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  • 9.6v Charge
  • 1600mAh capacity
  • Perfect for M4 crane stocks

Tried and true, everyone has use for NiMh crane stock batteries! The advantage of NiMh batteries over their LiPo batteries is that they are less volatile and don't require balance so you can use any charger as long as it's NiMh compatible, just make sure to not leave the battery charging unattended.

This battery has a voltage of 9.6v and a capacity of 1600mAh and is comprised of 8 cells working in unison, connected via the Mini-Tamiya connector.

This NiMh sports a crane configuration, one of the most common types and is perfect for split battery compartments, most commonly seen in M4 stocks, M16, SMG-5 and AKs with full stocks. The battery measures 12x1.8x1.8cm per 4x cells, with a wire length of roughly 8cm.

  • 9.6V 8S
  • 1600mAh
  • Block configuration

A compact block style battery from GFC Energy. The battery is comprised of 8 1.2V cells, providing 9.6V total voltage. This battery is ideally shaped for use inside an AR36 polymer handguard, a solid stock battery compartment in an SMG5, or a vertical grip battery box. This battery is wired to a mini-Tamiya connector, and can also be used for RC vehicles or other electronics hobbies.

  • Strong Rubber
  • Fits STANAG Mag
  • Durable Construction

A rubber magazine assist also known as a mag pull. Produced to allow a faster and more "tactical" removal of the magazines from your magazine pouches and the RIF itself.

  • 7.4V 2S LiPo battery
  • 20C Discharge rate
  • 1500mAh Capacity

If you want a block battery for a handguard or PEQ battery box, this one should do it! The GFC 7.4v 1500mAh 20/40c LiPo Block Battery is pre-wired to a mini-Tamiya battery connector and designed for handguard battery compartments such as those on front-wired SMG-5 and AR36 AEGs. The battery is a 7.4V LiPo with a capacity of 1500mAh, continuous discharge rate of 20C and maximum discharge rate of 40C.

The battery measures 8.7 x 1 x 3.3cm approximately and should also fit into some of the bigger PEQ-style battery boxes, though we suggest measuring up before buying to avoid disappointment. The wire between the cell group and connector is approximately 10cm, giving you plenty of flexibility to fit the battery where you need it.

About GFC Airsoft

GFC are another Airsoft that manufacture a whole range of different product. From Airsoft rifles to batteries in addition to parts and accessories so you're sure to find something for any loadout. Some of their rifles they produce include M4s and AKs as well as M24s.

Their accessories range from magazines to belts, pouches and many more.