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  • Dupont Zytel
  • Redesigned Follower
  • 'Fuel Gauge' Indicator

The world's best Airsoft Magazine just got better! Made to a seriously tough standard using excellent materials, the EPM-1 Magazine holds a massive 250rnds in a Spring-Fed Mid-Cap design. This means that you still get the incredible feeding performance of a PTS Mid-Cap, but with a capacity that can rival most High-Cap Magazines!

  • Stubby Design
  • Steel Outer Shell
  • VN/Vietnam Style

A Mid-Cap Magazine for M4/M16 Platform Airsoft Guns, which is made with a Steel Outer Shell to make it tough, well weighted and realistic. It has a 'stubby' design as seen in the M16s of the Vietnam War Era, and is a Spring-Loaded design which will feed all the BBs until empty without the need for winding. This is ideal for DMRs or Period Replicas, or for anyone who wants Mid-Cap Magazines that are low profile and won't get snagged on your kit as much as full size ones.

  • Mock Bullets
  • Unique Design
  • TM Compatible

A gorgeous Polymer constructed Mid-Cap magazine which is compatible with most brands of AR/M4/M16 platform rifles, including standard Tokyo Marui replicas.

  • 340rnd Capacity
  • Ridged Externals
  • Wide Compatibility

This magazine holds a total of 340rnds and is designed to fit M4 / M16 / AR Platform Airsoft Electric Guns from a wide range of brands. The external shell is made to a lovely standard, and features a modern ridged design that is very eye-catching. You fill it with BBs from the top Fill Window and wind it from the bottom Clockwork Wheel to feed BBs.

  • TM Compatible
  • 150rnd Capacity
  • For AR / M4 / M16

A Polymer constructed Magazine for AR / M4 / M16 Platform Airsoft Replicas, which holds 150rnds total in a Spring-Fed Mid-Cap design that will feed all the BBs until empty, with none of the rattle that you get from High Cap Magazines. Compatible with a range of brands such as CYMA, DBoys, JG, A&K, Arcturus and Tokyo Marui, this is the perfect purchase for any AR Platform operator wanting to stay in the fight for longer without refilling mags.

  • Hex Pattern
  • TM Compatible
  • 200rnd Capacity

A Mid-Capacity Magazine for AR Platform Rifles (such as AR-15, SCAR, TAVOR, ARX100), that is filled using a Speedloader to fill BBs through the top of the Mag. It will then quietly and effectively feed BBs into your Gun until empty, with no rattle unlike High-Cap Magazines. With an attractive hex pattern, this is an eye-catching Magazine that looks great in any AR Platform Airsoft Gun. Not only this, but it is compatible with Tokyo Marui (TM) Replicas too.

  • 300rnd Mid-Cap
  • Tough & Weighty
  • Steel Construction

A Steel high capacity clockwork magazine for AR-15 / M4 models of Airsoft Electric Gun, that will fit and feed in 95% of M4 based Airsoft guns.

  • 30 / 140rnd Setting
  • STANAG Magazine
  • Realistic Design

A STANAG type magazine which is designed to fit any Airsoft 6mm BB gun which accepts this style of magazine, such as M4, L85, 416 and more.

This magazine is the perfect purchase for any Airsoft skirmisher due to its low price and high quality, with the added bonus that should you one day visit a low-cap only site it can be quickly changed to suit your needs.

  • Realistic Design
  • Winding Wheel
  • Filling Window

A STANAG type magazine which is designed to fit any Airsoft 6mm BB Gun which accepts this style of magazine, such as M4, L85, 416 and more. This type of magazine is perfect for regular Airsoft skirmishers as the magazine holds lots of rounds, and increases the length of time between having to stop and reload, allowing you to put more rounds down range without stopping.

Whether you are new or a regular skirmisher, who doesn't want the hassle of regularly changing magazines but still wants that authentic look, these are an essential purchase. 

  • Stippled Effect
  • Magazine Pull
  • Lightweight

A  Airsoft medium capacity magazine, providing a large ammo capacity, allowing you to shoot for longer without winding any form of wheel / steel cord.

  • Unique Hex Design
  • Lightweight & Tough
  • Changable Baseplate Lock

A medium capacity spring fed magazine that replicates a real world mag that's incredibly popular with civilian shooters. The magazine has a tough high quality Polymer exterior that feels great in the hand thanks to the unique hex cut out design, and the ridges that run up the length of the front and back of the magazine.

  • Marui Compatible
  • Calibre Markings
  • Hex Patterned

A spring-fed mid-cap magazine for AR platform Airsoft replicas, with an attractive Hex-pattern to improve handling and aesthetics ten-fold. They are available in both Black and Tan.

  • 30/125 Rnds Selectable
  • Lightweight & Tough
  • Modern Design

A lightweight Polymer mid-capacity Airsoft magazine for M4/M16 variant rifles, with the neat trick that you can switch between a maximum capacity of 30 or 125 BBs.

  • For AR/M4/M16 AEG
  • Textured Surface
  • 70rnd Capacity

A Polymer constructed low-capacity magazine for AR/M4/M16 platform Airsoft Electric Guns. It is created by Lancer Tactical but has been tested as fitting in other brands such as G&G and ASG.

  • 120rnd Mid Cap Mag
  • Multiple Base Plate
  • Dummy Rounds

Great quality Airsoft magazines designed for STANAG / M4 Magazine accepting Airsoft guns such as M4, L85, and more. The magazines are constructed from high quality polymers and feature interchangeable base plates allowing you to customise them for different scenarios.

  • 120 Round Capacity
  • Modern Styled Design
  • Moulded Polymer Magazine

An Airsoft Medium Capacity Magazine that is ideal for the Airsofter wanting to inject a little more realism into their Skirmishing style. Loosely inspired by the design of modern P-Mag type magazines, this is G&Gs attempt at creating a lightweight and uniquely styled magazine for STANAG Magazine compatible Airsoft Guns, such as the M4 and M16.

  • Ergo Feel
  • Wind Up Style
  • 150rnd Capacity

A high capacity wheel wound magazine designed as a modern "Vietnam magazine" style.

RRP £24.99
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  • Stippled Effect
  • Magazine Pull
  • Lightweight

A high capacity magazine, providing a large ammo capacity, allowing you to shoot for longer without reloading. This model is designed specifically for the Amoeba range, and as such comes trademarked with Amoeba and Ares logos. Designed to fit STANAG Amoeba AEG.

  • 300rnd Capacity
  • P-Mag Style Design
  • Mock Bullet Window

A 300rnd High Capacity Magazine from ICS, which is filled from the top via a Fill Window, and wound from the bottom clockwork wheel to feed BBs into your Airsoft gun.

  • Protected Rubber Base
  • Magazine Fill View Port
  • Mid-Cap Magazine

A medium capacity (mid-cap) magazine designed for use with Airsoft 6mm Electic Guns (AEG). The magazine is constructed from tough DuPont Zytel Polymer, making it extremely durable and robust with a great finish. 

The BB guide of the magazine is coloured bright orange, allowing you to see the amount of rounds remaining, from the top, side and lower part of the magazine, allowing you to pick up the mag and letting you know exactly how many rounds are remaining.

  • A Mega 900 Rounds
  • Fast Winding
  • Lightweight

A large Airsoft 6mm BB Gun M4/15/16 Magazine which will allow you to command the battle field and keep the enemy's head down with an awesome 900 round capacity magazine without carrying a bulky and cumbersome box mag.

  • Added Realism
  • 82 Round Mid Cap
  • Activates Bolt Lock

A spare magazine designed specifically for the Tokyo Marui 5.56 platform recoil series. 

  • Mag Multi-Pack
  • Mid-Cap Magazines
  • Lightweight Polymer

An incredibly useful five pack of mid-cap magazines for Airsoft Electric Guns that accept M4/M15/M16 family magazines. If you like to mag-dump, then buy your magazines in bulk to save money on your fun.

  • Sound Control
  • For AR/M4/M16
  • 3 x AAA Batteries

An electric Drum Magazine for AR/M4/M16 platform Airsoft Electric Guns which holds a whopping 1200rnds, and is powered by 3 x AAA batteries. Simply unscrew the lower rear section of the magazine and install the battery method you want to use. To use AAA batteries simply install them into the cradle and connect it. To fill it with BBs simply pour them into the Fill Window at the top like any regular High -Cap, and select a winding mode via the switch at the front.

  • Pack of Five
  • 100rnd Capacity
  • Speedloader Filled

A multi-pack of five Mid-Cap Magazines for AR/M4/M16 Platform Airsoft Guns. Constructed using an Alloy Outer Shell, these tough Magazines hold 100rnds each and are filled using a Speedloader. The benefit of Mid-Cap Magazines is that they don't need winding, don't rattle when shaken about and feed really well, making them great for those who like to get into the action, and can't be bothered winding Magazines. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, this is a great price for bulk Mid-Cap Magazines, letting you fully stock up in one go.

  • 90rnd Mid Cap Mag
  • Self ejecting latch
  • High quality build

They might look like a standard Airsoft M4 AEG magazine, but they've got a little secret, they launch themselves out of your gun when empty!  A spring powered latch projects the magazine out of your gun when the mag is empty to allow you to reload faster when the seconds really count.

  • 120rnd Capacity
  • Activates Bolt Stop
  • Cyber Gun PTW Specific

A spare Magazine for the Colt M4 MK18 MOD 1 PTW, holding a total of 120rnds, fed into the top of the Magazine using a Speedloader. If you own one of these fantastic Personal Training Replicas, then plenty of Magazines will be on your shopping list, to make the most of the functional bolt stop! These Magazines are proprietary to the Colt MK18 MOD1 PTW, so if you don't own one, you're in the wrong place!

  • Gas Powered
  • Great Efficiency
  • External Armour

This is a Gas-Powered Drum Magazine for AR/M4 Platform Gas Blowback Rifles, that offers a massive 350rnd capacity and is wound like a High-Cap Magazine via a large front-facing wheel. The Drum has an extremely large Gas Reservoir which gives it the legs to burn through a lot of BBs as efficiently as possible.

  • Steel Outer Shell
  • Lightweight Mags
  • For M4/AR Platform

These 70rnd Magazines are designed for AR / M4 Platform Airsoft Guns and feature a Steel Outer Shell with a Polymer Core, giving you the best of a tough Magazine that is easy to carry in bulk. Filled using a Speedloader, these awesome Mags will feed until empty, and are tough enough to survive being thrown around the skirmish field.

  • Mid Cap Design
  • 110rnd Capacity
  • Fits M4/AR Platform

This Magazine is designed for M4 Platform Airsoft Guns and has a Stubby / Short design to keep your Rifle low profile and prevent snagging on your equipment and the environment. The Mag has a modern Polymer aesthetic with ridges to improve handling and grip, even when wearing gloves. Whether you're building a DMR or just want to stop getting your Magazines caught on your rig, the Battleaxe 110rnd Polymer Magazine AR-15/M4 will look right at home.