from Element may be what you have been looking for! With more functions than the space shuttle and a compact lightweight form, you need your excuses ready to not want this on your primary!