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  • Trousers / Top Combo
  • Polyester / Spandex
  • Digicam Pattern

Looking for a new look, or simply looking for the perfect trousers / top combination? This Jack Pyke combo features a gorgeous Digicam pattern, designed to break up your outline when Airsofting or Hunting, to make you harder to see, and is constructed from high quality materials which designed to last. 

If you need protection from Airsoft Hits, warm and comfortable camouflage for Hunting, or a cool pair of everyday Trousers, the Jack Pyke Softshell series are perfect.

  • Tough Stitching
  • Bungee Secure Cord
  • For Cable Management

Lightweight bungee cord retainers designed to allow you to manage your loose cables, hydration lines and loose straps and prevent them from swinging loose or being snagged on passing objects.

  • Team identifier armbands
  • Choose from red, green, blue or yellow
  • Secured by tough Velcro

If you are sick and tired of having a marshal wrap tape around your arm a little too tight at each skirmish, why not take matters into your own hands and get yourself a team identifier armband! These armbands attach via velcro and are nice and wide so they don't cut off your circulation, and stay comfortable and securely on your arm regardless of your loadout. These armbands sport the logo and branding of our friends over at Taiwan Gun, are constructed from high quality velcro, polymer and nylon, and are also water-resistant so they don't soak up the rain and weigh you down in the field.

  • Team I.D armband
  • Choose from red, green, yellow or blue
  • Represent your favourite retailer!

If you are sick and tired of having a marshal wrap tape around your arm a little too tight at each skirmish, why not take matters into your own hands and get yourself a team identifier armband! This armband is the Patrol Base edition, commissioned by us and to our specifications. Each armband is constructed from flexible elastic, is secured with broad velcro sections on the inside, and is designed to be extra wide to ensure the armband is visible to avoid IFF issues and make it more comfortable for long-duration wear. Being constructed from elastic also allows the armband to remain comfortable no matter your shooting position, and conform to any body type or loadout. The armband also sports "PATROL BASE" on the outside in our signature font, with the Allied Star alongside.

  • Lightweight
  • Elasticated Cotton
  • Worn in Multiple Ways

Perfect for keeping out the cold during the colder parts of the year, this lightweight snood can be worn on your neck or head to stay nice and warm. 

  • Cotton Fabric
  • Single Eye Hole
  • Covers the Neck

A full face Balaclava which when worn increases your operational potential, and is designed to conceal your identity from your enemies.

  • One Size Fits All
  • White Printed Skull
  • Keep Warm & Protected

A fashionable one size fits all balaclava to protect your face against the cold, constructed from lightweight and comfortable cotton material.

  • Breathable
  • Lightweight
  • Choice of Patterns

A lightweight and thin balaclava which is comfortable, will take the sting out of hits and is available in a choice of patterns.

  • Breathable
  • Lightweight
  • Choice of Patterns

A lightweight and thin balaclava which is comfortable, will take the sting out of hits and is available in a choice of patterns.

  • One Size Fits All
  • Scarf With Tassels
  • Lightweight Cotton 

Constructed from camouflaged scrim net, this scarf is a lightweight and comfortable way to shield your neck and lower face from the elements. 

  • 100% Cotton
  • Kids Fancy Dress
  • Camouflage T-Shirt

A kids' military style t-shirt designed for general ware or fancy dress, these T-Shirts are 100% cotton and finished in a military themed colour scheme. 

  • 100% Acrylic
  • One Size Fits All
  • Reversible Viper Logo

A perfect addition to your winter kit. This hat will keep the tips of your ears warm during a skirmish, and prevent any involuntary swearing when you are inevitably hit in said places! 

  • One Size Fits All
  • Stiff Curved Peak
  • Several Ventilation Airholes

A baseball cap designed for use in airsoft skirmishes to protect the user's vision from bright sunlight. The cap is constructed from 100% cotton, is patterned and has several ventilation airholes to keep your head cool in the heat of the moment. 

  • One Size Fits All
  • Comfortable Cotton
  • Traditional Head Dress 

Lightweight Shemagh neck scarfs are available in a range of different colours and are used to protect you from both dust and BB's. Perfect for full face or just mouth protection.

  • Breathable
  • Quick Drying
  • Lightweight Layer

A lightweight balaclava, designed to keep your face covered during Airsoft skirmishes or when outside in cold and harsh conditions. 

  • Polar fleece construction
  • 27x24x2cm Approximate dimensions
  • Keep your neck comfortable in the elements!

There is little as chilling as an icy wind hitting your neck! Why not solve that issue with the Polar Fleece Neck Warmer from Highlander! This neck warmer is constructed from comfortable and warm polar fleece and is a great alternative to a scarf for winter wear, whether it is for Airsoft skirmishing or hiking, cycling or just existing in the horrendous cold of winter. This neck warmer measures approximately 27x24x2cm when unfolded, and should be a comfortable fit for most adults.

  • Velcro Panels
  • Rip-Stop Fabric
  • Nylon / Cotton Mix

A baseball cap designed for use in the outdoors during extreme sports and similar hobbies, making it ideally suited for use in Airsoft. 

  • Bendable Peak
  • Elasticated Fitting
  • Velcro Top & Front

A very comfortable, one size fits all elasticated baseball cap. Available in a range of colours for all environments, keep your head cool whilst keeping the sun out of your eyes.

  • Nice warm Beanie
  • Allied star
  • Pretty much PB merch

Many of you have been requesting Patrol Base merchandise, this is the closest we have thus far! Introducing the Allied Star Beanie from 101 Inc., a comfortable beanie hat made from woven acrylic fabric, available in striking black or subtle olive drab, with the Allied Star embroidered on the front!

  • Stiff Peak
  • 100% Cotton
  • Adjustable Size

A 100% Cotton baseball cap that is comfortable and will keep the sun out of your eyes on a sunny skirmish. It features a stiff peak and adjustable to fit all shapes and sizes of head.

  • Elasticated 
  • Glows In The Dark
  • Lightweight Design

If you want to look incredibly fashionable on the Airsoft battlefield then this is the mask for you! The GHOST Skull Balaclava makes an excellent base layer to wear below goggles or surrounding Airsoft goggle eye protection. 

  • Water Resistant
  • Quick Drying Design
  • Hook & Loop Panels

This is a Baseball Cap/Hat for Airsoft or everyday general use, that is constructed from 100% Polyester, making it resistant to light showers and protecting your eyes from strong sunlight. The hat is secured by an elasticated band, ensuring that it can fit a wide range of heads. The strong, curved Peak retains it shape, whilst the hook and loop panels allow you to customise the Hat with morale patches.

  • 100% Polyester
  • Ideal Base Layer
  • Fast Wicking Mesh

A 100% Polyester T-Shirt in a beautiful Digicam pattern, with Fast Wicking Mesh Fabric that will keep you cool when you're Airsoft skirmishing or out walking. Ideal as a Base Layer, or a T-Shirt by itself, this is the perfect way to stay cool and stay hidden. Whether you're out on the Airsoft field or just out walking, the Jack Pyke T-Shirt is an ideal base layer / undershirt.

  • Lightweight summer cap
  • Great summer alternative to a helmet
  • Velcro for I.D and morale patches

Too hot for a helmet? A tactical baseball cap can be a great alternative for summer skirmishes, allowing you to keep your most important piece of equipment, your brain, cool and ready for action! The Emerson Tactical Assaulter Mesh Cap is constructed from Ripstop fabric with a mesh rear, providing excellent air flow and keeping you cool and comfortable. The cap also sports Velcro for patches at the front, top and rear, meaning you still have space for your I.D and morale patches and can keep the cap in keeping with your loadout. This cap has an elasticated headband and should fit most adult wearers with a head circumference above 55cm.

  • Multiple Pockets
  • Adjustable Ankles
  • Modern Camouflage

Available in a range sizes suitable for children, these high quality polyester-cotton trousers are perfect for exploring the outdoors. 

  • Stretch Fit
  • Keeps you Cool
  • Mesh-Tech Material

A tactical shirt designed to be worn underneath Vests, Rigs and other Tactical equipment in place of a traditional T-Shirt or top designed to keep you cool and sweat free.

  • Very Lightweight
  • Perfect For Airsoft
  • High Wicking Material

A lightweight top designed to be as breathable as possible whilst retaining comfort and fit for the user.

  • Quick Wick
  • Breathable
  • Ideal Base Layer

This Polyester constructed Armour Top is design as a Quick Wicking Base Layer, which makes it lightweight, extremely breathable and comfortable to wear an undershirt when Airsofting, Hiking or for any kind of outdoor activity. The Full Length Arms and tall Neck Collar make for great protection from Airsoft Hits and will provide concealment when stalking in the woods. The tall Collar also makes for great use with a balaclava, to make sure there is no exposed skin between the two.

  • 600D XTP Ripstop fabric
  • Water-resistant coating
  • Walking gaiters - Great for bad weather

If you're sick and tired of a spot of rain making your day uncomfortable, a pair of walking gaiters can make all the difference when the weather turns grey. The Highlander Walking Gaiters are constructed from 600D XTP Ripstop fabric with a water-resistant coating and are intended to be worn over boots and trousers to cover the gap between the two, offering protection from the elements and ticks whilst preventing water from seeping in through your boot laces. These gaiters are lightweight and can easily be thrown on over your clothing, meaning you can keep them in a pouch or bag and be ready for the inevitability of rain.

  • MAPA Camo
  • For Everyday Wear
  • Breathable Webbing

This is a Truck Cap/Hat for Airsoft or everyday general use, it is constructed from 50% Cotton and 50% Polyester, reinforced with a Rip-Stop weave. The pattern is a unique camo called MAPA camo, and resembles a spill stain disruptive pattern. The hat is adjustable via the back strap that has a section of button clips allowing you to fit it to your head perfectly.

Airsoft Tactical Clothing and Wearable, designed for use in and outside of an Airsoft Game Day. Looking for something to keep you warm, or keep the rain of your back? Well, we've got it all right here.