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  • For L96 Rifles
  • Swivel Bi-Pod
  • Adjustable Legs

A Two Legged Bi-pod designed to fit the ASG AW .308 Sniper Rifle Range via the Front Swivel Bipod Mount Point. 

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  • M249 Dedicated Bipod
  • Retractable Legs
  • Aluminium build

Tired of resting your handguard on the window ledge while you gun down the enemy? Not to worry, the S&T Bipod is here. 

  • Spring Loaded Legs
  • Rubber Stability Feet
  • 20mm RIS or Bipod Lug

A universal Bipod made to a high standard from Alloy, which attaches to standard Bipod Lugs, but also comes supplied with an Adapter to install the unit to a 20mm RIS Rail.

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  • Extending Legs
  • Adjustable Length
  • 20mm RIS Adapter

A robust and adjustable bi-pod designed for use with Airsoft Sniper Rifles, supplied with a 20mm RIS rail adaptor allowing the bi-pod to be used with the widest possible range of sniper rifles.

  • Extendable Legs
  • For <20mm Barrels
  • Universal Barrel Mount

A barrel-mounted Bipod which simply screws onto the barrel of an Airsoft replica, and is highly compatible provided that your barrel is no wider than 20mm.

  • 5cm of Extension
  • For 20mm RIS / RAS
  • Folding Adjustable Legs

An Airsoft bipod with rubber feet for stabilising Airsoft weapons while shooting from fixed positions, with legs are both independently able to raised or lowered by a total of 5.5cm. 

  • Full Metal
  • Spring Assisted
  • Adjustable Leg Length

A spring operated full metal bipod for the NUPROL Tango N96 series of spring powered sniper rifles, which can attach either by an L96 lug or via the Harris lug on the stock.

  • For LT-20 M82
  • Extendable Legs
  • Alloy Construction

An Alloy constructed bipod for the Lancer Tactical LT-20 M82 Sniper Rifle which will provide a stable platform at any time to take accurate, controlled shots, and also helps complete the look of the rifle, as the real thing is rarely seen without its bipod.

About Our Airsoft Bipods

Stabilise your airsoft 6mm BB gun for a more accurate shot and explore our collection of bipods. Designed to be attached to a wide range of replicas, we stock a great offering of rifle bipods and airsoft sniper bipods, including L96 bipods and VSR-10 bipods, to suit all needs!

Bipods are great for resting your weapon whilst prone, making them ideal for snipers that want to secure that important first shot. They’re also great for resting your rifle on walls and ledges for a more stable shot at range by preventing weapon drift and shaking.

We only ever stock established airsoft brands to ensure our products are of the highest quality. Stick with Patrol Base and shop names from ASG to NUPROL. You can even kit out your entire look here - we have a huge selection of attachments and accessories, including airsoft sights and more. 

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