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  • Tracer unit with RGB muzzle flash
  • Adapters for shotgun, 14mm CCW and 16mm unthreaded
  • Designed for tri-shot Airsoft shotguns

If you want to turn your local CQB site into a nightclub while you send rainbows of death at the enemy team the T238 RGB Rainbow Burst Tracer Unit for Airsoft Shotguns is what you need! This device can be used as a standard tracer unit, a tracer with a muzzle flash effect with 7 different colours to choose from, and of course, in the rainbow flash mode which lights up the first meter or so of the BB's trajectory with a dazzling rainbow effect. Just wait until you see this thing in action, it is positively EPIC!

This is the latest generation of the T238 RGB Rainbow Burst Tracer Unit for Airsoft Shotguns, meaning it works a little differently than the original model. The activation button is now on the front, and the tracer collar includes relief cuts to allow for shotguns with full-length magazine tubes and iron sights mounted directly to the barrel.

This device is intended for use with tri-shot Airsoft shotguns but comes with a 14mm CCW thread adapter and an adapter for 16mm unthreaded barrels. The default mounting mechanism is compatible with unthreaded shotgun/sniper rifle outer barrels of between 19mm and 24mm outer diameter, giving you an unprecedented amount of flexibility all in a single unit. If you want the enemy team to taste the rainbow, the T238 RGB Rainbow Burst Tracer Unit for Airsoft Shotguns is what you need!

  • Aluminium construction
  • Muzzle flash & tracer functionality
  • For 14mm CCW male threaded barrels

If you are looking for an uncommon tracer unit design with muzzle flash functionality, the T238 Griffon Tracer unit is one to watch. This unit has a unique triangular housing giving it a cutting-edge look, styled similarly to the real steel Griffin Blast Shield and is constructed from aluminium with a thick polycarbonate aperture cover on the front. 

This unit offers both tracer and muzzle flash functionality, allowing you to use either muzzle flash, tracer or both, with mode selection applied via the rear "on/off" button. Powered by an internal rechargeable battery charged via micro-USB, this tracer is convenient and economical to run and can support rates of fire up to an absolutely epic 50 rounds per second! No matter how speedy your build is or how much you value realism, this tracer unit has both bases covered!

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