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  • Piston, piston head & O-ring
  • For version 2 & version 3 gearbox
  • Full steel tooth rack - Very strong

If you are looking for a replacement piston on the cheap with no performance compromises, CYMA to the rescue! The CYMA Steel Tooth Piston Set w/Piston Head includes the piston itself, a piston head and a piston head O-ring. The piston has a full 15-tooth rack of steel teeth, improving strength while keeping overall weight manageable, making it great for high performance builds. The set is designed for version 2 and version 3 gearboxes and will be provided in a random colour; either blue or green.

£54.95 Pack price
Normally £69.95
Save £15.00
  • 130rnd Capacity
  • Wide Compatibility
  • 40% saving

A 130rnd Mid-Cap Magazine for SMG-5 Platform Airsoft Guns, fitting CYMA, Classic Army, SRC, JG and Tokyo Marui standard replicas. This modern-style Magazine is reminiscent of the 'P-Mag' style design, and features Mock Bullets / Dummy Ammunition visible through a window on the side of the Magazine. Whether you run a modern SMG-5 loadout, or you want to add a tactical 'touch' to your Airsoft Gun, then the CYMA 130rnd Polymer SMG5/SMG5K Magazine is perfect for the task.

From £84.99 Pack price
Normally £94.97
Save £9.98
  • CYMA M052 Pistol grenade launcher
  • 2 x S&T 120rnd 40mm MOSCART grenades
  • Big firepower in a small package!

If you need a big firepower increase but have limited space, the CYMA Pocket Rocket Stand-Alone Launcher Bundle was put together with you in mind! This pack combines the M052 40mm Pistol Grenade Launcher with 2 x 120rnd S&T 40mm MOSCART grenades, giving you a compact launcher which can be easily carried and 2 chances to shower the enemy with 120 BBs! If you want a run a launcher next skirmish but don't want to carry around another cumbersome platform or mount a massive n00b tube onto your primary, the M052 is the solution you were looking for. 

From £229.99
  • Rear Wired
  • Dovetail Side Rail
  • Integrated Suppressor

The CYMA CM.099 is a faithful replica of the infamous VSS Vintorez Sniper Rifle, a specialist Russian DMR from the AS VAL family that fires the specially-made 9x39mm. This Airsoft Electric Gun replica ticks all the right boxes for a VSS replica, including a rear-wired Stock which makes battery installation much easier than other VSS models.

From £234.99 Pack price
Normally £253.97
Save £18.98
  • VSS Vintorez + 2 extra High-caps
  • Full metal construction
  • Massive integral suppressor

If you have eyes on a funky Russian suppressed DMR rifle as the next addition to your armoury this should be quite the treat! We have packaged the CYMA CM.099 VSS Vintorez with a pair of additional high-caps! Variety is the spice of life, so why not mix things up a bit with a real head-turner of an AEG?

From £279.99 Pack price
Normally £292.96
Save £12.97
  • CYMA CM.045A AKS-74U AEG
  • PBS-4 Suppressor 
  • 2x 150rnd Mid-cap magazines

If you are the sneaky type of skirmisher and fancy using something Russian, the AKS-74U is calling your name! This bundle combines the superb full metal and real wood CM.045A AKS-74U AEG from CYMA with a PBS-4 Suppressor and two spare 150rnd mid-cap magazines getting you ready to skirmish eastern style or as a mercenary/PMC. The PBS-4 is the caliber correct suppressor for the AKS-74U, giving you a professional setup which will impress the milsim inclined and avoid any of the ACKCHYUALLY moments. 

From £319.99
Was £349.99
Save £30.00
  • Full metal construction
  • Automatic tri-shot shotgun
  • Triple wheel adjustable HOP-up system

If you have been looking for the meanest AEG for CQB skirmishes, you have definitely stumbled across it in the CYMA CM.102 SGR-12! This automatic electric shotgun is a close copy of the original Tokyo Marui design and boasts full metal construction to go with its ferocious in-skirmish firepower. This shotgun is capable of both semi and fully automatic fire, with each cycle of the custom gearbox firing 3 BBs down range from 3 independent inner barrels, each with its own HOP-up adjuster. If you have ever dreamt of using a tri-shot shotgun which doesn't require pumping before each shot, now you can!

From £339.99
  • Full metal construction
  • Licenced by SLR Rifleworks
  • Tracer unit built into the HOP-up - Awesome!

If you are searching for the best CQB platform out there, the CYMA Platinum SLR Airsoft Works AKS-74U AEG; Tracer HOP-up is definitely worth considering. Absolutely brimming with upgraded parts including a MOSFET, 13:1 CNC steel gears, CNC aluminium piston and cylinder head, a high torque Neodymium magnet motor and a 6.03mm tightbore inner barrel, this lil AK shoots like a laser and its built-in tracer HOP-up gives it an instinct aiming and psychological warfare advantage when exchanging fire at kissing distance.

Externally, the SLR AKS-74U definitely meets the high standards CYMA AKs are known for, with full metal construction including a steel receiver and top cover, CNC aluminium "Solo Krink" handguard, AK Billet stock and Synergy Mini-Comp with full licencing from SLR Rifleworks. The modern furniture enhances handling considerably and also allows modern accessories to be easily mounted, from suppressors to red dot sights, vertical grips and tactical flashlights.

Whether CQB is your poison or you have an aggressive playstyle and like to get right in the enemies' face, the CYMA Platinum SLR AKS-74U will be an asset to your arsenal. Built like a tank with almost as much firepower, don't let its size fool you, this compact AK comes with full-size performance!

From £339.99
  • Full metal construction
  • Licenced by SLR Rifleworks
  • Tracer unit built into the HOP-up - Awesome!

If you have a thing for modernised AKs, you'll love this! The CYMA Platinum SLR Airsoft Works AK-105 AEG is absolutely packed with pre-upgraded parts and is officially licenced by SLR Rifleworks with detailed replicas of SLR parts across the design. Boasting the incredible CYMA Platinum E-EDITION High Speed internals, this AK-105 is absolutely devasting in-game and to make matters all the sweeter is equipped with an internal tracer unit mounted to the HOP-up and powered by the AEG's battery.

This means you can light the enemy up with tracer BBs without adding any extra length or weight to your gun, adding in a rare innovation usually only found on the aftermarket and requiring a certain amount of expertise to wire in. An impressive feature made even better in combination with the AK-105's other upgraded parts and flawless build quality. The SLR AK-105 boasts full metal construction with a large proportion of steel in the build, a 6.03mm tightbore inner barrel, high torque Neodymium magnet motor and much, much more!

Whether this is your first AK AEG or you are adding to a collection of AKs, the CYMA SLR AK-105 is a solid choice with great performance and the party trick of lighting up tracer BBs with no need for an aftermarket tracer unit!

From £359.99
  • Full metal construction
  • Licenced by SLR Rifleworks
  • Tracer unit built into the HOP-up - Awesome!

If you ever wanted to light the enemy up with tracer BBs but don't like the looks of a suppressor, the CYMA Platinum SLR Airsoft Works AK-74 AEG is your dream come true! This pre-upgraded AK AEG is officially licenced by SLR Rifleworks and boasts a full metal build with plenty of steel, CYMA's impressive E-EDITION High Speed internals and a tracer unit integrated into the HOP-up unit, meaning you don't need to add length or weight with a tracer unit to get an instinct aiming advantage in CQB or low light skirmishes.

With a pre-installed MOSFET, 13:1 high speed CNC steel gears, a CNC aluminium piston head and cylinder head, a high torque Neodymium magnet motor and a 6.03mm tightbore inner barrel, there is practically nothing left to upgrade on this beast! A shame for those who like to get their hands dirty, but for the rest of us, fantastic news.

Whether you seek a modernised AK to add to your arsenal or you are smitten by the sound of a built-in tracer unit, the CYMA Platinum SLR Airsoft Works AK-74 AEG will make your day with its thunderous rate of fire, superb long range accuracy and flawless build quality.

  • Replacement original part
  • Alloy construction
  • For CYMA CM.041 SD6 AEG

Lost a handguard pin from your sneaky SMG-5? That's a shame, but fortunately, we have the solution! The CYMA Handguard locking pin is designed for the CM.041 SD6 AEG series, but may also fit other SMG-5 SD6 AEGs, though we are unable to confirm which ones. The pin is constructed from alloy and is packaged as a single pin, so if you have lost both pins make sure you order two!

  • Replacement original part
  • For CYMA CM.127 & CM.127S AEP
  • Also compatible with ASG XP17 Challenger AEP

If you own a CM.127, CM.127S or ASG XP17 Challenger and your mag release has gone missing or broken it's your lucky day! The CYMA Magazine Catch & Spring for CM.127 AEP is a replacement original parts set for the CM.127 and CM.127S AEPs but should also fit the ASG XP17 Challenger AEP. The set includes the mag catch itself and the spring.

  • Alloy construction
  • Replacement original part
  • Compatible with most SMG-5 AEGs (not K or PDW)

If your SMG-5 trigger is a bit worn out or you have a flat trigger inside and you want a more classic SMG-5 look, the CYMA Trigger for SMG-5 AEG is what you need. This trigger is only for SMG-5 AEGs which use a version 2 gearbox and will not fit the version 3 gearbox equipped SMG-5K and SMG-5PDW series. The trigger itself is constructed from alloy and has the curve of the original SMG-5 trigger, making for an appropriately realistic look. Included with the trigger is a trigger return spring, so if you have lost this part you're in luck!

  • Spring set for AR36 Version 3 gearbox
  • All springs except mainspring included
  • Fix up your old AR36 or build a gearbox!

If you are building a version 3 AR36 gearbox or you have an old AR36 AEG that needs a refit, this spring set will be useful! The set includes all the springs needed to complete a version 3 gearbox for AR36 AEGs except for the mainspring (the spring that provides the power). Maybe you have lost a spring, or your tappet spring got chewed up after a long and hard life? This spring set should give you all you need to get your AR36 doing its dirty work once again!

  • Spring set for AK47/74 Version 3 gearbox
  • All springs except mainspring included
  • Fix up your old AK or build a gearbox!

If you are building a version 3 AK gearbox or you have an old AK AEG that needs a refit, this spring set will be useful! The set includes all the springs needed to complete a version 3 gearbox for AK AEGs except for the mainspring (the spring that provides the power). Maybe you have lost a spring, or your tappet spring got chewed up after a long and hard life? This spring set should give you all you need to get your AK doing its dirty work once again!

  • Replacement original parts
  • Front sling mount pin set
  • For CM.041 SMG-5 AEG series

The CYMA Front Sling Mount Pin for SMG-5 AEG is a replacement original part for the CM.041 SMG-5 AEG series and mounts to the front sight block to provide a sling loop on the left side. If your original sling loop is damaged or has gone missing, here is your replacement!

  • Alloy construction
  • Original replacement CYMA part
  • For CM.04x series AKM/AK74 AEG

If you are gearing up to spruce up your old AK AEG this might be handy! The Front Handguard Cap with Sling Point from CYMA is an original replacement part for the CM.04x series AKM/AK74 AEG. The part is constructed from alloy and includes the rotary locking lever for the LCT/VFC/real steel style of AK handguard attachment. This part is intended for the CM.04x series but should also work with VFC and LCT AKs, though the part may need modification. This part will not fit an AKS-74U rifle, it is designed for full size AK handguards only.

  • Replacement original parts
  • Includes HOP-up chamber, bucking and nub
  • For CYMA CM.027 SMG-5 series

If you have HOP-up woes with your SMG-5 this could be what you need to fix it up! The CYMA HOP-Up Chamber with Rubber and Nub for SMG-5 AEG is a replacement original part for the CM.027 SMG-5 series but should also work in any TM based SMG-5 AEG (not NGRS variants). The set includes a complete HOP-up unit with the HOP-up arm and also includes a basic HOP-up rubber and nub, giving you everything you need to replace the entire unit in a single package. 

This set is designed for the CM.027 which is a copy of the Tokyo Marui SMG-5 AEG and should also work with similar designs but is not compatible with the Classic Army SMG-5 or the later CYMA CM.041 series SMG-5 AEGs. 

  • Alloy construction
  • Rear body pin/Stock pin for SMG-5
  • Compatible with CYMA SMG-5 AEG

If you have misplaced your SMG-5's rear body/stock pin you are in luck! This CYMA original replacement part is designed for CYMA SMG-5 AEGs but may also fit others. This pin is the rear body pin which holds the stock to the receiver and is constructed from alloy.

  • Replacement original part
  • For AK Platform AEG
  • If you've lost yours, you're in luck!

We all lose small parts from time to time, luckily CYMA are happy to sell individual components like this! The AK Top Cover Latch from CYMA attaches to the gearbox shell, and with the help of the charging handle spring, holds your top cover on! The latch is compatible with version 3 gearbox shells, and TM-based AK designs. Quite an important bit I'm sure you agree...

  • Replacement original parts
  • For CYMA CM.098 SR-25 AEG
  • Fix up your old AEG!

If your selector switch is damaged or you lost a bit during maintenance this set can be a lifesaver! The CYMA Ambidextrous Fire Selector Gears for CM.098 is a replacement original part set for the CM.098 series of SR-25 AEGs and includes the internal selector gears and axis for the CM.098 ambidextrous selector switches. 

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to Carry
  • 20rnd Capacity

A spare or replacement Magazine for the CYMA CM.700 / M40A3 Spring Powered Sniper Rifle, which is perfect for staying in the fight for longer, or spending longer on the Target Range without re-filling Magazines. If you own one of these Sniper Rifles and want carry more ammunition, then these slimline and lightweight Magazines are perfect to carry on your person; especially if you've made the effort to obtain a concealed position and don't want to give it away!

  • M24/CM.702 Magazine
  • 28rnd Capacity
  • Compact design

You shouldn't need to reload often when sniping, unless you are a bad shot! Regardless of this, it's always wise to have a spare mag on hand for extended skirmishes rather than panic under fire trying to load BBs as the enemies BBs shower down upon you! Introducing CYMA's spare magazine for the CM.702 M24 rifle. This magazine is constructed from polymer and holds 28 rounds. The magazine can be loaded either by hand or with a speed loader. 

  • Easy to Fit
  • For AK AEG
  • One Sling Point

A high strength sling plate constructed from a dense Alloy that allows you to attach a sling to your AK47 platform weapon.

  • Bends over 90°
  • Holster Included
  • Rubber Mock Knife

A mock Airsoft knife for players to use as part of their rig to look extra menacing, complete the look, or to use as a prop knife for those ever embarrassing knife kills.

  • Waffle Style Texture
  • 100rnd Capacity

A tough Polymer constructed magazine for a range of CYMA/WELL series Spring Sniper Rifles (check compatibility), which offers a whopping 100rnds to lay down on the enemy from afar. 

  • Easy to Carry
  • 20rnd Capacity
  • Alloy / Polymer

A 20rnd spare or replacement Magazine for the CYMA branded CM.706 Airsoft Sniper Rifle. If you want to spend more time set up in your nest and less time walking back to the safe zone for a reload, then you need to stock up on Magazines to prevent you having to give away a good position. Constructed from a mix of Alloy and Polymer, these Magazines can be filled by hand or using a Speedloader, and are a great way to stay in the fight for longer. The design of the Magazine allows them to 'spring' out of the Mag Well when released, making them much easier to remove.

  • 40 Round Mag
  • For CM.708 Rifle
  • Spare Sniper Magazine

A 40 Round magazine for the CYMA CM.708 Bolt Action Airsoft Rifle.

  • 30rnd Capacity
  • Alloy construction
  • For CYMA CM.030 / 122 / 123 / 126 / 127 / 132 AEP

If you're after spare AEP magazines you are in luck! The CYMA 30rnd Magazine is compatible with the CM.030, CM.122, CM.123, CM.126, CM.127 and CM.132 AEP, and should also fit the ASG XP17 Challenger AEP. This magazine is constructed with an alloy shell, polymer follower and steel feed spring, and can be loaded using an Airsoft speed loader through the feed lips at the top of the magazine body. This magazine holds 30 BBs and is a very compact design so it is easy to carry loads!

  • 80rnd Capacity
  • Long mid-cap mag - No rattles
  • For CM.126/126S/132/132S B9 style AEPs

If you want a long-boi magazine for your B9 AEP but you hate battle rattle giving you away, this mag was made to meet your needs! The CYMA 80rnd Long Mid-cap Magazine For CM.132/126 B9 AEP follows the external format of the CYMA AEP High-caps but is a rattle-free spring loaded mid-cap which should keep those with a more sneaky playstyle at the top of their game.

The magazine is loaded through the fill/feed port at the top of the magazine body using a speed loader or loading rod and holds 80 6mm Airsoft BBs; a significant increase over the standard AEP magazine. Compatibility-wise, this magazine is suitable for the CYMA CM.126, CM.126S, CM.132 and CM.132S B9 style AEPs and is unlikely to work in other designs.

About CYMA

CYMA is renowned for making great starter Airsoft weapons suited for any budget. Originating from China, CYMA makes a wide range of Airsoft AEGs, ranging from M4 replicas, Bolt action sniper rifles and AK47 platform RIFs to various Airsoft SMGs and pump action shotguns. CYMA even makes AEPs (automatic electric pistols), offering replicas of all the iconic designs including Desert Eagle replicas!

In recent years CYMA have elevated its products and brand and is now regarded as a top-quality brand that rivals other premium brands, as demonstrated with their much-lauded Platinum Edition, High-Speed Edition and Blue Edition ranges. CYMA is also behind some of EMG's licensed RIFs, providing the high quality bodies and internals for EMG's replicas.

CYMA also offers a wide array of Airsoft accessories and spare parts such as magazines, RIS/RAS rail systems, complete gearbox upgrade kits and both internal and external parts. CYMA offer something for every Airsofter, at any budget with great value for money.