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  • 300g Contents
  • Metal Fill Nozzle
  • Dust Cover Included

Designed to make your gas Airsoft RIF more consistent between every shot and work far better in colder conditions. You will also achieve an increase in FPS but you must let the gas settle in your magazine first! 

About Our Airsoft Red Gas

Offering a significantly higher pressure than green gas, airsoft red gas promises much more power and velocity. Typically people will choose red gas if they’re playing in colder temperatures, as it still offers extreme reliability and precision in poor weather. 

You should be aware that red gas is missing silicone from the mix meaning it won’t keep your gun lubricated.

Check out our full selection of airsoft gas, as well as all the BBs we have on offer. If you’re looking to seriously stock up, we have bulk deals so you can buy more and save. 

Shop our airsoft red gas online today and enjoy next day delivery options. Alternatively, come visit us at our store in Huddersfield.