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  • 20mm Rail Pieces
  • Attaches to Helmets
  • Make Helmet Your Own

A Polymer constructed set of adaptors for railed helmets, allowing you to install 20mm accessories to your helmet setup.

  • Harder to Lose
  • Secure Goggles
  • For 36mm Headbands

A set of Polymer Goggle retainers which will secure a set of goggles to your helmet, provided you have a set of FAST-style rails on your lid and your goggle strap is no wider than 36mm.

  • Velcro Backed
  • Features M72 LAW
  • Ideal Morale Patch

This PVC 3D effect patch is velcro backed, and ideal for placing on Hats, Rigs, Backpacks, or anywhere with a free space of Velcro. The Patch features the M72 LAW (Light Anti-Tank Weapon), which is a portable unguided anti-tank weapon that fires a 66mm dumbfire munition.

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  • Velcro Backed
  • Features RPG-7
  • Perfect Morale Patch

A velcro backed Patch which is made from PVC material and has a 3D effect. It is perfect for placing on Rigs, Hats, Backpacks, or anywhere you can find that has some velcro space available. This patch features the infamous RPG-7, which is a dumb-fire portable Rocket Propelled Grenade launcher that is fired from the shoulder.

  • PVC 3D Patch
  • Velcro Backed
  • AK Assault Rifle

A velcro backed PVC material patch which has a 3D effect, and features an AK Platform Assault Rifle, in a tactical configuration with Red Dot, Angled Grip and other gucci goodness.

  • PVC 3D Effect
  • Velcro Backed
  • Tactical Bullpup

A velcro backed PVC Morale Patch which is perfect for placing on Chest Rigs, Backpacks, Hats, Combat Shirts, or anywhere that has a free space of velcro available. The patch features the QB2-95 Bullpup Assault Rifle made by Chinese manufacturer, Norinco, and is covered with tactical accessories.

  • PVC Patch
  • Hook & Loop
  • SIG MCX Design

A PVC Patch for Airsoft or general use, which has the design of the beautiful SIG MCX, complete with attachments. The Patch has a Rubber 3D Effect and has Hook & Loop backing to attach it to Chest Rigs/Plate Carriers, Backpacks, Hats and more.

  • Breathable Vents
  • Aim Down Sights Easier
  • Hard Polymer Protection

A lightweight and breathable Airsoft half face mask which has fabric sides, allowing you to aim down your sights much easier than with conventional lower face protection.

  • Low Profile
  • Replacement Gas Block
  • Operator Style Platform

An impressive looking replacement Gas Block for your M4 GBB, designed to be as inobtrusive as possible. Due to the Gas Block's low profile, not only is it possible to fit inside Free-Float RIS type Handguards, but it also offers users an unobstructed and clear sightview; 

  • Hollow Center
  • Very Secure Fitting
  • Fits Any 20mm Rail

Built to last! Very secure when installed onto your Airsoft Gun's 20mm RIS / RAS rail sections. Provides a comfortable grip on the front of your Airsoft Guns. 

  • Angled Grip
  • For 20mm Rails
  • Textured Surface

A Polymer constructed Angled Foregrip for 20mm Rail Systems, which provides a comfortable point to achieve a strong grip over your Airsoft Gun.

  • Great for Zeroing
  • Pack of Six Pieces
  • Knock Down Target

    A pack of six shoot-down targets, designed to allow you to practice your shooting skills or to zero rifles.

    • Velcro Sticky Back
    • Mix & Match Comfort
    • Square & Rectangular Pads

    A set of Velcro-backed, soft foam pads for placing inside helmets, to ensure that the position of your helmet is both correct and comfortable. They pads can be used in combination with an existing set of pads, or can be used to replace old and missing pads. 

    • Velcro Sticky Back
    • Mix & Match Comfort
    • Square & Rectangular Pads

    A set of Velcro-backed, soft foam pads for placing inside helmets, to ensure that the position of your helmet is both correct and comfortable. They pads can be used in combination with an existing set of pads, or can be used to replace old and missing pads. 

    • Belt Mounted
    • 4 x Shotgun Shells
    • IPSC/Racegun Style

    A Belt-Mounted Ammo Carrier for 4 x Airsoft Shotgun Shells, allowing you to perform clean and precise reloads, and to stylishly carry more ammunition on your loadout. If used for a shell-ejecting Shotgun, the Shells are perfectly laid out for a double-stack reload.

    • Clasp Safety
    • One or Two Point
    • 130cm Max Length

    This is an incredibly well-made sling that utilises extremely tough Polymer for the Clasps, two of which feature their own safety so they cannot be accidentally release. The large D-Ring allows you to connect one of the clasps and use the Sling as a Single Point to hold your Airsoft Gun flat on your front, or you can connect both ends and Sling the replica over your shoulder.

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    Save £9.00
    • Part Missing
    • Used / Marked
    • Attaches to MOLLE

    A used/returned item that was sent back without the attachment that attaches to RIS to secure in the mount.

    • Non Functional
    • PEQ Style Battery Box
    • Mock Engraving & Stickers

    An Airsoft battery box for Front Wired AEGs, designed to imitate the appearance of a real PEQ-15 laser/light module and hide batteries. 

    • Adjustable size
    • Engraved & Stickered
    • Mock PEQ Battery Box

    A mock PEQ Box, designed to hold PEQ size Airsoft batteries, but can be extended with the use of an included extension module for larger batteries.

    • Mock Radio
    • Empty Internals
    • Could Be Modified!

    This is an updated version of the Dummy PRC-152 we had in a while ago. This time around it has much nicer Polymers, a better look, tougher construction and the dummy battery can now be removed.

    • Fit To MOLLE
    • Durable Design
    • Very Lightweight

    Design to lock your primary weapon in a solid position prevent slapping against your legs or hips. This simple, lightweight yet highly durable weapon mount/holstering system can be installed within a couple of minutes with only one allen key. 

    • NVG Mount
    • Shock Resistant
    • 20mm RIS Inserts

    A Polymer constructed Helmet which is shock-resistant and durable. It has an adjustable chin strap and comes included with adhesive internal padding to make it more comfortable/fit better at your control. The front of the Helmet features a slot for NVG/Wilcox Mounts, and the side rails come included with 20mm inserts for you to install compatible accessories to the sides of the helmet.

    • Foam Filled Design
    • 14mm CW / CCW
    • Easy to Attach

      A mock Airsoft suppressor designed to be attached to the end of Airsoft Rifles to give them a more unique look, and to slightly suppress the sound leaving the barrel. This is the perfect purchase for those who are looking for a suppressor that can be attached to a huge variety of weapons, or for those looking to dampen the noise made from the end of the weapon.

      • CW / CCW Thread
      • Foam Filled Suppressor
      • Thread Adaptors Included

      A foam filled Airsoft mock suppressor, designed to be attached to Airsoft 14mm threaded outer barrels, and is specially with adaptors allowing the suppressor to fit both Clockwise (CW) and Counter Clockwise (CCW) threads. 

      • 14mm CCW
      • Foam Filled, Spring Core
      • Replica AK47 / AK74 Variant Suppressor

      A mock Airsoft suppressor designed to replicate the suppressor designed specifically for the AK series of assault rifles and carbines.

      • Well Ventilated
      • For Fast Helmet
      • Protective Shield

      A tough lower face Mandible for Fast Helmets which will protect your smile and make your helmet set up look absolutely boss, without compromising your ability to breathe.

      • NVG Mounts
      • Rotary Tension Dial
      • 20mm Rail Pieces Inc.

      A helmet of exceptional quality from FMA, with memory foam inserts, rotary adjustment dial, shaped chin strap, velcro patches, side rails, NVG mounts, several ventilation holes and easy, full adjustment of sizing.

      • NVG Mount
      • Fits Wilcox Mount
      • Solid Construction

      This CNC Alloy constructed device is designed for the mounting of Night Vision Goggles and other Helmet Accessories to the Wilcox/NVG Mounts of Tactical Helmets. It push fits into the NVG Slot on the front of your Helmet and can then accept any kind of Dovetail/Wilcox/NVG accessory. If you have a pair of NOD/NVGs that you want to install to a Helmet, but don't trust a cheap and flimsy mount, then the FMA AKA2 NVG Mount Dark Earth is definitely what you were looking for.

      • Reduce Lens Glare
      • For T1/E1 Micro Sights
      • Lens Impact Protection

      An Alloy and Polymer constructed Anti-Reflection Cover for T1/E1 style Micro Red Dot Sights, which offers protection from BB impacts, as well as eliminating glare on your lens which could give your position away. 

      • Textured Surface
      • KeyMod Rail Foregrip
      • Low Profile Compact Grip

      A short and compact KeyMod foregrip, designed to be attached to KeyMod Railed Hand Guards to provide an additional control when handling your Airsoft weapon.