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  • For AK Models
  • Alloy Construction
  • Original Replacement

A replacement Gas Tube for Airsoft AK models, constructed from Alloy to the original specification as a direct replacement. If you own an AK Model and need a replacement Gas Tube or are looking at making Handguard changes, you can't go wrong with a spare.

  • Lightweight
  • For SMG-5K
  • 20mm RIS/RAS

A super-lightweight 20mm Railed Handguard for SMG-5K Airsoft Guns, which offers four points of 20mm Rail, as well as a cutout to allow your Charging Handle to still operate.

  • For LCT Brand AK
  • Polymer Furniture
  • Original Specification

A replacement handguard for LCT branded AK models, which is made to the original specification from tough Polymer with a Black finish. This is ideal for replacing a damaged handguard, or converting another AK model to Polymer furniture.

  • OEM Part
  • For AM002 - 006
  • Great Spare Part

A drop-in fit OEM manufactured replacement handguard, compatible with the Amoeba range of M4s, from AM002 through to AM006.

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  • 7'' in Length
  • For GBB / AEG
  • Fixtures & Fittings Included

A front rail system for your m4 platform to replace any standard hand guard you are currently using. 

From £24.99
  • M-LOK mounting surfaces 
  • Weighs less than a bag of crisps
  • Compatible with SMG5 or SMG5K depending on the variant

Bring your SMG5 variant into the 21st century, make all the ARP-9 users jealous! The CYMA M-LOK handguard is extremely light, I would wager it is as heavy or less than a standard polymer handguard. Even with no accessories mounted this sleek handguard is comfortable to grip and looks very modern, meaning your SMG5 variant could disappear in a pile of AR15s and even they wouldn't notice the intruder! Looks even more operator when combined with the CYMA Picatinny and M-LOK top rail for SMG5 or SMG5K

  • Real Wood
  • Original Spec
  • Stained Finish

A replacement handguard for the LCT LCK74, made to original spec from Real Wood with a Stained Finish to match the original furniture. This is ideal for replacing a damaged handguard, or to get on your way to converting another AK74 model to Wooden furniture.

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  • 12" In Length
  • For GBB / AEG
  • Fixtures & Fittings Included

A replacement Handguard designed to fit on to Airsoft D-Rings, giving the user access to a Four Point Railed Handguard for attaching accessories.

  • For AK Models
  • Upper Handguard
  • 20mm RIS / Picatinny

This Aluminium constructed Rail Piece is designed for AK Platform replicas and is made to replace your Upper Handguard so that you can install more accessories to your AK, such as a Red Dot Sight on the Handguard. If you have a completely standard AK, then this will work with your original Lower Handguard to create a half-and-half mix of original and railed.

  • Polymer & Steel
  • Gas Tube Included
  • For LCT LCK Models

A replacement upper handguard for LCT branded LCK models which have Polymer furniture, which comes included with a Steel Gas Tube. This kit could also be used to convert a Wood furniture LCK to Polymer furniture.

  • 7'' in Length
  • For GBB / AEG
  • Free Float Rail

A Handguard Designed to replace the standard on Airsoft M4/15/16 AR Platform AEG and Gas Blowback Rifles, based on the Noveske Rail System this is a great replacement for Stock Handguard which Gives Access to a four point rail system. 

  • CNC Aluminium
  • 20mm RIS / RAS
  • For LCT PP-19-01

A CNC Aluminium Handguard with three points of 20mm Rail to attach accessories to your heart's content. It is designed for the LCT branded PP-19-01, however may work with other brands with modification.

  • For Scorpion Evo
  • Ergonomic Design
  • M-LOK/RIS Combo

A custom made Handguard for the ASG Scorpion Evo, which is made of the same solid Glass Nylon Fiber as the original furniture and has been designed with comfort and ergonomics in mind; allowing users to effortless achieve a repeatable C-Clamp on the fore-end for consistent aiming.

  • Super lightweight
  • Keymod everywhere
  • Slim handguard for full length AKs

If your AK feels left out seeing all the glamourous AR15s out their sporting their super sleek slim handguards, it doesn't have to. 5KU are here to provide a lightweight and modern solution for your AK.

  • ALPHA Handguard
  • KeyMod compatible
  • Extremely light weight

Made from 6061 Aluminium with a matt black anodised finish, this ALPHA KeyMod handguard for AK47/AK74/AKM provides all the latest advantages to this venerable platform. With the real version of the ALPHA being in service with the Russian military, you can dress your AK like Spetsnaz with no gains in weight, owed to this handguards lightweight design. With 5 surfaces to mount your accessories, you can mod more keys onto this than your typical AR15 handguard!

Compatible with INOKASU, GHK, LCT and Tokyo Marui replicas.

  • Real Wood
  • Original Spec
  • For LCT LCK74

An original Lower Handguard for the LCT branded LCK74 model, made to original spec from stained Real Wood. This is perfect for replacing a damaged handguard, or to modify another LCT AK74 model.

  • Real Wood & Steel
  • Gas Tube Included
  • Original LCT LCKM Part

An original replacement for the handguard of an LCT branded LCKM, which is made with Real Wood and Steel, and comes included with the Gas Tube. The part is easy to install, and is made to the same specification as the original part. This is the ideal purchase to replace your LCT LCKM handguard or convert another AKM series model.

  • Real Wood
  • For LCT LCK74
  • Steel Gas Tube

A Real Wood handguard for the LCT LCK74 which is made to the original spec and includes a Steel Gas Tube. This is an ideal replacement for a damaged handguard, or to convert another LCT AK74 model.

  • Real Wood & Steel
  • Gas Tube Included
  • For LCT LCKS-74UN

A replacement handguard for the LCT branded LCKS74UN, which is made to the original spec from Real Wood and Steel. This kit includes the Gas Tube running inside the handguard.

  • Easy To Install
  • Single Peice Rail & Muzzle
  • For Standard SMG-5 Barrel

A very unique and eye-catching upper rail and front handguard modification for SMG-5 Airsoft electric guns, allowing you to convert your SMG-5 AEG into an intimidating CQB monster.

  • Improve Ergonomics
  • For ASG Scorpion Evo
  • Complete Furniture Kit

A complete drop-in Furniture Kit for ASG's Scorpion Evo, which features a custom M-LOK Railed Handguard, ATEK Universal Front Grip and ATEK High-Cap Magwell. This kit will not only massively improve the ergonomics and handling of your Scorpion Evo, but will make it stand out from the crowd.

  • 20mm RIS 
  • Four Point Rail
  • 7'' Hand Guard

A Free Floating Four Point RIS Rail designed for AR15/M4/16 Airsoft AEGs, featuring 4 full length 20mm RIS rails for mounting weapon accessories.

  • M-LOK Modular Design
  • Simple, lightweight design
  • Works with VFC / WE / ARES & Tokyo Marui SCAR models

The KINETIC MREX Modular Receiver Extension is designed to be a simple, minimal, durable & lightweight option when it comes to modernising the SCAR series rifles. The Sleek & low profile design allow for a more comfortable forward-rifle-hold, AKA C-Clamp & an overall increase in ergonomics & handling.

  • For KRYTAC Vector
  • MLOK Handguard
  • Easy to fit

Built by Angry Gun for the KRYTAC Kriss Vector AEG this hand guard is designed to be attached to your vector by replacing the two side rails. This not only gives your Airsoft vector replica a longer look, but allows the attachment of more torches, foregrips and other attachments to the front of the replica. This hand guard is a perfect combination with the Angry Gun KSV Dummy Suppressor for a truly awesome look.

  • Free Floating Handguard
  • Based on the L119A2
  • Short / Long Version

Designed by Angry Gun, and inspired by the UK Special Forces L119A2, this hand guard is a direct replacement for most Airsoft M4 AEG hand guards, to give your replica more unique and tactical look. If you've been wanting to build yourself a L119A2 replica then this is the part for you.

  • Easy To Fit
  • Real Wood Parts
  • Wood Upgrade Kit

A real wood furniture component kit, ideal for converting your L1A1 SLR from it's late 1970's era black Polymer furniture, to its original, iconic wooden hand guard, stock, pistol grip and carry handle. 

  • Ambidextrous
  • Easy Installation
  • Fast Battery Change

Are you tired of dropping your Charging Handle and Spring every time you want to change the battery on your Scorpion Evo? Airtech Studios have you covered with the Charging Handle Lock, which will prevent the Charging Handle from leaving the Handguard when it is installed.

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  • For LCT LCKM
  • Steel Construction
  • Handguard Retainer

A replacement Handguard Retainer for LCT branded LCKM replicas, which is made from Steel to original specification. This part is responsible from holding the Handguard in place and also features a Front Sling Loop.

  • 20mm RIS/RAS
  • For AK Platforms
  • Numbered Rail Slots

A CNC Aluminium Upper Handguard for various LCT AK models, to be used in conjunction with LCT ZB-10M / ZB-11 / ZB-21M Handguards. This is the upper portion of the Handguard only, and is used to complete the Handguard layout of a modified AK using the aforementioned Lower Handguards. 

  • Real Wood
  • Original Spec
  • For LCT LCKM

A replacement Real Wood handguard for the LCT branded LCKM model Airsoft Electric Gun. This is perfect for anyone who has a damaged handguard and wants to replace it, or convert another LCT AKM replica.

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