Pepper your enemy with suppressive fire all day long or take them out in one shot!

We stock everything you need and more from 0.20g Airsoft BB right up to 0.40g and heavier Airsoft Sniper ammo! If you play at an Airsoft site that restricts your BB choice to Biodegradable Airsoft BB only then we cater for you too. We only stock BBs we trust and use ourselves in our own Airsoft guns from budget to high end custom build specifications. 

As well as a wide variety of ammo we also stock a tremendous range of Airsoft Gas. We have everything from Airsoft Duster Gas, Airsoft Green Gas to Propane, Co2, and stronger! Don't just go straight to the strong stuff though, ensure your Airsoft Gas weapons can handle it! As well as stocking Gas and BB's you can also come to to our store or check out our website for HPA supplies including bottles, lines, regulators and adaptors. 

Want to learn more about BB's and Gas?

Read though our informational archives about what we think you need to know about Airsoft Gas and Airsoft BBs. We have a huge depth of knowledge, and we've packed it all into one place!

  • BB Weights
    Airsoft Buying Guides

    BB Weights

    When buying BBs it can get confusing, with lots of different weights of BBs it can seem like a mammoth task, but once it has been broken down will get a lot easier.

  • Are all types of BB Pellets safe for Airsoft?
    BB Guns

    Are all types of BB Pellets safe for Airsoft?

    In the Airsoft world, most pellets sold by reputable Airsoft retailers will be safe to use for Airsoft, this includes all type of 6mm BB which are made from plastic.

  • Are all types of BB Gun safe for Airsoft?
    BB Guns

    Are all types of BB Gun safe for Airsoft?

    There are many types of BB gun available, and it's important to understand the distinction between each one.

  • Stock up with NUPROL Gas Bundles
    Product Specific Guides

    Stock up with NUPROL Gas Bundles

    Looking to sock up on Green Gas ready for your next Skirmish? Well, here at Patrol Base we have you covered!

  • Gas Types and Maintenance
    Airsoft Buying Guides

    Gas Types and Maintenance

    Gas is usually a popular choice because of the blowback feature, adding an extra level of realism for the player. Gas comes in three main types, Green Gas, Co2 and Propane.

  • Airsoft Beginners Guide To: Gas
    Airsoft Beginners

    Airsoft Beginners Guide To: Gas

    This latest new player video features Patrol Base Pete and Patrol Base Mike, who are here to discuss one of the most important topics to anyone who owns a Gas powered Airsoft replica: The differences between all the main Airsoft Gas Types.