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  • Historically Accurate set-up
  • High Quality Glass on a high quality rifle
  • With the right hat, you can be the enemy at the gate

We put together this package because we couldn't resist. The combination of the S&T Kar98k and the ZF39 scope is one to be marvelled at, not only for its good looks! The ZF39 by S&T is genuinely a top-quality optic, with crystal clear glass and excellent eye relief. The S&T Kar98k is one of the most authentic I have ever seen, and shoots like a laser to boot. A match made in heaven? We certainly think so!

From £219.99
  • Spring bolt action
  • Shell ejecting action
  • Highly accurate replica

Perfect for a WW2 German loadout, this Airsoft construction of a KAR98k is for those of you that appreciate realistic replicas.

In  your choice of either real or faux wood, with full alloy trimmings, this beauty features a spring bolt action and shell ejecting action for a satisfying and realistic experience.

While generally not used for skirmishing, this KAR98k is more suited for target practice re-enacting and for those of you who want to own a piece of history.

From £299.99
  • Highly realistic
  • Quality finish on Metal parts
  • Beautiful Real wood furniture

If you're looking for a spring-powered Kar98k that truly stands taller than the rest, you have found it in the S&T Kar98K. The finish on this has to be seen to be believed! It features an authentic-looking and feeling real wood stock and upper handguard, together with well-finished metal components. The metal finish is particularly noteworthy, as it doesn't give off the vibe that this is a replica rifle manufactured in the last few months, unlike so many other historical Airsoft rifle replicas.