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From £159.99
  • Full metal construction
  • 14mm CCW Male threaded barrel
  • Version 6 gearbox - Alloy shell, steel gears

Whether you are a sniper looking for a compact AEG backup or want something short and light to take advantage of your agility, the Cybergun P90 is perfect for the job. This AEG boasts full metal construction, realistic trademarks licenced by FN Herstal itself and ambidextrous controls, perfect for left-handed shooters or those who like to shoot from both shoulders to make the best use of cover.

The internals are based around the TM P90 design, meaning a version 6 gearbox, rotary HOP-up unit and full compatibility with aftermarket upgrades for the TM P90. Also fitted are a 6.03mm tightbore inner barrel for an improvement in accuracy potential and 8mm bushings for a smoother gearbox report and a slight increase in rate of fire. If you like to move fast and crawl in the woods, the P90 is your best friend!

From £129.99
  • Licensed FN P90 Replica
  • Full FN Herstal Trademarks
  • Metal upper with built in Red Dot Sight

This isn't just any P90, this is the Cyber Gun Licensed FN HERSTAL P90. Constructed from a mix of metal and polymer just like the real thing, stamped with official FN Herstal trades and fitted with the traditional red dot sight; this is a no-brainer for the P90 fanatic!

Issued to the US Secret Service, Belgian paratroopers, and special forces units from all around the world, you have to have been living under a rock to not notice this iconic PDW/submachine gun, especially for its role in Goldeneye 007 for the N64, The World is Not Enough and Stargate SG1. The Cyber Gun P90 is rocking the version 6 gearbox with a rotary adjustable HOP-up unit, and it may look funky but it has all it needs to keep the M4 and AK users on their toes! 

From £439.99
  • Full Licenced by FN Herstal
  • Quick Change Spring System
  • Krytac in-line MOSFET pre-installed

There has been a lot of fuss made about this particular AEG online, and let us tell you, the hype is real! The Krytac P90 AEG combines the P90s radical design with Krytac's industry expertise to produce the best performing P90 out there, with an unrivalled feature set and bomb-proof internals.

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  • Cybergun FN P90 SMG
  • Theta Optics Micro Reflex Sight
  • Battery, Charger & 0.25g BBs

If you have plans to build a slick P90 decked to the nines with cool mission essential kit, no need to, we have done it for you! The P90 Fully Decked Out Bundle includes the Cybergun FN P90 AEG, a red dot sight, suppressor, V300 flashlight, a 9.6V NiMH battery and charger, and 4000 PJ PROSLICK 0.25g BBs. Just remember when installing the suppressor, the P90's flash hider is held on by a grub screw, this must be removed before you attempt to unscrew the flash hider. 

If you're ready to get busy with a super cool subgun, decked out is the way to do it!

From £519.99
  • Fully Licenced by FN Herstal
  • Krytac in-line MOSFET pre-installed
  • Alpine Limited Edition - New colour & new upper receiver!

    Following in the footsteps of the Krytac Kriss Vector Alpine Edition we are proud to introduce the Krytac EMG P90; Alpine Special Edition. This unique P90 variant has an eye-catching new look and brings plenty of modern functionality to the table as a bonus thanks to its redesigned modular upper receiver/optics bridge assembly. As with the original Krytac P90, this variant boasts full licencing from FN Herstal via Cybergun, but unlike the original, this P90 takes a walk on the wild side when it comes to external design!

    Inside we are treated to the best the P90 platform has to offer, just like the previous P90 from Krytac. The trigger has been enhanced and now has a super short trigger travel with full adjustability, the upgraded internals are kept in check by the Krytac Nautilus MOSFET and a 30K RPM high torque motor delivers the power needed to provide a super snappy trigger response and a remarkable rate of fire. If you like your P90s minty fresh on the outside and a cold killer on the inside, this one should suit you!

    From £169.99
    • Compact CQB Weapon
    • Rails for Sights and Accessories
    • High Capacity M4 Magazine Adaptor

    An Airsoft 6mm Airsoft AEG replica designed to look like the infamous P90, seen in many video games, TV series and Movies we all love (for the P90, of course!). This P90 is a bit of a special case, as it comes with a whopping 1500rnd box magazine/M4 high-cap adapter, allowing it to be fed using M4 AEG high-caps but with the added benefit of drum magazine-like capacity. If you are looking for a super small and mobile AEG with the ability to run all day long on a single magazine, or absolutely saturate the enemy team with 1500 BBs per fill, this is the AEG you need! 

    About Our Airsoft P90 Submachine Guns

    The P90 platform is one of the most iconic SMGs of the 21st century, rocking a futuristic look, advanced ergonomics and a unique top-feeding design which makes it unlike anything else out there. Whether you're working on your Stargate SG-1 loadout or finishing off your US Secret Service kit, a P90 is the ideal primary for you!

    Airsoft P90s are available in both AEG and GBB form and range from the affordable Cybergun P90 AEG, ideal for beginners, to the high-end Krytac P90 for the pros. If you're unsure which P90 is right for you, get in touch with our team of Airsoft experts or pop down to our Showroom in Huddersfield for in-person advice and a closer look before you buy!