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  • Holds 1200 BBs
  • Includes feeding Nozzle
  • Semi Transparent Design

A BB holding bottle, designed to allow you to store up to 1200 BB's and then dispense them using a foldable nozzle. 

  • Magazine pull/Grip assist
  • Slips over STANAG style magazine
  • Great for Mag-podding technique

The M4/AR15 STANAG Multi-functional Magazine Grip attaches to the bottom of your STANAG style magazine and provides an additional gripping surface, making removing your magazine from tight pouches a breeze!

  • SMG-5/Uzi
  • Pack of Three
  • Rubber Construction

A set of three Magazine Pulls/Assists for Submachine Gun-sized Magazines, such as the SMG-5 and UZI. These Rubber Assists slide over the bottom of the Magazine and provide a solid loop that makes them easy to rip Magazines in and out of pouches in a flash. This is the perfect way to add a nice aesthetic touch to your replica, and make it miles easier to handle, whilst also hopefully improving your reload times.

  • Magazine pull/Grip assist
  • Fits Polymer style magazine (Nuprol N-MAG, VFC V-MAG and similar)
  • Great for "Mag-podding" technique!

The M4/AR15 Polymer-MAG Multi-functional Magazine Grip attaches to the bottom of your Polymer-MAG style magazine and provides an additional gripping surface, making removing your magazine from tight pouches a breeze!

  • Rubber construction
  • 5.56 or 7.62 sizing available
  • Skull style grip assist 

If you would like to make your reloads faster and less of a fumble, a magazine grip assist/pull can help make your magazines easier to pull from pouches and prevent accidental drops at a critical time. The Skull Magazine Grip Assist from MGP is designed to slip onto the bottom of your magazine and provide additional grip at the sides, and a rubber loop below the baseplate to give you a little extra to grab onto during a reload. These magazine grip assists come in packs of 3 and are available in either 5.56 style (for STANAG magazines) or 7.62 style (for 7.62 STANAG - SCAR-H, SR25, AR10 etc.). 

  • Polymer Construction
  • Semi-Transparent Black
  • Official Magazine Coupler

A semi transparent magazine coupler allowing you to connect your ASG CZ Scorpion Evo magazines together for faster reloading.

  • Spring Action
  • Loads 6 x Shells
  • Dan Wesson Speedloader

Instantly fill your revolver with a new set of BB carry shells! Suitable for both 4" and 8" Dan Wesson revolvers. This method is much quicker than replacing each shell individually, and makes reloading your Airsoft revolver a dream.

  • For SRC SR4 ST Falcon Magazines
  • Fits most M4/AR15 AEG
  • PCC look and back in seconds!

If you are considering getting a 9mm style AR but you aren't sure if you'll like it, take a look at the M4/AR15 Pistol Magazine Adapter from SRC. The adapter allows most M4/AR15 AEGs to use the pistol style magazines for the SR4 ST Falcon AEG, changing the look of your setup completely! This change is not permanent, however, as the adapter simply locks into the AR15 magazine release, and can be attached or removed as quickly as changing mags!

  • Aluminium construction
  • Competition styled magazine baseplate
  • For Tokyo Marui EU series GBB pistols

The Hi-capa people have their CNC machined magazine baseplates, when do the EU series fans get theirs? Finally, thanks to CowCow Technologies, users of the EU series of GBB handguns can now run aluminium magazine baseplates, making magazines easier to pull from pouches and adding a touch of flair too! The Tactical Aluminium Magazine Baseplate is machined from 6061 aluminium and is finished in a beautiful matt anodising in one of 4 eye-catching colour options!

  • For GBB M4 Magazines
  • Increases BB Capacity
  • Tactical Aesthetic

This GHOST magazine extension is designed to fit onto the base of your GBB M4 Magazine & increase the magazine capacity, while acting as a reinforced & durable base.

From £2.99
  • Rubberised
  • Textured For Grip
  • For 5.56mm Mags

A rubber magazine pull for 5.56mm style magazines, such as the M4, M16, SR16, 416 range to name a few.

  • Strong Rubber
  • Fits STANAG Mag
  • Durable Construction

A rubber magazine assist also known as a mag pull. Produced to allow a faster and more "tactical" removal of the magazines from your magazine pouches and the RIF itself.

  • For SMG Magazines
  • Black or Tan Available
  • Faster/Controlled Reloads

These Magazine Pulls are designed for SMG-sized Magazines such as the MP5 and Uzi, and will sit snugly around your Magazine to provide an easy pull-loop to manipulate the Mag in a hurry. This will lead to faster and more controlled reloads, as well as giving you better handling over the contents of your Chest Rig, and adding the finishing touches to any custom SMG build.

  • Holds 5 x Shells
  • Authentic Reloads
  • Carry More Ammo

An authentic looking Stripper Clip for the DBoys KAR98K Bolt Action Rifle. It holds a total of five shells, makes for a faster reload of the internal magazine, and is the ideal way to carry spare shells in the field.

  • Ideal Spares
  • Easy Installation
  • Fix Leaking Valves

A spare or replacement Fill valve for Golden Eagle branded Type 870 Gas Shotguns, namely the M8871, M8873 and M8874 models. If you have a leaking Fill Valve, or you just like to be prepared, a set of replacement Fill Valves is never a bad idea, should the worst happen.

  • For AK Mags
  • Tactical Reloads
  • Clamp Two Mags

This Magazine Coupler is designed for AK Platform Magazines, to clamp two Magazines together and allow for rapid reloads and extra space on your Chest Rig. This allows you to theoretically have 1200 BBs on your person, if you clamp together two 600rnd High Cap Magazines.

  • Holds Shotgun Shells
  • For CYMA CM.35X Series
  • Perform Tactical Reloads

A Shotgun Shell Holder for the CYMA CM.35X series of Airsoft Pump Action Shotguns, designed to screw straight onto the side of the Receiver and hold four Airsoft Shotgun Shells, ready for a tactical reload. If you want to mount Airsoft Shotgun Shells on the side of your CYMA CM.35X Series Shotgun, then this is exactly what you need.

  • For Type 870
  • Ideal Spare Parts
  • Fix Leaking Tank Valve

This is a set of replacement Valves for the Golden Eagle Type 870 Gas Shotguns that feature a removable Gas Tank, such as the M8870 and M8872. These Valves are incredibly easy to replace, and are an absolutely vital spare part for any owner of one of these replicas.

  • For LCT PP-19
  • Dual Mag Clamp
  • Steel Construction

A Steel constructed magazine coupler for the LCT branded PP-19 Airsoft Electric Gun. This handy device allows you to clamp two magazines together for lightning-quick reloads and tacti-cool aesthetic. Simply place the magazines in the clamp and off you go.

  • Pack of 3 Baseplates
  • For Hi-capa 5.1 GBB magazines
  • Prevent damage in case of a drop

If you have dropped a GBB pistol magazine before, you will know the pain of a small but costly mistake ruining your magazine. The Enhanced Pistol Shockplate from PTS Syndicate is designed to prevent this; with a combination of high-density polymer and impact-resistant hard rubber in its construction your magazine has never stood a better chance of surviving a drop than it will with one of these installed! 

  • Cleaner Reloads
  • Improve Mag Fit
  • Steel Construction

A Steel constructed spacer for LCT branded AK models, which sits inside the magwell and improves fitment of magazines. The part is very easy to install, and makes putting a magazine into the gun much easier, allowing you to perform muscle memory reloads. If you have ever tried to put a magazine into an AK before you may have noticed how it can sometimes take a few tries - this part serves to remove this fumbling by removing excess slack. It is installed into the magwell with the groove around the HOP unit, and removed by pulling the tabs at the side inwards.

About Our Airsoft Magazine Accessories

Our magazine accessories serve to enhance your airsoft performance. From magazine clips to tank valve spares for airsoft shotguns, to BB bottles that let you carry an additional 600 pellets, find everything you need with our airsoft magazine accessories. We even offer a selection of magazine pulls, magazine base plates and more. Plus, they’re all designed to work on airsoft magazines which fire 6mm BBs.

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