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  • Licensed FAMAS replica
  • Adjustable Spring Power
  • Integrated MOSFET

This rifle is a licensed replica created by CYBERGUN which is based off the FAMAS, a bulpup style assault rifle designed and manufactured in France by MAS, being in service from 1978 to today. This Airsoft replica is one of the highest quality FAMAS replicas on the market, with a high quality body and internals to boot, if you've ever fancied a FAMAS this is the one to go for.

From £159.99
  • Bullpup Weapon
  • Integrated Bipod
  • AK Style Scope Mount

Constructed from alloy, this is an Airsoft AEG replica of the OTs-03 SVU ‘Dragunov’ bullpup sniper rifle, the successor to the legendary 'Dragunov' SVD, first seen used by the Russian Federation in the First Chechen War.

From £269.99
  • Bullpup Weapon
  • Fully Ambidextrous
  • Quick Change Spring

Designed and manufactured specially for Airsoft by APS, this 6mm BB Airsoft AEG is purpose built as a practical and user-friendly AEG, featuring fully ambidextrous controls in an ergonomic bullpup chassis.

From £119.99
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  • Railed Handguard
  • Ambidextrous Design
  • Compact CQB Carbine

Based on the iconic Steyr AUG carbine, this compact 6mm BB Airsoft gun is a lightweight and compact electrically powered replica AUG. Realistically constructed from polymer with an alloy front end, the AUG is supplied with an aluminium foregrip.

From £174.99
  • Polymer Construction
  • Bullpup Design
  • Lightweight

An Airsoft AEG replica of the Tavor 21 M-TAR assault rifle, an ultra-modern bullpup configuration used by the Israeli armed forces. Capable of shooting in semi and fully automatic, this Airsoft replica is realistically constructed from lightweight polymer.

From £209.99
  • Stamped Steel
  • Electric Blowback
  • Weighs In At 3.6kg

Constructed from stamped steel and polymer and topping the scales at 3.6Kg, this hefty Airsoft gun is inspired by the current issue L85A2 assault rifle. An electronic blowback function simulates recoil on firing, making this a fun and realistic Airsoft gun to shoot! 

From £219.99
  • Faithful Replica 
  • Realistic Stamped Alloy 
  • Includes Two Magazines

Constructed from realistic materials, this 6mm BB Airsoft gun is a high-quality replica of the British Armed Forces’ standard issue service weapon, the L85A2 Infantry Weapon. A must-have for Airsofters attempting a contemporary British Airsoft loadout, and an excellent choice for the skirmish field.

From £294.99
  • Perfect CQB arena gun
  • Fully ambidextrous AEG
  • ABS Polymer Magpul Quality

    Designed specifically for use in tight and cramped environments, PTS SYNDICATE’s PDR-C is a lightweight all-polymer bullpup that’s the ultimate compact carbine for use in intense close quarter Airsoft battles.

    From £329.99
    RRP £339.99
    Save £10.00
    • Gas Blowback
    • Easy Field Strip
    • Integrated Scope

    Quite possibly the most realistic Airsoft replica of Steyr’s iconic AUG-A2 assault rifle available, this stunning gas blowback Airsoft gun features realistic construction and operation.


    From £412.95

    For those who want a full size Rifle, but for CQB Situations...

    An expanding range of Bullpup Airsoft AEGs capable of packing a punch and giving excellent range and accuracy within the Airsoft battlefield. Bullpup stock comes and goes frequently so keep an eye on this page for the latest Airsoft gun deals and stock updates. With the magazines situated essentially behind you, you achieve extra barrel length within the size of an easy to aim Airsoft AEG.

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