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  • Easy to Use
  • Reduce Overkill
  • Clearly Identify Yourself

A handy dead-rag which attaches to MOLLE panels and is used to signal to other players that you are out of the game. An excellent alternative to being hit by a load of BBs that you didn't need to be.

  • Velcro Mountable
  • Compact Magazine Storage
  • Single & Double Stack Pouch

Twice the size, twice the magazines held within your VX utility rig. Simple to fit with velcro facing on both front and rear faces. Expand and hold double stack Airsoft magazines.

  • Velcro Mountable
  • Double SMG Pouch
  • Compact SMG Mag Storage

Stack up 2x Airsoft SMG magazines side by side in the new VX utility system for the ultimate in security and low profile design. Stay slim, keep a lower profile and move faster.

  • Velcro Mountable
  • STANAG 5.56 Sizing
  • Compact Rifle Mag Storage

Build the ultimate VX rig with rapid access and customisation with no tools and no looping required! Simply drop in double-sided Velcro design to offer high levels of gear positioning.

  • Velcro Secured
  • Fastens To Belt
  • Small Glove Pouch

    Designed to carry surgical gloves or other small objects on your belt. Its small and compact, being designed to be able to be used without getting in the way. 

    • Fully Adjustable
    • Bungee Retention
    • MOLLE Compatible

    The pouch is constructed from 600D Nylon, and is held together by bungee cords which allow the pouch to be fully adjustable in depth and width. 

    • 3x Magazine Storage
    • 5.56 Magazine Compatible
    • Compact Rifle Mag Storage

    Store up to 3 rifle magazines at a time within your VX series Velcro utility rig. Go compact, go secure, go dominate the battlefield with your new favourite setup.

    • Velcro Mountable
    • 4x SMG Magazines
    • Compact SMG Mag Storage

    Stack up to 4x SMG magazines side by side in one unit. Ultra compact, secure, reliable and truly customisable in position within your VX utility rigs.

    • Stuff-able Pouch
    • Velcro Mountable
    • Compact Pistol Use

    Expand your VX Utility rig and make way for a rapid attach and removable pistol sleeve. Suited for compact pistols including G-Series firearms to keep everything close to your chest.

    • 6 Shell Storage
    • Velcro Mountable
    • Super Lightweight & Compact

    Part of the new VX family of products from Viper Tactical, run slim and mountable to any Velcro faced system. Keep it simple, keep it clean and keep it fast moving.

    • Velcro Mounted
    • Metal Snap Hook
    • Velcro Front Panel

    A smart 700 Polytech constructed Panel which can be used creatively to enhance the capabilities of your loadout. A large panel of hook and look material is connected to a metal snap hook, and can be used to secure important items which require constant access, such as keys / gloves. Simply place the panel under the cummerbund of your Chest Rig (or anywhere on your loadout that can support Velcro) and make use of your newly added snap hook.

    • Fits MOLLE Loops
    • Horizontal MOLLE
    • For Pouches/Holsters

    A panel for MOLLE Systems, allowing you to install MOLLE compatible pouches horizontally for easier access to Magazine Pouches/Holsters etc. This is also a great way to maximise available space on a Chest Rig, by installing further Mag Pouches on already existing pouches, so as not to get in the way of your equipment.

    • 3x Magazine storage
    • SR25/M14/SCAR compatible
    • 7.62 STANAG magazine compatible

    Store up to 3 Airsoft rifle magazines at a time within the 8Fields Elastic Triple Magazine Pouch.

    Elastic and secure with MOLLE attachment, it'll hold a variety of magazines and at 3 at a time you won't be going in empty any time soon.

    • Water bottle pouch
    • MOLLE/Velcro front panel
    • Fits MOLLE rigs, belts and backpacks

    Staying hydrated whilst skirmishing is essential, just behind wearing your eye protection and decent footwear in importance. For shorter skirmishes, keeping your beverages in the safe zone may well be sufficient, but for longer operations, it is always wise to keep a source of water in your kit and keep topped up, particularly during summer! For those who don't like the additional weight of a hydration bladder, the 8Fields Tactical MOLLE Water Bottle Pouch provides a deep and secure pouch which can fit most 1L water bottles of a conventional shape, and may even fit slimmer 1.5L bottles.

    • MOLLE Compatible
    • For Pistol Magazines
    • Holds 1 Standard Mag

      A modular MOLLE pouch designed to securely store one standard sized Airsoft pistol magazine, and can be fitted to a variety of belts or rigs. 

      • Holds Up To 2 Magazines
      • For SMG5/SMG7/MP9 Mag
      • MOLLE System Compatible

      A fabric magazine pouch designed to hold SMG-5, SMG-7 and MP9 magazines once adjusted by the Velcro front panels and is fully MOLLE compatible. 

      • Elastic Retention
      • 2 x 7.62 STANAG
      • For Viper VX System

      A Double Magazine Pouch for 7.62mm STANAG Magazines, such as the M14 or G&G MBR for example. The Pouches hold the Magazines place with Elastic Retention and are compatible with Viper VX systems, to be attached via the hook and loop panel on the rear.

      • Single/Double Stack
      • Holds 2 x Pistol Mags
      • Velcro Flap Retention

      A Double Magazine Pouch for Airsoft Replica Pistol Magazines, happily holding two Single or Double Stack Mags. Compatible with MOLLE, this Pouch will easily install to any MOLLE Chest Rig, Plate Carrier or Drop Leg Platform, and is the perfect way to carry enough Magazines on you to have a good run with your Pistol when you need it! Carry more Magazines and play for longer without having to crawl back to the Safe Zone for a reload.

      • Belt Mountable
      • Ideal For Hiking
      • Compact Storage

      A heavy duty storage pouch produced to fit onto any belt. Perfect for storing a range of small items from a compass to first aid kit.

      • Fits 2 x Thermo
      • MOLLE Backing
      • Suitable For BFGs

        An ideal MOLLE compatible Airsoft pouch for holding double thermo grenades or smoke screening grenades as pictured. 

        • Bungee Quick Release
        • Holds a Single Magazine
        • Holds STANAG 5.56mm / AK Mags

        A magazine pouch designed to be attached to MOLLE compatible rigs, bags and plate carriers, and holds a single Airsoft replica STANAG 5.56mm style magazine. 

        • For M4/M16 Stocks
        • For 'Last Stand' Heroic Moments
        • Holds STANAG 5.56mm Magazine

        A stock mounted magazine pouch, designed to fit on M4 and M16 type Stocks and holds a single STANAG 5.56mm style magazine. The pouch itself is constructed from 600D Nylon, with polymer buckles and velcro securing straps.

        • MOLLE Fitting
        • High Magazine Coverage
        • Adjustable Elastic Retention

        An incredible design that truly protects your pistol magazines be it single or double stack from 1911 to G-series and more.

        • MOLLE Fitting
        • Ultra-Compact
        • Super Lightweight

        The most compact dump pouch on the market, and when you are done with it, simply stuff it back in its own MOLLE pouch! Ultra-compact, lightweight, durable and a must have.

        • Elastic Retention
        • Ultra Low Profile
        • MOLLE Fitting Rear

        Build upon your ultra compact VP range rig, mix and match pouches with these single assault rifle elastic retention pouches. Keep it slim, keep it lightweight and keep it fast!

        • Elastic Retention
        • Ultra Low Profile
        • MOLLE Fitting Rear

        Ultra compact and MOLLE compatible Airsoft pistol magazine storage. Hold up to 2x magazines either single or double stack incredibly close to your RIG to keep a slim profile.

        • Double Pouch
        • For Pistol Magazines
        • Elastic Retention Loops

        A 1000D Polyester constructed Double Magazine Pouch for Pistol Magazines, which is MOLLE compatible and retained by Elastic Loops. The front face of the Pouch has Velcro for adding patches and other flair to your loadout.

        • 11x5x5cm
        • Elasticated
        • MOLLE Compatible

        An elasticated Grenade Pouch which can be stretched wide to fit many sizes of Grenades and other vital pieces of equipment. An adjustable toggle allows you to adjust the amount of tension on the outside of the Pouch, so that you can have it super-loose or gripping your Grenade so hard it nearly detonates. The Pouch is MOLLE compatible and is mounted to compatible systems using the flap on the rear, whilst an elastic retainer holds the contents of the pouch secure.

        • Marker / Dead Rag
        • Bright Orange Flag
        • Attaches to Chest Rigs

        This underrated bit of kit is to be installed on a Chest Rig using the Dual MOLLE or Velcro Straps (or both). It contains a Bright Orange Flag that can be pulled out to signify you're hit/dead, or to serve another game-related purpose. This is a great alternative to walking across the fight with your hands up, and SHOULD reduce the amount you get shot when dead (depending on who you play with).

        • "Dangler" style pouch
        • Large internal compartment
        • Attaches to Velcro

        If you are looking for an additional place to stash miscellaneous Airsoft accessories, including speed loaders, maps, pyro grenades and other strange shaped items, a dangler pouch is a great option. The Drop-Down Utility Pouch from 8Fields Tactical is a single compartment dangler style pouch which attaches to any plate carrier with a velcro secured cummerbund. Access to the compartment is provided by a strong YKK zip with a glove-friendly extension, and the pouch also includes a Velcro section at the front for the addition of a patch. This pouch is constructed from 1000D Polyester, providing high stitch density for additional strength and water resistance.

        About Our Airsoft Pouches

        Our airsoft pouches mean you don’t have to leave anything behind. With versatile styling and compact design, a Patrol Base airsoft pouch stores your ammo securely, while still allowing swift access. 

        Created with practicality in mind, you’ll find plenty of airsoft pouches that are MOLLE compatible, with velcro options as well as fast bungee release. Our MOLLE pouches can be attached to a range of tactical gear from belts and harnesses to vests and rigs so they’re always easy to grab.   

        Whether you need an airsoft ammo pouch for your weapon or just a dump pouch for a mid-game snack, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for with Patrol Base. 

        We’ve also got a great selection of magazine pouches to keep you equipped throughout the game. Make sure to shop our grenade pouches too so you’ve always have your projectiles close to hand. 

        Explore MOLLE pouches and more online or check out our Huddersfield store where you’ll find everything you’re looking for.