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  • Gas Knocker Valve
  • For KWA KRISS Vector
  • Great Spares / Repairs

Designed as a spares or replacement for anyone with a leaky top gas KRISS Vector magazine. This is a standard part, it is not an upgrade. 

About KWA Airsoft

KWA Airsoft produces and manufactures pistols, rifles and magazines for a variety of Airsoft models. Their wide range includes M4, MP9 and .45 magazines, plus several others to cater to a large portion of the Airsoft community.

Their magazines also vary from low to mid-cap and even variable capacity magazines for auto electric guns, however they also produce several models of gas blowback magazines.

On top of this, KWA also manufacture several Airsoft replicas themselves, most notably, their M93R II 'Raffica' pistol, which is a massively popular choice for many skirmishers.