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  • Safe For Airsoft
  • Sheath Included
  • Bends 90 Degrees

Designed for use as a rubber training / Airsoft Bayonet / personal combat knife. The knife will fit to M4 / M16 rifles as a bayonet attachment, or can be used as a combat knife and attached to your rig with the supplied knife sheath.

  • Bends 90 Degrees
  • Belt Mounted Sheath
  • Perfect Melee Weapon

Designed for use as a rubber training / personal combat knife, which is flexible and comes supplied with it's own belt mountable sheath.

  • Lightweight
  • 2 x Plates Per Set
  • Dense but Flexible Foam

If you want your SAPI Plate carrier to be a little bit more realistic, then this pair of 1" thick mock plates are perfect, allowing you to bulk up, but without any of the weight. 

  • Mock Ballistic Plates
  • Lightweight Polymer
  • For Most Plate Carriers

A set of two mock ballistic plates for assault vests / plate carriers, which are made from a lightweight injection moulded plastic.

  • Bends 90 Degrees
  • Belt Mounted Sheath
  • Totally Safe For Airsoft

A flexible rubber training knife in a belt-mountable sheath that is safe for use in Airsoft skirmishes, re-enactments, as a prop or for general training.

  • Dummy PEQ Box
  • Hide Battery Inside
  • Improve Battery Space

A large size dummy PEQ Box for enhancing the look of your replica, or for hiding a battery inside to improve the battery capacity of a front-wired Airsoft gun.

  • Prop Item
  • Removable Spoon
  • Polymer Main Body

If you are looking for a mock grenade to fit onto your rig to look the part and finish your Airsoft load-out then this is ideal for you.

  • Mock Radio
  • Empty Internals
  • Could Be Modified!

This is an updated version of the Dummy PRC-152 we had in a while ago. This time around it has much nicer Polymers, a better look, tougher construction and the dummy battery can now be removed.

  • Pullable Pin
  • Mock Grenade
  • Removable Spoon

    Designed to be a mock grenade for attaching to your rig or placing in pouches to look like you are carrying real grenades.

    • Pullable Pin
    • Mock Grenade
    • Removable Spoon

    A mock grenade designed for attaching to your rig or placing in pouches to look like you are carrying the real thing. 

    • Adjustable Parts
    • Scale Miniature Model
    • Non-Firing Display Piece

    A miniaturised version of the world famous SVD Sniper Rifle, lovingly re-created in 1:4th scale with surprisingly high detail. A lot of the parts on this model move just like the real thing!

    • Pack of Five
    • Dummy 5.56x45mm
    • Useful Pin Punch Tool

    A set of 1:1 scale completely inert replica 5.56mm NATO bullets complete in casings, designed for use as a weapons handling training aid.

    • Replica MK-13
    • Dummy Device
    • Create Distractions

    A replica MK-13 Flashbang Grenade, with some assembly required out of the box!

    • .223/5.56mm
    • For M249 Replicas
    • Can Be Linked Together

    A dummy belt of 5.56mm / .223 ammunition which looks awesome when installed to an M249 replica.