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  • IR Filter
  • Slip-On Design
  • ~25mm Aperture

This Polymer and Rubber constructed mount is designed for Torches with a ~25mm housing, and will filter out all but Infrared Light. This means you can turn your Torch into an IR Illuminator to help you see better when wearing/using Night Vision devices, and keeping your profile low when sneaking past the enemy. Simply slip the Filter over the housing of your bulb and reap the benefits. The front face can be flipped up to use your Torch as normal should you wish.

  • Genuine PTS Product
  • Tough Polymer Construction
  • Designed for MOE Hand guards

The Magpul PTS scout mount is designed to connect directly onto any MOE hand guard, providing an attachment point for weapon lights, or other accessories that fit onto a standard 20mm rail.

  • Tac-light style switch
  • For PEQ 2.5mm Jack
  • Keymod and M-LOK compatible

We get it, you want to light the enemy up with your PEQ box, but the switch is so far away...enter the Hot Button from WADSN. The button can be mounted directly to M-LOK or Keymod rails, saving messing around with velcroing standard pressure switches, and can place the main control for your PEQ box wherever there is a room!

  • For NUPROL NX600
  • Velcro Adhesive Strips
  • Pressure Pad Included

This is a replacement Pressure Pad and Tail Cap Assembly for NUPROL NX600 series Torches. If your Pressure Pad is no longer working, it could prove to be difficult and ineffective to repair it, and will simply be easier to replace the entire assembly. It comes supplied with 2 x adhesive Velcro strips for placing the Pressure Pad on your gun.

Step up your Torch and Laser game

Accessories for your Ilumination Devices, for when you want to take your game to the next level, by adding pressure pads and other tools to make the use of your Torch or Laser easier and more effective during a game.

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