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  • Easy to Use
  • Reduce Overkill
  • Clearly Identify Yourself

A handy dead-rag which attaches to MOLLE panels and is used to signal to other players that you are out of the game. An excellent alternative to being hit by a load of BBs that you didn't need to be.

  • Velcro Secured
  • Fastens To Belt
  • Small Glove Pouch

    Designed to carry surgical gloves or other small objects on your belt. Its small and compact, being designed to be able to be used without getting in the way. 

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    • Velcro Secured
    • Holds Garmin GPS
    • Padded Wrist Strap

    Designed to mount Garmin GPS directly onto the users arm, displayed through a clear view laminate screen. 

    • Velcro Mounted
    • Metal Snap Hook
    • Velcro Front Panel

    A smart 700 Polytech constructed Panel which can be used creatively to enhance the capabilities of your loadout. A large panel of hook and look material is connected to a metal snap hook, and can be used to secure important items which require constant access, such as keys / gloves. Simply place the panel under the cummerbund of your Chest Rig (or anywhere on your loadout that can support Velcro) and make use of your newly added snap hook.

    • Belt Mountable
    • Ideal For Hiking
    • Compact Storage

    A heavy duty storage pouch produced to fit onto any belt. Perfect for storing a range of small items from a compass to first aid kit.

    • 2 x Rear Pouches
    • Internal Organiser
    • MOLLE Compatible

    A MOLLE compatible Admin/Utility Pouch for Chest Rigs and Tactical Vests that have available MOLLE loops. It is secured by a Dual Glove-Friendly Zips and features an Internal Organiser, as well as Front Velcro ID Panel and 2 x Rear M4 Magazine Pouches.

    • Marker / Dead Rag
    • Bright Orange Flag
    • Attaches to Chest Rigs

    This underrated bit of kit is to be installed on a Chest Rig using the Dual MOLLE or Velcro Straps (or both). It contains a Bright Orange Flag that can be pulled out to signify you're hit/dead, or to serve another game-related purpose. This is a great alternative to walking across the fight with your hands up, and SHOULD reduce the amount you get shot when dead (depending on who you play with).

    • Fully Opens
    • Dual MOLLE Straps
    • Admin/Medical Pouch

    This pouch from 8Fields Tactical is made from tough 1000D Polyester and is designed as an Admin/Medical pouch to secure you important items.

    RRP £8.50
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    • Laser Cut Webbing
    • MOLLE Compatible
    • Double Zip Closure

    A small utility pouch designed to hold tools, equipment and even Pyro on your MOLLE Compatible Rig for easy access when Airsofting. 

    • ID Storage
    • MOLLE Pouch
    • Internal Loops

    A miniature pouch designed to be attached to MOLLE compatible vests, rigs and bags allowing you to carry extra items, tools or grenades with you into combat. 

    • 3 x Elasticated Pouches
    • Press Stud MOLLE Loops
    • Lightweight & Low Profile

    A triple magazine pouch for M4/15/16 STANAG magazines and smaller, the idea being that the pouch is a low profile and lightweight as possible to afford maximum manoeuvrability to the user.

    • Dual Zip Closure
    • MOLLE / Belt Straps
    • Large Main Compartment

    A lightweight tactical pouch, designed to be attached to MOLLE systems like vests and belts, giving the user access to a multitude of pockets to carry a range of different small equipment. 

    • Attaches to Belts
    • Velcro Flap Secured
    • Admin/Dump Pouch

    The Viper Tactical Patrol Pouch is a multi-purpose Dump/Admin Pouch that can serve any purpose you put it to. It attaches to your Belt by feeding the strap through the two loops on the rear, and features two separate Velcro-secured Pouches for keeping loose items safe.

    • MOLLE Compatible
    • Size Adjustable Straps
    • Securely Contain Radio

    A versatile MOLLE compatible pouch, designed to store GPS units and radio systems, and is adjustable via a top elastic tension adjuster. 

    • For MOLLE/Belts
    • 2 x Large Utility Pouches
    • Adjustable Polymer Clasps

    A dual utility pouch in Disruptive Pattern Material for carrying water or other important equipment, tools & accessories on your rig or on your belt depending how you attach it.

    • Belt Mounted
    • 3 x Elasticated Loops
    • Large Velcro ID Panel

    A belt mounted pouch for securing important items like Allen keys and other tools, and has interior elastic retention loops that make this pouch perfect for holding smoke grenades and large pyro.

    Was £14.49
    Save £4.50
    • Dual Side Zips
    • Main Pull Handle
    • MOLLE Compatible

    A utility pouch which has been designed for the quickest access possible. Get access to your items quickly by pulling down on the grab handle.

    • MOLLE Mounted
    • Total Of 7 Pockets
    • Medium Sized Utility

    A MOLLE mounted utility pouch which has more pockets and internal pouches than you can shake a stick at.

    • Dual Compartment
    • Ultra Compact Design
    • Soft Lined Main Pocket

      Small and compact utility pouch designed to be attached to belts, bags, vests and chest rigs where a MOLLE panel is available. The Pouch is constructed from heavy duty 600D Cordua. 

      • Laser Cut Webbing
      • Double Zip Closure
      • MOLLE Compatible

        A medium sized utility pouch designed to hold large tools equipment and valuables on MOLLE compatable rigs and backpacks for easy access when Airsofting. 

        • First Aid Kit
        • Basic Kit Included
        • MOLLE Compatible

        Providing quick access to basic First Aid supplies, and is attachable to MOLLE Rigs, Pouches and Backpacks. The pouch is constructed from 600D Cordua, and features two Rear Securing Straps for MOLLE panels. 

        • Supported Front Pocket
        • Extended Polymer Toggle
        • MOLLE Compatible Design

        A large MOLLE pouch designed to be attached to rigs, vests, bags and other items to allow for additional storage allowing you to carry more items into the game. 

        • 28cm x 22cm
        • VX Velcro System
        • Available In Other Colours

          Additional storage solution to combine with the VX range from Viper Tactical. A large utility style pouch ideal for carrying essentials including maps, navigation equipment and other light supplies.

          • Velcro ID Panel
          • MOLLE Front Face
          • Internal Organisers

          A compact but surprisingly spacious Utility Pouch made from 1000D Polyester, which means its not only tough but water resistant. Take control of your kit admin, and get all your important items organised and ready for Airsoft.

          • Two Leg Straps
          • Quick Release Strap
          • Slip Resistant Design

          A lightweight belt and leg mounted Drop Leg MOLLE Platform, allowing you to quickly and easily add more MOLLE real-estate to your Airsoft Loadout. 

          • Dual Zip Design
          • MOLLE Compatible
          • Two Compartments

          MOLLE compatible pouch designed to be attached to MOLLE compatible tactical gear like vests and bags, and allows the user to hold a variety of small items, from ammunition and snacks, to spare parts and tools. 

          • Keep Mags Safe
          • MOLLE/Belt Attachable
          • Bungee Retention Design

          A large and lightweight MOLLE compatible dump pouch that features external bungee retention cords, allowing the user and loosen and tighten the dump pouch on the go at a moments notice, helping keep contents secure and minimising any tell-tale rattle you'll make when moving around.

          • Shoulder Strap
          • Velcro MOLLE Loops
          • Clearview Docs Pocket

          A shoulder slung carry pouch that can either be worn over the shoulder with the removable strap or attached more securely to your rig/backpack via MOLLE, of which it has two press stud securing flaps.

          • Interior Admin Pocket
          • 1 x X-Large Utility Pouch
          • 3 x AR Magazine Pouches

          A lightweight all-in-one solution to carrying what you need throughout an Airsoft skirmish day. For those that have a blank MOLLE chest rig or lots of spare MOLLE loops, this is an ideal way to carry more magazines and surplus items that require a large utility pouch.

          • Internal Divider
          • Internal Map Pouch
          • Velcro Lazer MOLLE

          A Large Utility Pouch for MOLLE compatible systems, which will easily mount onto any MOLLE loops to provide a large pouch which is ideal for Tools, Grenades, Mags, Maps or any other important piece of kit that you need to keep secure in a dual-zip pouch.