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Patrol Base | Camouflage Icon | ACU
Patrol Base - DPM Disruptive Pattern Material Camoflague
Patrol Base - MARPAT Marine Pattern Material
Patrol Base | Camouflage Pattern | Flecktarn
Patrol Base | Airsoft Multi Terrain Pattern MTP Surplus
MTP Multi Terrain Pattern
US Woodland
US Woodland
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CQB Camo
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  • Trousers / Top Combo
  • Polyester / Spandex
  • Digicam Pattern

Looking for a new look, or simply looking for the perfect trousers / top combination? This Jack Pyke combo features a gorgeous Digicam pattern, designed to break up your outline when Airsofting or Hunting, to make you harder to see, and is constructed from high quality materials which designed to last. 

If you need protection from Airsoft Hits, warm and comfortable camouflage for Hunting, or a cool pair of everyday Trousers, the Jack Pyke Softshell series are perfect.

  • Multiple Pockets
  • Adjustable Ankles
  • Modern Camouflage

Available in a range sizes suitable for children, these high quality polyester-cotton trousers are perfect for exploring the outdoors. 

  • Zip Fy
  • Rip-Stop Cotton
  • Multiple Pockets

Practical and made from resiliant fabric, the Heavy Duty Combat trousers are ideal for tough situations, general work or security wear including PCSOs and doormen.

  • Poly cotton
  • British Forces Issue
  • Soldier 95 Pattern Cut

    Cut in the Solider 95 Pattern cut, these poly-cotton camouflage trousers are lightweight and durable, suitable for a wide range of outdoor activities from Airsoft to hiking. 

    • Zip Fly
    • Rip-Stop Material
    • Waist Side Adjusters

    A pair of high quality rip-stop trousers based on the MOD pattern, these hard-wearing trousers are designed to be worn in rough situations and environments. 

    • External Layer
    • Zipped Pockets
    • Waterproof Trousers

    A pair of waterproof trousers, designed to fit over regular trousers to keep you warm and dry even during rainy and snowy conditions. 

    • Hard-wearing material
    • Reinforced crotch
    • Angled cargo pockets

    Looking for something that is a grade above issue trousers for Airsoft Skirmishing or outdoor pursuits? The Highlander Delta trousers utilize hard-wearing fabric and are considerately designed with an adjustable waist and plenty of pockets.

    Patrol Base | Icon Colour ACU
    Patrol Base | Camouflage Pattern | Flecktarn
    Patrol Base - MARPAT Marine Pattern Material
    Patrol Base | Airsoft Multi Terrain Pattern MTP Surplus
    Patrol Base | Airsoft Multi Terrain Pattern MTP Surplus
    Patrol Base | Camouflage Icon | OCP ACU
    Patrol Base - Kombat UK - BTP British Terrain Pattern Black
    Patrol Base - Kombat UK - BTP British Terrain Pattern Black
    Tropic Multicam
    US Woodland
    • Heavy duty Fabric
    • Fully Adjustable
    • Many Pockets

    Heavy duty combat pants designed for Airsoft skirmishers, durable and rugged, and will stand up to the rigours of an Airsoft Skirmish. The trousers feature many adjustments, allowing you to fit them perfectly and snugly, and features belt loops for extra security.

    • Windproof
    • Digicam Pattern
    • Polyester / Spandex

    A pair of Windproof Trousers in a gorgeous Digicam pattern, designed to break up your outline when Airsofting or Hunting, to make you harder to see. They're constructed from a mixture of 95% Polyester and 5% Spandex, with the Spandex being used for stretchy Knee Panels to reduce the chance of tearing. They feature two Press-Stud Cargo Pockets, two Side Pockets and two Zipped Rear Pockets, with a zipped Fly and Press Stud Fastener. It also features large Belt Loops to be sure that you can use a wide range of Belt Assemblies. If you need protection from Airsoft Hits, warm and comfortable camouflage for Hunting, or a cool pair of everyday Trousers, the Jack Pyke Softshell series are perfect.

    • All in one Sniper suit
    • Similar to Russian Leshy suit design
    • Lightweight alternative to a Ghillie suit

    Looking for a way to disappear in the woods? Maybe you don't fancy the weight and bulk of a traditional ghillie suit, or you can't be bothered making one? This 3d Sniper suit from Black River is what you'll need! Perfect to throw on over your normal camies, this sniper suit is breathable and light; perfect for summer sniping.

    • Stretchy Material
    • Rip-Stop Polycotton
    • Removable Knee Pads

    A pair of tough, comfortable trousers made from a rip-stop material which has all the same features of a very popular real-world set, at a fraction of the price.

    • Teflon Coated
    • Cotton / Polyester Mix
    • Vented & Comfortable

    These Ergonomically fitting tactical pants from EMERSONGEAR are made to a high standard from a Cotton/Polyester mix, are lightweight and comfortable and offer a Teflon coating to be easy to clean and stay fresh.

    • Unique MAPA Camo
    • Suitable For Rough Terrain
    • 50% Cotton & 50% Polyester

    Heavy duty combat pants constructed from 50% Cotton, 50% Polyester with a RIPSTOP weave, these pants will see you through whatever mission you're set out on, be it a 3 day mountain hike or a fast paced Airsoft Skirmish.

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    • Durable Trousers
    • Rip-stop Polycotton
    • Black BTP Camouflage 

    A pair heavy duty polycotton fabric trousers, featuring a variety of practical features, all finished in the unique black BTP style camouflage. 

    • Adjustable Ankle Cuffs
    • Integrated Armour Knee Pads
    • Velcro Waist with Size Adjustment

    These combat trousers with built-in knee-pads are ideal for any airsoft player looking to protect their knees from BBs or other debris lying around an airsoft site. 

    Please Note: The knee pads may vary slightly from the image shown.

    • Polycotton Ripstop
    • Integrated Kneepads
    • Elastic Seat & Knee Surround

    This is a lightweight and tough set of Combat Trousers for Airsoft, Hiking and other Outdoor Activities. They are made from Polycotton Ripstop material, and with an elasticated seat and knee pads to reduce the impact of stress on the material. If you need a reliable and extremely comfortable set of Combat Trousers to see you through the roughest conditions, then the Kombat Gen II Spec-Ops Trousers will fit the bill nicely.

    • Rip-Stop Polycotton
    • Removable Rubber Pads
    • Designed To Reduce Tearing

    The latest combat uniform trousers to come from EMERSONGEAR, and aims to update their uniform to keep up to date with current spec in the real world.

    • Well Ventilated
    • Ripstop Material
    • Built-In Kneepads

    Combat Pants made to a high standard from rip-stop materials, designed to be lightweight, breathable and as functional as possible. Included with unique-looking built-in knee pads with a grippy exterior, and more pockets than you can shake a stick at.

    • Teflon Coated
    • Water Resistant
    • Elbow & Knee Pads

    A water resistant and Teflon coated combat uniform set for Airsoft skirmishing that is made from durable rip-stop material, features removeable hard elbow and knee pads and is very breathable for even the warmest of days.

    • Mil-Spec Ripstop
    • Integrated Kneepads
    • Kneepad Height Adjust

    This Combat Uniform from EMERSONGEAR are the latest in their line of manoeuvrable and tough Assault Uniforms which are comfortable to wear, and offer long lasting performance due to their design and materials. If you're looking to upgrade your loadout, and you want to operate and maximum efficiency, the EMERSONGEAR Gen. 3 Combat Uniform is just the ticket.

    Airsoft Tactical Trousers and Pants for Dynamic Combat Situations

    Here at Patrol Base we offer a range of Trousers and Pants for a variety of situations, catering to both Adult and Children in sizes from 20'' to 52'', XS to XXXL. We offer a variety of camouflage patterns, from modern Multicam and MTP (Multi-Terrain Patter) styles, to unique Hunting Patterns, Vertx Highlander, Mandrake and Typhon from a range of Brands such as Viper Tactical, Mil-Com, Highlander and more. Trousers come either brand new out the packet, as well as from a selection of Army Surplus.

    The trousers have a wide variety of uses, not just for Airsoft Skirmishing, but also for Paintball, Mountain Biking and other extreme sports, as well as for Outdoorsmen and Survival Experts. The trousers can also be worn as Work-wear, with Trousers featuring Knee Pads for Electricians and other Manual Labourers. These pants can also be used for a wide range of more casual outdoor activities such as Hiking, Dog Walking, Fishing and other sports.

    We offer them all in-store and online, and if you're worried about fitting you can always come and try them on in-store in Huddersfield, in-between Manchester and Leeds.

    If you can't find something that you like, or want something which isn't on the website why not contact us via Phone and we can do our best to source it for you!
    Telephone: 01484 644709