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  • 100 Sheets
  • Reversible Printed
  • Ideal Target Practice

Improve your accuracy and skill with these replaceable paper targets, designed mainly for Airsoft use.

  • Batteryless Design
  • Auto-Reset Targets
  • Keep Rooms BB Free

A simple to use target for use with Airsoft 6mm BB Guns, designed to allow the user to practice their target shooting without having to stop and manually reset the targets. 

  • Pack of Six
  • Metal Targets
  • For Training/IPSC

This is a pack of six individual shooting targets that are made from metal, and can stand up on their own. When hit with a BB or Pellet, they make a satisfying 'dink' sound and will fall over. These targets are perfect for honing your skills on private land, or for IPSC style competitive shooting with friends or a club.

  • Great for Zeroing
  • Pack of Six Pieces
  • Knock Down Target

    A pack of six shoot-down targets, designed to allow you to practice your shooting skills or to zero rifles.

    • Compact Storage
    • Replaceable Targets
    • Keep Your Room Tidy

    Simple to use, fold open to set up or close offering a very compact storage solution. Ideal for any target practice either in your bedroom or outside. 

    About Our Airsoft Targets & Target Catchers

    Perfect your shooting finesse with our airsoft targets, designed to help you attain maximum accuracy on the field. All of our targets are ideal for airsoft BB guns, with options suitable for every budget. 

    Explore everything from cost-effective paper BB targets, to metal shooting targets and automated target catchers. Plus, you’ll be able to get your skirmish team together for a target shooting practice to help level up their game as well as yours. Your enemy won’t know what’s hit them. 

    Whether you’re looking to practice your close-range airsoft pistol shot or ensuring you’ve nailed your assault rifle aim, our airsoft targets can get you there. If you’re determined to get that ultra-accurate shot, why not look into a red dot sight attachment or airsoft laser

    Shop all our airsoft shooting targets online today and enjoy next day delivery. Alternatively, visit our store in Huddersfield.