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  • Push Fitting
  • Gold Coated Connectors
  • Large Surface Connectivity

An upgrade over any Tamiya connector, thanks to the light Gold plating and larger surface area between each connecting pin/spade.

  • Push Fitting
  • Gold Coated Connectors
  • Large Surface Connectivity

An upgrade over any Tamiya connector thanks to the light Gold plating and larger surface area between each connecting pin/spade.

  • Sold Individually
  • 4 To 5 Inches In Length
  • Two Different Types Of Leads

If you have just bought a new battery that has a connector too big or too small for your Airsoft AEG then this item will resolve your problems.

  • Loud Alarm
  • Displays Status
  • For 3 / 4 Cell LiPo

A simple and cheap device that can detect if a LiPo cell is no longer safe to use, this save you a tidy fortune by alerting you when a battery is going to die! 

From £4.99
  • Velcro Closing Flap
  • Suitable For All Batteries
  • Never Leave Unattended

Be safe whilst charging your LiPo batteries, if it goes wrong, it really goes wrong! For a small price this can save you a fortune, reducing the changes of damage in the event of a LiPo fire.

  • LiPo battery monitor
  • Compatible with 7.4V and 11.1V
  • LCD display with an audible alarm

If you have a habit of killing LiPo batteries by running them on too low a voltage, or you would rather not take the chance, a LiPo voltage monitor would be a good call! This device connects to the balance port of your 7.4V or 11.1V Airsoft LiPo and will provide a readout of the voltage of each cell, together with the total battery voltage. This device will also emit an alarm if the cell voltage becomes unbalanced or drops too low, preventing you from damaging your batteries and having to purchase new ones more often than you should. To use the device, you will need to plug the balance lead (small white connector) of your LiPo battery into the leftmost contacts, with the contacts oriented to face downwards. The visible silver contacts on your balance lead should be facing upwards.

  • Useful Adapter
  • Male Mini Tamiya
  • Male Deans Connector

A Male Tamiya to Male Deans Adapter which will install to the wire coming from your gun and allow you to connect Deans batteries to a gun with a Mini Tamiya connector. Even if you don't own Deans batteries, its a good adapter to own as you never know when you'll be caught out at a skirmish and need to borrow a battery - and we guarantee the only battery available will be on a Deans connection.

  • Charger adapter for AEP LiPo batteries
  • Charge your AEP LiPo using multi-function chargers
  • 7.4V Balance plug and Deans connector

If you want to get your AEP LiPo charged faster while monitoring battery status this adapter can make it possible! The IPower Charger Adapter For LiPo AEP Batteries is designed to work with compact AEP LiPo batteries like those supplied with the CYMA CM.1xxS series AEPs and allows you to charge and monitor them using a multi-function charger such as the Turnigy Accucell 6.

This adapter will only work with chargers which require both the standard battery lead (Deans, Tamiya etc) and the balance lead to be connected, and will not work with chargers which charge via the balance lead only. If you own a multi-function charger and you run a LiPo powered AEP, this is your lucky day!

  • Velcro closing flap
  • Suitable for all batteries
  • Safety first!

Ensure your safety when charging your Airsoft batteries. If it goes wrong, it really goes wrong... In reducing the chances of damage in the event of a Battery fire, the HASTA Safe Charging Bag is significantly cheaper than replacing your home would be. 

The colour of the charging bag has no impact on functionality, and due to supplier changes, colour choice is not available. You'll receive either Silver, Red, or Black at random.

  • Velcro top flap
  • Suitable for all batteries (LiPo, LiFe, NiMH etc)
  • Never leave a battery charging unattended

If you are using LiPo batteries, or any other battery for that matter, the IPower LiPo Safe Charging Bag will keep your batteries safe during charging, storage and transportation thanks to its fire-resistant polymer construction. The bag is sealed at the top with a velcro flap and measures 22cm x 18cm approximately, meaning plenty of room for several batteries inside.

  • Velcro Closing Flap
  • Suitable For All Batteries
  • Never Leave Unattended

Be safe while charging your Airsoft batteries! If it goes wrong, it really goes wrong. The NUPROL Safe Charging Bag is designed to store LiPo batteries and other Lithium batteries during charging, reducing the chances of damage in the event of a LiPo / Battery fire. Better to be safe than sorry!

  • Multiple Modes
  • Battery Checker
  • LCD Display Screen

    A Battery Diagnosis Tool which allows the user to digitally check the voltage of a battery. The Battery Unit is constructed from Polymer and features an LCD screen and is powered by the Battery plugged into it, and produces loud audible beeps during navigation. 

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