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  • 28rnd Capacity
  • CNC Aluminium TTI Sand Viper baseplate
  • For AA/Jag Precision Sand Viper, also fits most Hi-capas

If you are running the gorgeous Army Armament Sand Viper you will need some equally gorgeous magazines to feed it! The Army Armament 28rnd Magazine for TTI Sand Viper is intended for the Sand Viper, of course, and comes with a CNC machined Aluminium baseplate finished in bronze sporting the Taran Tactical Innovations logo. Being a Hi-capa-based design, this magazine should also fit and feed in most TM-compatible Hi-capa pistols.

The magazine follows the standard GBB pistol mag layout, with the gas fill valve located on the baseplate, requiring both the magazine and your gas can to be inverted to fill. The mag can be loaded through the feed lips or through the feed channel on the front when the follower is pulled down, either by hand or using an Airsoft speed loader. If you want to load up on mags for your Sand Viper but you need the matching baseplates, here you go!

  • Taran Tactical Baseplate
  • For JW3 & JW4 Combat Master
  • 30rnd Capacity

A spare or replacement magazine for the Army Armament JW3/JW4 Combat Master. Perfect for those die hard JW fans, who wants to live out their JW fantasy on the field.

From £149.99
  • 20mm Tactical Rail
  • Stippled Pistol Grip
  • Low Light Ironsight

Please note this new variant no longer has a threaded barrel

Known in full as the Jag Precision x  Taran Tactical JW3 Combat Master Gas Blowback Pistol, this Airsoft pistol is a replica of a pistol made famous by a man in a film who took revenge for his cute doggo. Created by Army Armament this is a custom built pistol based on the Hi-capa variant of the 1911.

From £159.99
Was £174.99
Save £15.00
  • Full metal construction
  • Licenced trademark of Taran Tactical Innovations 
  • Wielded by the one and only John Wick!

If you have your snappy suit ready and you now need a sidearm, the TTI JW4 Pit Viper from Army Armament is a perfect match! This cutting edge new Hi-capa variant is the star of the show in John Wick: Chapter 4 and is kitted out exactly how it is in the movie, with a built-in compensator, light-enhancing iron sights and a flared magazine well for fast target acquisition and speedy reloads!

Boasting full metal construction, Hi-capa GBB magazine compatibility and extended and enhanced controls, you would be hard-pressed to build a Hi-capa with a more modern feature set than this! If you are a fan of the John Wick franchise or you are simply looking for an up-to-date combat-optimised Hi-capa platform, the JW4 is as slick as they come!

From £159.99
RRP £189.99
Save £30.00
  • Full metal construction
  • Licenced trademark of Taran Tactical Innovations
  • Optics ready slide - Docter and RMR Footprint

If you like your Hi-capas at the cutting edge of modern handgun design, the TTI Sand Viper should have your eyes on stalks! This slick new combat-optimised Hi-capa platform boasts full metal construction, a pre-installed compensator and an optics-ready slide, complete with an RMR/Docter footprint mounting plate.

Being officially licenced by Taran Tactical Innovations, the Sand Viper is rocking full TTI trademarks just like the real thing and is finished in the sandy coyote bronze finish from which the pistol gets its name. If you are looking for an optics-ready Hi-capa with a unique look and a high-end real steel lineage, the TTI Sand Viper is absolutely worthy of filling your holster!

From £339.99
  • Full metal construction
  • MOSFET & 6.03mm Tightbore
  • Baba Yaga's primary in John Wick: Chapter 2

What better way to show your fandom of the awesome John Wick movie series than collecting replicas of all the pistols and rifles wielded by our hero? With the advent of the EMG Taran Tactical Innovations JW2 M4/AR-15 AEG, that goal has become closer than it ever has been! The EMG JW2 boasts full metal construction, a flawless finish and absolutely incredible performance, as we might expect from a replica manufactured by CYMA Platinium with official licencing from TTI itself.

On the outside, we have a 14.5-inch smooth profile outer barrel with a TTI muzzle brake, a CNC machined aluminium KeyMod rail system, the uniquely designed Taran Tactical AR-15 receiver and flawless engraved and laser engraved TTI markings across the design, perfectly replicating the rifle used by the boogie man in John Wick: Chapter 2.

The internal parts are equally impressive; the JW2 boasts a 6.03mm tightbore inner barrel, alloy rotary HOP-up unit, extensively upgraded CYMA Platinium high speed E-Edition internals, a high speed motor and the CYMA Platinum MOSFET to keep everything in check. If you want to bury the other team like JW does to all the goons in the film, the EMG JW2 should give you your best chance!

From £259.99
  • Full metal construction
  • Licenced by TTI
  • 6.03mm Tightbore inner barrel

If you are a John Wick fan or you appreciate a well built fully licenced enhanced EU34, the EMG Taran Tactical Innovations JW2 EU34 Combat Master GBB should put a smile on your face. This pistol is based on the EU34 used by Baba Yaga himself in John Wick: Chapter 2 and boasts full metal construction, a 6.03mm tightbore inner barrel and the EMG OMEGA enhanced frame. 

The OMEGA frame is based on real-world enhanced "Timberwolf" frames and boasts an extended beavertail at the rear to prevent slide bite, a 20mm Picatinny frame rail for a flashlight or laser, trigger guard undercuts for improved handling and aggressive stippling to keep the JW2 firmly in your grasp during rapid fire or bad weather conditions. Pairing this superbly designed frame with the slick TTI JW2 slide makes this pistol as gorgeous to look at as it is to handle, with a stylish combination of black and silver with dynamic swept-back slide serrations both at the front and rear. If a standard EU34 just doesn't do it for you anymore or you have a puppy to avenge, the JW2 Combat Master belongs in your holster! 

From £699.99
  • Full metal construction
  • Professionally tuned by Bolster Armouries
  • Gate ASTER MOSFET & Warhead 27K Base motor

Introducing the Bolster Tuned TTI JW2 M4/AR-15, a professionally upgraded AEG platform based on the EMG TTI JW2, boasting many of the biggest names in aftermarket upgrade parts put together by the same talented techs that brought you Bolster Armouries. Unlike other custom Airsoft gun services, Bolster Tuned platforms are all pre-built and ready to ship the next day with no lead time!

The Tuned JW2 builds upon the already impressive base platform and irons out all the creases, adding in a plethora of low friction, high strength enhancements to the gearbox itself. These include an FPS Softair O-ring equipped air nozzle and carbon fibre reinforced tappet plate, Bolster's own EZO bearings, M115 spring and stainless steel sector gear screws, a Laylax Hard Selector plate and the gorgeous Gate Quantum flat blade trigger.

The Quantum is paired with the incredibly advanced Gate ASTER MOSFET, offering 250 different trigger sensitivity settings, pre-cocking, programmable fire controls and much more via the Gate USB link or Gate Control Station app. To deliver the speed it needs to bury the original EMG CYMA Platinum JW2, the Bolster team saw fit to install the Warhead Base 27K Brushless motor, providing unparalleled heat dispersion qualities and speed to rival the very best.

With upgrades added and work done, the price has increased, but by a far smaller margin than it would if you took a stock JW2 to a technician and paid for this amount of work to be done. Finally, we can pick up and play with an exceptionally well-built AEG with all the fine-tuning necessary for exceptional performance already complete, and done with care, to an exacting standard. When we tested this AEG we were flabbergasted. 348 FPS on the dot with remarkable consistency, 60m+ effective range and an absolutely scary rate of fire of 25 rounds per second using an 11.1V Lipo; more than enough to outshoot anything else you can buy off the shelf!

About Taran Tactical Innovations

Taran Tactical Innovations is a highly regarded real steel firearms brand catering primarily to 3-Gun competition shooters and civilian tactical shooters in the US. After its firearms were featured in the positively awesome John Wick movie series, demand for Taran Tactical Airsoft replicas went through the roof, and the rest is history!

This is the home of Taran Tactical Airsoft guns on Patrol Base and you will find all the best licensed TTI replicas right here, from the JW2 EU34 to the JW3 Combat Master Hi-capa, even the latest JW4 Pit Viper!

We also have Taran Tactical rifle replicas, with the gorgeous JW2 KeyMod AR-15 taking centre stage, bringing that inimitable Taran aesthetic to the well-known M4 platform we all love. Whether you are a John Wick fan or you have a taste for the high-end of US real steel firearms, a Taran Tactical Airsoft replica would be a fine skirmish tool in your hand and looks fantastic on the wall as a bonus!