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  • 1000D Polyester construction
  • Buckle up centre, MOLLE either side
  • Lightweight chest rig - Great for summer

If you are getting a bit hot under the collar wearing a plate carrier when skirmishing in summer, or you want a rig that combines flexibility and low weight for a high speed CQB loadout the 8Fields Tactical Buckle Up/MOLLE chest rig would be ideal. This chest rig is constructed from 1000 denier Polyester giving it strength and water resistance thanks to its high stitch density. If you use a buckle-up plate carrier as your primary rig, this chest rig can make a great alternative for summer skirmishing, allowing you to quickly move your buckle-up front panel from plate carrier to chest rig and benefit from better cooling and more airflow.

  • Lightweight
  • 2 x Plates Per Set
  • Dense but Flexible Foam

If you want your SAPI Plate carrier to be a little bit more realistic, then this pair of 1" thick mock plates are perfect, allowing you to bulk up, but without any of the weight. These plates measure 9.75x12.75x1inch, making them suitable for most plate carrier vests, thought we advise measuring before buying just in case! 

  • Low Profile Rig
  • Mock Plates Included
  • Velcro Panels Front and Rear

    A replica of the JPC Jump Plate Carrier, designed to be as compact and lightweight as possible whilst still providing the same functionality as a traditional plate carrier system. 

    • Fully Adjustable
    • Connects to Belt/MOLLE
    • Ultimate Lightweight Rig

    An extremely lightweight and low profile back and shoulders panel of MOLLE, which affords the user maximum manoeuvrability, comfort and connects to a belt system/MOLLE via simple fabric loops.

    • Super Lightweight
    • High Speed, No Drag!
    • Skeletal MOLLE Webbing

    An ULTRA lightweight, compact and super low profile chest rig for the Oscar Mike Operator! Decorated in a full coverage MOLLE webbing and removable shoulder straps, this rig is a great grab for any player looking to tactically-prance their way into enemy territory.

    • Can Attach To Rig
    • Holds 8 x Magazines
    • Low Profile 'Belt System'

    This is the ultimate lightweight, low profile magazine carrying solution. The Elastic Mag Pouch Cummerbund fits around your waist and offers eight low profile Magazine Sleeves to carry your equipment on your hips with minimal effort. The Cummerbund can be used either by itself or as part of a Chest Rig/Plate Carrier.

    • Quickly Adapt
    • Buckle Up Series
    • Sniper/Recon Style

    A lightweight harness style chest rig that is part of the Buckle Up series, allowing you to quickly adapt your platform to suit a wide range of roles.

    • Quickly Adapt
    • For Wider Mags
    • Buckle Up Series

    A lightweight harness style chest rig that is part of the Buckle Up series, allowing you to quickly adapt your platform to suit a wide range of roles.

    • Buckle Up Compatible
    • Highly Adaptable
    • Kangaroo Pouch

    A highly lightweight and maneuverable Chest Harness which is ideal for the operator who likes to move low and fast, made from tough 1000D Polyester and offering plenty of tactical flexibility.

    • Breathable mesh
    • Adjustable straps
    • MOLLE system

    Looking for tactical gear solutions and gear but find yourself overheating during a skirmish?

    8Field Tactical has the answer with a fully adjustable mesh vest, with centre zip and Velcro straps. The full MOLLE system lets you keep your gear close but keep yourself cool.

    • Mock Inserts
    • Fully Adjustable
    • Large Velcro Panel

    A set of Full Torso Body Armour, and is a replica of the Standard Body Armour used by U.S Special Forces, such as DELTA and the Navy SEALS.  

    • 3 x Mag Carrier
    • Large Utility Pouch
    • Lightweight & Easy

    An Airsoft triple magazine and utility pouch rolled into one; a lightweight and stylish alternative to carrying the essentials in the field.

    • Low Profile
    • Multi-Purpose
    • AR & Pistol Mag Slots

    This low profile HYBRID chest rig from 8Fields proved the end user with a multi-purpose, lightweight and versatile method of carrying their magazines.

    • Buckle-up compatible
    • Compact, low profile rig
    • Room for 6 M4 mags, 4 Pistol mags

    Whether you are a sniper, stalking the woodlands, or you prefer to bomb it around a CQB sight in your Dye mask, a compact chest rig is a must have to increase your mobility on the field. The Patrol Chest Rig from 8 Fields Tactical provides a lightweight, compact rig which can be worn with its included shoulder harness or attached to a buckle-up plate carrier, providing room for up to 6 M4/AR15 magazines and 4 pistol magazines!

    • Lightweight Rig
    • Compact Design
    • Lots Of Carry Space

    A lightweight chest rig designed to carry as much equipment as possible, whilst reducing size, allowing the user to move quicker and be more agile in tactical situations. 

    • Velcro ID Panel
    • Lightweight Rig
    • MOLLE Front / Back

    A lightweight Chest Rig Plate Carrier designed to be of a minimal size to optimise mobility and reduce carry load weight for the operator making him more dynamic in the field of combat. 

    • Fully Adjustable
    • Large Velcro Front
    • Withstand Punishment

    The must have armour for any Airsoft or Paintball CQB environment. Strike fear into the enemy with the grimacing, punishing looking skull. 

    • Modular
    • Lightweight
    • Highly Adaptable

    A modular and lightweight chest rig which is designed to be as flexible as possible, allowing you to quickly swap out your main panel on the rig to suit different purposes.

    • Mini Map Case
    • Buckle Up Compatible
    • Lightweight / Low Profile

    This lightweight and low profile Chest Rig from Viper Tactical is designed to keep you fast and light on your feet. It is also compatible with 1st and 2nd Generation VX Buckle Up Plate Carriers, should you wish to wear the Rig on a Plate Carrier rather than as a standalone harness.

    • Fully Adjustable
    • 3 x STANAG Pouch
    • Lightweight MOLLE Rig

    A fully loaded lightweight rig, allowing the user to carry gear and organise pouches, without the heavy weight of a plate carrier, allowing faster movement. The rig is manufactured using heavy duty 600D Nylon, meaning it will take lots of punishment.

    • Zip-up front
    • Fully adjustable for any size
    • Can hold 8x AR15/M4 Magazines

    If you are looking for a Recon-style chest rig that is easy to take off and on, this is what you're after! The zip up front, together with the huge amount of adjustment in the harness makes the SEAL Chest Rig from Phantom one of the more comfortable and convenient rigs available.

    • Quick Change Panel
    • Mock Ballistic Plates
    • Padded Shoulder Straps

      A low profile plate carrier that comes included with thick dummy plates and has plenty of MOLLE and Velcro real-estate space to make this chest rig your own.

      • Pre-set up with pouches
      • Various patterns available
      • Flexible "soft armour" padding inside

      Looking for a MOLLE rig but can't be bothered with all the pouch shopping involved? If you are after a MOLLE vest with good coverage, pouches included and plenty more room for additional pouches then the Black River Chest Rig is the perfect solution for you!

      • Full MOLLE Rig
      • Adjustable Waist
      • Triple Stacked Pouch

      A second generation of 8Field's fully loaded chest rig which comes with Full Front and Back Molle Panels, allowing the user to carry gear, and be changed at a moments notice to fit the user's purpose.

      • Adaptive Chest Rig
      • Buckle Up Compatible
      • 3 x M4 / 4 x Pistol Mags

      The HYBRID Plate Carrier from 8Fields Tactical is a modern Chest Rig for those who like to stay protected, and light on their feet, with everything they need neatly laid out on their Plate Carrier. This Rig is Buckle Up compatible, which means that you can easily swap out the front panel in a flash, allowing you to quickly change your role or setup depending on your needs at the time. This is great for those who run multiple loadouts, or like to switch up their gameplay halfway through a day.

      • Replacement cummerbund
      • Genuine MC tropic pattern
      • Quick-release system

      Does your plate carrier get a bit hot and sweaty in summer? If so, the Skeletal Cummerbund with QR system from EmersonGear could be the solution to your temperature issues. This cummerbund is designed to replace the original cummerbund on most plate carriers which use a Velcro secured cummerbund, and provide skeletonised sides for better airflow and a quick-release system, so you can get your carrier off quickly and cool down after the skirmish! This cummerbund attaches via velcro at the front, and elastic cord at the rear.

      • Lightweight
      • Size Adjustable
      • Elasticated Cummerbund

      The MPC Rig from Nuprol is a great choice for those who want the real estate of a plate carrier, but without the bulk of dummy plates.

      • Fully Adjustable
      • Front Zip Opening
      • Breathable & Light

      An Airsoft replica Assault Vest, with in built Pistol Holster, which is designed to be a lightweight way of carrying Magazines and other Airsoft equipment in a comfortable and practical way. 

      • 3 x M4 Pouch
      • 4 x Pistol Pouch
      • 3 x Utility Pouch

      A comfortable Low Profile Chest Rig, with every pouch you could ever need all condensed into a lightweight and convenient carrying solution.

      • MOLLE Webbing
      • Mock Polymer Plates
      • Triple Button Magazine Panel

      A Heavy Duty Plate Carrier System designed to protect the wearer whilst maintaining efficiency and maximising accessibility. The vest is constructed from 600D Polyester and features Mock Ballistic Plate Inserts, MOLLE webbing and Hook & Loop admin space.

      About Our Airsoft Tactical Vests, Chest Rigs & Plate Carriers

      Complete your loadout with our high quality Airsoft tactical vests, chest rigs and plate carriers. In a range of colours and styles, they’re ideal for added realism and extra storage. 

      Our tactical vests are built for the battlefield, offering realistic Airsoft alternatives based on true combat versions. Ideal for beginners or anyone not looking to build up their own rig, our MOLLE combat vests are complete with features such as mag pouches, adjustable straps, admin panels and more. 

      Keep yourself protected from incoming fire with a military style plate carrier vest. We stock real-world replicas that are breathable and compact, helping you stay light-footed on the field. Many of our plate carriers come equipped with secure pouches too, so you can keep your supplies safe. 

      Looking for something lighter? This is where our chest rigs come in. Keeping you as agile as possible, our chest rigs strip you down to the basics of what your loadout needs. For extra storage, you can always pair it with a MOLLE belt or a combination of MOLLE Airsoft pouches. From water bottle pouches to utility pouches, MOLLE carriers mean you’re never without the essentials.

      Shop our Airsoft tactical vests, chest rigs and plate carriers online today and enjoy next day delivery. Alternatively, browse more essential tactical gear like Airsoft masks, Airsoft boots and more.