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  • Steel Construction
  • For M-LOK Rail System
  • Low Profile / Minimal Drag

A Steel constructed Sling Loop for M-LOK Rail Systems, designed to easily attach and sit on your M-LOK Rail Slot with the lowest profile possible. This allows you to use a Sling System without adding too much weight, or making the Replica unwieldy. If you own an Airsoft Gun with M-LOK Rails and you want a Sling Loop that you can reposition anywhere on the rail, then you want to be looking at the FMA Sling Mount For MLOK Handguard.

  • Eastic Bungee
  • Requires Whole Sling
  • Secure To Rear Sling Point

A very simple and innovative design. This adaptor secures onto the SMG7 or SMG5 sling point of your choice. You can then equip your sling of choice onto the polymer buckle. 

  • Easy to Fit
  • Ambidextrous
  • For M4 GBB / PTW

A Sling Plate designed to fit on M4 Style Airsoft 6mm BB Guns, fitting on GBB Gas Blowback Rifles between the Receiver and the Buffer tube allowing the attachment of Slings. 

  • Black In Colour
  • Alloy Construction
  • Replacement Sling Mount

An official spare sling hook, allowing for the replacement of the lost or broken part of your Airsoft Scorpion Evo. 

  • For M-LOK Rail
  • Lightweight Alloy
  • Sling Mount Point

An Alloy QD sling point that can be mounted anywhere on M-LOK rail systems to provide an extra QD sling point for using two and three point sling setups with your weapon.

  • High Mount
  • A Single Mount
  • Additional Rails

A single raised scope mount ring, designed to securely hold an optical sight in place, while mounting onto a 20mm RIS / RAS rails on Airsoft and Air Rifles. 

  • For Large Scopes
  • High Profile Mounts
  • Quick Release Screws

A pair of raised scope mount rings, designed to fit 20mm RIS / RAS rails on Airsoft and Air Rifles. 

  • 5 Positions
  • Easy To Rotate
  • Polymer Construction

The perfect mount for your torch, able to fit to any 20mm RIS/RAS rail and with 5 adjustable positions.

  • Easy To Fit
  • Raises 1 Inch
  • Quick Release Bolt

A mountable RIS / RAS rail raiser which allows the user to increase the height at which their Sights and attachments sit to bring them to the correct height. 

  • For M4/15/16
  • Ambidextrous
  • AEG Sling Plate

A steel-constructed sling plate designed to fit on Airsoft M4/15/16 AEG (Electric) Receiver.

  • Tool-Less Fitting
  • Offset Scope Mount
  • 30mm Diameter Ring

A Scope Mount designed for Airsoft Sights and Scopes which offsets Sights and Scopes allowing their Eye relief to be adjusted even with minimal rail space. 

  • High Profile Mounts
  • Raise Low Profile Scopes
  • Perfect For Full-Face Masks

A pair of 20mm RIS compatible raised scope mount rings, designed to raise up optics to the user's eye-level, or fit larger scopes onto their Airsoft guns. 

  • Easy To Mount
  • 25mm Diameter
  • Attaches to 20mm Rail

A set of low profile alloy scope rings of 25mm diameter that attach to 20mm RIS/RAS rails. 

  • For M14/M1A
  • 20mm RIS Rail
  • Secure Mounting

An Alloy constructed mount for the M14/M1A platform, which secures above the ejection port via the threads on the side of the receiver and allows you to mount 20mm compatible accessories/sights.

  • 'Scope Cam' Mount
  • For RunCam Camera
  • For 25/30mm Scopes

A handy Scope Mount for the RunCam Camera 4K, which will attach to a 30mm or 25mm Riflescope and allow the Camera to mount in place just above/to the side of your Scope, allowing you to capture Gameplay Footage from the point of view of your Optic. This is how a lot of YouTubers achieve the 'Scope Cam' footage, using an overlay to make the footage seem as though it has a crosshair. If you want to take your Airsoft Gameplay Footage to the next level, then the RunCam Rail Adapter Mount is an absolute must.

  • QD Sling Socket
  • For KeyMod Rails
  • Standard Sling Loops

The Trinity Force KeyMod Sling Mount is designed for KeyMod Rail Systems, to provide both a QD Sling Socket and standard Sling Loop on your rail. This is perfect for guns that come out of the box without a Sling Loop (as is more and more the case these days), or for those who want more customisation in how they wear their sling, having the ability to move the sling point anywhere on the rail system. It is made from 304 Stainless Steel to be as tough and long lasting as possible.

  •  Add 20mm RIS
  • Allows Mounting Optics
  • Fits M4/M16 Carry Handles

A sight rail which is compatible with 20mm RIS, designed to bolt into place on the carry handles of M4 and M16 type Airsoft guns, allowing users to install optics onto their guns. 

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  • Raises by 1'' / 2.5cm
  • 5'' / 12.5cm Long
  • Tool-free Fitting

Ideal for Airsofters wearing full-face masks, wide goggles or simply using a very low-profile optic, this 1"/2.5cm high raiser block allows users to increase the height of their 20mm RIS rail mounted accessories to a more usable position. 


  • For AK AEG / GBB
  • Fits onto Side Mount
  • Quick Release Design

A combination scope and side rail 20mm RIS rail mount designed to fit on both Airsoft Electric and Gas type AK Platform weapons which feature a side mount plate. 

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  • For T1/T2 Optics
  • Raises Optic Higher
  • Quick Release Mount

This Alloy constructed mount from Aim-O is designed for use with T1/T2 style Optics which are often mounted on a high-rise base. This makes it much easier to aim down your sight if you use Lower Face Protection, whereas some people just find an optic easier to use when it sits higher on the rail. A Quick Release Mount makes for easy installation to 20mm RIS/RAS, which you can find on just about any Airsoft Gun. The Locking Lever on the side of the unit means that the mount can't be accidentally removed during action.

  • For SCAR Airsoft Gun
  • QD Sling Loop Point
  • For AEG and GBBR

Designed by Angry Gun to fit SCAR AEG and Gas Blowback rifles this part is a great replacement for the existing qd sling loop mount point on existing SCAR rifles. A common point of failure on the stock replica this part is a higher quality and extremely higher strength part, and when your stock part breaks don't worry about finding a replacement part, upgrade it immediately with this better quality part.

  • 6 Bolt Securing
  • 30mm Diameter Tubing
  • 20mm RIS/Picatiny Compatible 

The perfect way to securely mount your scope onto your Airsoft gun, allowing you to get the best possible accuracy from your scope when aiming. 

  • Quick Detach Mount
  • Tube Diameter 30mm
  • Compatible With 20mm RIS Rails

A 20mm RIS compatible scope mount ring, designed to enable users to mount VORTEX's high quality optics onto their Airsoft guns or real firearms.

  • High Profile Mounts
  • Raise Low Profile Scopes
  • Perfect For Full-Face Masks

A 20mm RIS compatible raised scope mount ring, designed to raise up optics to your eye-level, or fit larger scopes onto your Airsoft guns.

  • 20mm Mounts
  • 1'' Scope Rings
  • 6061-T6 Aluminium

A pair of scope mounts designed to raise your optic for a more comfortable weapon setup.

  • 20mm Mounts
  • 1'' Scope Rings
  • 6061-T6 Aluminium

A pair of scope mounts designed to raise your optic for a more comfortable weapon setup.

  • 20mm Mounts
  • 1'' Scope Rings
  • 6061-T6 Aluminium

A pair of scope mounts designed to raise your optic for a more comfortable weapon setup.

  • Easy to Use
  • Eliminate User Error
  • For 25mm or 30mm Tubes

A Scope Ring for compatible Riflescopes, which will help you mount your Riflescope to perfection, eliminating potential error caused by mounting your Sight by hand. If you're a stickler for precision, then there's no excuse to not be using these rings on your rifle.

  • CNC Machined
  • 20mm Picatiny Fitment
  • Holds 30mm Wide Tubes

An incredibly robust mounting system for any 30mm tubed optic. This setup secures onto your 20mm wide picatiny style rail system with 4 securing bolts.

  • One Piece Mount
  • For 30mm Optics
  • VIP Lifetime Warranty

This Sight Mount from Vortex Optics is crafted from Aluminium and features a One-Piece design, with the exception of the top of the Mount Rings. It is designed for 30mm Optic Tubes and has a Center Height of 40.39mm / 1.59". The Cantilever design of the Mount makes it especially effective for installing Short Dot-style Optics to a flat-top Receiver such as the AR-15. Being made from Aluminium, it is lightweight and effective, but has been so well made it is covered by Vortex's VIP Lifetime Warranty.

About Our Airsoft Mounts

From sling mounts to sight mounts and everything in between, at Patrol Base we have a range of mounts designed to allow the attachment of different accessories where it may not have been previously possible. That means you can create the custom airsoft gun you’ve been dreaming about, whether you need something to attach your new sight to your airsoft pistol or something compact and tactical, ideal for avid skirmishers that want to stay light on equipment. Most attach easily to our KeyMod and MLOK airsoft rails.  

If you're looking for a sling mount plate we have a variety of different types suitable for different weapon platforms and styles. From gas blowback to electric airsoft replicas, there’s plenty to choose from. 

Browse airsoft mounts online today or shop them in person at our store in Huddersfield.