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  • 380rnd Capacity
  • High density polymer construction
  • Compatible with most M4/AR-15 AEGs

If you need more ammo on tap and ain't got time to reload, the Specna Arms 380rnd S-Mag High-Cap Magazine for M4/AR-15 AEG is what you need to fill your rig up! This wheel-wound high-cap magazine holds a respectable 380 BBs, loaded through the fill window at the top and fed into your M4/AR-15 AEG via the winding wheel on the baseplate. Simply open the BB fill window door, pour your BBs in and wind the wheel 10-15 times, after which you are ready to shoot.

Like the S-Mag mid-cap, the high-cap variant is constructed from high density polymer and boasts SA texture on each side to improve wet weather handling. If you want to spend more time shooting and less time reloading, the S-Mag high-cap will perfectly suit your needs!

  • 30 / 140rnd Setting
  • STANAG Magazine
  • Realistic Design

A STANAG type magazine which is designed to fit any Airsoft AEG rifle which accepts this style of magazine, such as M4, L85, 416, SCAR-L and more.

This magazine is the perfect purchase for any Airsoft skirmisher due to its low price and high quality, with the added bonus that should you one day visit a low-cap only site it can be quickly changed to suit your needs.

  • 150rnd Capacity
  • Dupont Zytel Polymer construction
  • Bolt lock functional - Peak realism

If you're looking for more capacity on your ASG Scorpion EVO AEG and you hate high-caps, the PTS Syndicate EPM-E9 150rnd Magazine for ASG Scorpion Evo AEGs is what you need! As with other PTS EPM magazines, the E9 is constructed from high-density Dupont Zytel polymer, the best of the best when it comes to polymers used in Airsoft.

The E9 magazine is loaded like any other mid-cap, simply load through the fill/feed port on the top using an Airsoft speed loader or loading rod. Unlike other mid-caps, the E9 magazine provides empty magazine cutoff, also known as "bolt lock", just like the original EVO mags.

The high-vis orange follower allows you to track when the mag is fully loaded through the clear witness window on each side and take a quick glance at the top of the mag with it removed to confirm you still have ammo inside. On each side and the baseplate, we are treated to a dot matrix so you can mark your magazines and keep track of which is which. The front and rear of the E9 mag also include linear texture to improve handling for easier reloads, particularly in wet conditions. If you need more mags for your CZ Scorpion EVO with more capacity than the originals, load up on PTS Syndicate EPM-E9 mags!

  • 125rnd Capacity
  • High density polymer construction
  • Great value pack of 5 mid-caps!

If you need to load up on M4/AR-15 mid-caps, the Specna Arms 125rnd S-Mag Mid-Cap Magazine for M4/AR-15 AEG; Set Of 5 is ideal! This great value magazine multipack includes 5 S-Mag Mid-caps holding 125 BBs each, loaded through the fill/feed port at the top of the mag body using a speed loader, as with other mid-caps.

The S-Mag boasts a uniquely modern design, patterned after popular real steel polymer magazines with SA texture on each side to improve grip and wet weather handling. These magazines are known for their robust nature, wide compatibility and low weight and should fit and feed in almost any M4/AR-15 AEG out there, along with other compatible platforms such as 416 AEGs, SCAR-L AEGs and L85 AEGs. If you want to load up on mid-caps in one go, this is one of the best (and most affordable) ways to do it!

  • 31rnd Capacity
  • CO2 Magazine - Ideal for cold weather
  • Compatible with Novritsch SSP1 and SSP5
If you want to meet the man behind the Novritsch YouTube channel and the fantastic Novritsch Airsoft gun range, now is your chance! See our blog for more information.

If you want to keep your beast of a Novritsch pistol shooting perfectly in cold weather, you'll need one of these! The Novritsch 31rnd CO2 Magazine for SSP1/SSP5 GBB Pistol is constructed from alloy with a polymer baseplate and is compatible with both the SSP1 and SSP5 GBB pistols.

The mag is loaded either through the feed lips or the follower channel when the follower is held down using a speed loader or loading tool. If you're new to CO2, we recommend giving our CO2 guide a quick read so you can stay abreast of maintenance and CO2-specific safety issues.

This mag uses 12g unthreaded CO2 capsules, one of which needs to be installed inside the magazine shell. To access the CO2 compartment, simply press the small button on the bottom and slide the baseplate off. Underneath, you will find the CO2 plug which can be removed with the included Allen key or a flat tool if you don't have the Allen key handy. Install your CO2 capsule inside, tighten the plug down until you hear the capsule pierce and replace the baseplate; you are now good to go!

  • 120rnd Capacity
  • Polymer construction
  • For King Arms VSS Vintorez & AS VAL AEG

If you need mags for your King Arms VSS Vintorez or AS VAL these are the ones! This great value box of 5 midcaps is built to match the real thing perfectly, including the reinforcement ribs on the sides and the unique shape of the 9X39mm real steel Vintorez/VAL magazine. The magazines can be loaded through the fill/feed port at the top of the magazine body using an Airsoft speed loader or loading rod. Being spring-loaded mid-caps, with these mags in your rig you don't need to worry about battle rattle!

These mags are designed for the King Arms VSS Vintorez/AS VAL AEG platform and will not work in the LCT or CYMA VSS/AS VAL AEGs.

  • 210rnd Capacity 
  • High density polymer construction
  • Licenced by Troy Industries via EMG

If you're looking for high quality mid-caps with a more realistic look than EPM mags, the EMG 210rnd Troy BattleMag Magazines for M4/AR-15 AEGs; 2 Pack should suit you perfectly! Like EPM mags, these have a whopping capacity of 210 BBs, many more than other standard-length mid-caps but unlike EPMs, these mags are patterned after the real steel Troy BattleMag magazine and officially licenced by Troy through EMG. Perfect for the realism fans!

Just like the real BattleMag, the flanks of the mag body boast snake scale style texture for enhanced traction and a rubber magazine pull assist on the bottom for improved control during fast reloads. The pull assist is also useful for pulling the mags out of tight pouches, giving you a bit extra to hold into to speed up your reloads. 

Loading the BattleMag is the same process as other Airsoft mid-caps; through the fill/feed port on the top of the magazine body using an Airsoft speed loader or loading tool. The massive capacity may make this mag difficult to load using ODIN or similar loaders when the mags are new, so we recommend bedding the magazine in before using a crank wound loader by filling it up with a thumb plunger loader and emptying it a few times. If you want your magazines to be as realistic as your primary, the EMG Troy BattleMag 2 pack is what you need!

  • Replacement original magazine
  • 25 round capacity
  • Polymer construction

A spare/replacement magazine for your WELL MB06 and MB13 sniper rifle. Holds 25 rounds and can be filled via the feed lips on the top of the magazine either manually or with a speedloader.

  • 18rnd Capacity
  • Polymer construction
  • Compatible with Double Eagle M401 Shotgun

If you need a spare mag or two for your Double Eagle M401 shotgun, here you go! These magazines hold 18 BBs and are constructed from polymer, making them affordable and lightweight. Each mag is filled similarly to an AEG mid-cap or low-cap, through the fill/feed port at the top front of the mag body and a speedloader is recommended to make loading easier.

As with the original M401 mag, these mags have built-in magazine catch buttons on either side, making for quick and easy reloads thanks to the prominent buttons. Whether you run the M401 as a skirmish backup or just for some backyard fun, a spare mag is very handy to have to spend more time shooting and less time loading!

  • Spare Magazine
  • 8 Round Capacity
  • For SRC 7.65 Pistol

An 8 round magazine for the SRC 7.65 pistol.

  • 27rnd capacity
  • For Double Eagle M52 sniper rifle
  • Polymer construction, compact design

If you are sniping you probably don't need that much extra ammo, but there is nothing worse than hiding on the deck fumbling with your speed loader as the enemy close in, trust us! The Double Eagle M52 magazine is constructed from polymer and holds 27 rounds, giving you 27 more chances to get that kill! These magazines are nice and compact, and easy to store inside pistol magazine pouches or a utility pouch. This magazine looks like a VSR design but we have not yet been able to confirm compatibility.

  • 25rnd Capacity
  • Carry More Ammo
  • For Double Eagle M61

A spare magazine for the Double Eagle M61 Spring Powered Airsoft Sniper Rifle, which holds a total of 25rnds, and is the perfect way to stay in the field for longer without having to return to the safe zone to reload. If you own a Double Eagle M61, you'll want plenty of spare Mags, so you don't have to leave that sweet position you just found.

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to Carry
  • 20rnd Capacity

A spare or replacement Magazine for the CYMA CM.700 / M40A3 Spring Powered Sniper Rifle, which is perfect for staying in the fight for longer, or spending longer on the Target Range without re-filling Magazines. If you own one of these Sniper Rifles and want carry more ammunition, then these slimline and lightweight Magazines are perfect to carry on your person; especially if you've made the effort to obtain a concealed position and don't want to give it away!

  • 550rnd Capacity
  • Modern polymer mag style
  • For CA/A&K/CYMA SR25 AEG

If you need some big mags for your big boy AR, the SR25, this should do the job! The NUPROL 550rnd N-Mag High-cap for SR25 is styled after a famous polymer LR magazine and is a wheel wound high-cap. The magazine can be filled using the fill window at the top of the magazine body and is tensioned via the winding wheel on the baseplate. 

This magazine is compatible with the Classic Army pattern of SR25, meaning it should work in the A&K and CYMA SR25 rifles as well, but will not fit ARES/Secutor or G&G patterns. The style of this magazine is a great fit for any modern SR25 platform and has a waffle textured surface for enhanced grip and strength, and a "dot matrix" at the bottom on each side so you can numerically mark your magazines. 

  • Waffle Style Texture
  • 100rnd Capacity

A tough Polymer constructed magazine for a range of CYMA/WELL series Spring Sniper Rifles (check compatibility), which offers a whopping 100rnds to lay down on the enemy from afar. 

  • Easy to Carry
  • 20rnd Capacity
  • Alloy / Polymer

A 20rnd spare or replacement Magazine for the CYMA branded CM.706 Airsoft Sniper Rifle. If you want to spend more time set up in your nest and less time walking back to the safe zone for a reload, then you need to stock up on Magazines to prevent you having to give away a good position. Constructed from a mix of Alloy and Polymer, these Magazines can be filled by hand or using a Speedloader, and are a great way to stay in the fight for longer. The design of the Magazine allows them to 'spring' out of the Mag Well when released, making them much easier to remove.

  • Steel Shell
  • No Battle Rattle
  • Feeds Until Empty

This Steel constructed 150rnd Magazine is designed for AK Platform variants and features a Mid-Cap design, meaning that it will feed until empty and doesn't make any 'rattle' sound like High-Cap designs. Beautifully replicating the Steel Waffle mags that are often seen in the traditional AKM models, this Magazine is eye-catching and looks right at home on any flavour of the AK family.

  • 40 Round Mag
  • For CM.708 Rifle
  • Spare Sniper Magazine

A 40 Round magazine for the CYMA CM.708 Bolt Action Airsoft Rifle.

  • 150rnd Capacity
  • Modern polymer magazine design
  • For M4/AR15 and SCAR-L/L85/416 AEGs

Looking for modern M4/AR15 AEG magazines? You've found what you need in the Battleaxe 150rnd Polymer Magazine! This mag is designed for the M4/AR15 AEG platform but should also fit most SCAR-L, 416 and L85 style AEGs. The magazine is constructed from rock solid high density polymer and holds a respectable 150 BBs which are loaded through the fill/feed port on the top of the magazine body. This is a spring-loaded mid-cap, meaning it won't rattle as you run and give your position away.

  • 20rnd Capacity
  • Transparent polymer construction
  • For Snow Wolf M24 & M99 sniper rifles

Looking for magazines for your Snow Wolf M24 or M99? Here you go! The 20rnd magazine for M24/M99 Sniper Rifle is constructed from transparent polymer and follows a similar design format to Maruzen/Well L96 magazines, though the two are not cross-compatible.

This magazine holds 20 BBs and can be loaded using a speed loader, loading rod or by hand through the feed lips at the top front of the mag. The front of the mag is helpfully indicated on the side so you never slap it in backwards when working under pressure. These mags are small and light and easily carried in a small utility pouch. Compatibility wise, these will work in Snow Wolf M24 rifles and M99 rifles but will likely not work with other brands.

  • High density polymer
  • 65rnd capacity
  • Ribbed external design

If you find yourself running empty with your SV98 while shooting in the field, you need some spare mags my friend. Constructed from tough from lightweight polymer, the mag holds 65rnds bumping your hit count up by a huge margin! With a ribbed external design, the mag has a somewhat modern look that will look great with any SV98 snipers loadout.

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  • 430rnd capacity
  • For AK rifles
  • High-cap

With the release of the J Series from Specna Arms comes their line of J Series Mags. If you own a J series and need some spare mags to go with your new beauty, you've come to the right place. Even if you don't own a J Series and fancy yourself a new ultra modern magazine, you'd be hard pressed to find a better mag than this.

This magazine is a high cap variant, meaning that it can hold up to a massive 430 rounds. The magazine is filled at the top using a speedloader and loaded by winding the wheel at the bottom for super quick reloads to stay in the fight.

The magazine is constructed from high density polymer and features a matte colour and a somewhat rough texture with additional friction for a satisfying feel and for ease of loading. On either side of the mag you can see a modern checked texture for the modern battlefield.

  • 450 round capacity
  • Hi-cap magazine
  • Mock Bakelite colour

For those of you that prefer a more classic AK style, this magazine sports the old school Bakelite look for a more authentic loadout. The magazine holds 450 rounds and is a high-cap design in that it is wheel-wound at the bottom, meaning that you can get a tonne of shots in without having to swap mags.

The magazine also features a ridged texture on the front of the mag to allow for better grip when loading/reloading.

  • For Airsoft Shotgun
  • Red / Gold Design
  • Four Pack of Shells

A pack of Shotgun Shells designed for Airsoft 6mm Pump Action Shotguns which accept Standard Shotgun Shells. The shells are easily loaded from the top, by using an Airsoft Speed Loader, by simply pushing the nozzle into the Shell's top hole and filling. These shells are a must have purchase for any Airsoft Skirmisher who has a pump action Shotgun, as it allows you to play for longer without having to stop to reload magazines.

  • Spring Fed Design
  • Holds 20 6mm BB
  • For VFC M40A3

A magazine for the VFC McMillian M40A3 6mm BB Spring Action Sniper Rifle and holds up to 20 BBs at a time.

  • 30rnd Capacity
  • Alloy construction
  • For CYMA CM.030 / 122 / 123 / 126 / 127 / 132 AEP

If you're after spare AEP magazines you are in luck! The CYMA 30rnd Magazine is compatible with the CM.030, CM.122, CM.123, CM.126, CM.127 and CM.132 AEP, and should also fit the ASG XP17 Challenger AEP. This magazine is constructed with an alloy shell, polymer follower and steel feed spring, and can be loaded using an Airsoft speed loader through the feed lips at the top of the magazine body. This magazine holds 30 BBs and is a very compact design so it is easy to carry loads!

  • 23 round capacity
  • Low-cap design
  • For Kar98k

For all you WW2 snipers that like to run Kar98k, you don't want to be running empty when picking off your targets from the bushes. To keep yourself loaded grab this magazine from Snow Wolf. With lightweight polymer design, the mag has an open style design on the right hand side, revealing the spring and showing how many shots you have left.

The mag is a low-cap design that holds 23 rounds that is loaded in the front with a speedloader. Every sniper needs ammunition, so if you like to run the classic Kar98k, this is the mag for you.

  • 140rnd Capacity
  • Modern polymer magazine design
  • For AK AEG Assault rifles

If you are rocking a modernised AK AEG these magazines will suit it well! The CYMA 140rnd "Waffle" Mid-Cap Magazine for AK AEG is patterned after real steel Bulgarian AK-47 magazines also sold in the US under the brand "Circle 10". The magazine has waffle texture on the outside to promote positive grip and is constructed from rigid high density polymer, meaning an accidental drop doesn't result in scratches! If you need AK mags for a PMC or modern mercenary loadout, these are perfect!

  • 130rnd Capacity
  • Mid-cap magazine - No battle rattle
  • Compatible with most M4/AR-15 AEGs

If you need affordable Mid-cap magazines in tactical tan for your M4/AR-15 AEG you're going to want to check this out! The Delta Armory 130rnd STANAG Mid-cap Magazine is designed to fit M4/AR-15 AEGs and is styled after the STANAG magazine, a standard issue magazine for M4, L85/SA80, SCAR-L, HK416 rifles used in NATO militaries, amongst many others. 

The magazine is loaded just like any other Airsoft mid-cap, through the fill/feed port at the top of the magazine body using a speed loader or loading tool. If you need cheap M4 mags to complete your loadout, this is as cheap as they come!

  • 125rnd Capacity
  • High density polymer construction
  • Compatible with most M4/AR-15 AEGs

Whether you use a Specna Arms M4/AR-15 AEG or need affordable M4 mid-caps to expand your firepower, the 125rnd S-Mag Mid-cap is what you need. This magazine is constructed from high-density polymer with a steel feed spring and is loaded through the fill/feed port at the top of the magazine body, just like other mid-caps.

The S-Mag is compatible with the vast majority of M4/AR-15 AEGs and should also fit most 416, SCAR-L and L85 AEG replicas. Being a mid-cap, this magazine won't give you away with the dreaded battle rattle as you run and is ideal for sneaky skirmishers looking for more capacity!

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