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  • Replacement magazine well
  • For Specna SA-G series AEG
  • Allows AR36 to use M4/AR15/STANAG magazines

If your team use M4s but you prefer the AR36 this will suit your needs! This replacement magazine well will allow you to share magazines with your team and use smaller and more prevalent M4 magazine pouches.

Was £179.99
Save £45.00
  • Cycles but sounds weird
  • External parts still in very good condition 
  • Electric Blowback has either failed or been disabled

This Specna SA-G11V Keymod was returned to us due to low fps and a hop up issue. The electric blowback is no longer functioning. Its not all bad news though, it comes with a Battleaxe drum magazine as well as the original Hicap magazine. The externals are still pristine. 

From £144.99
  • Adjustable Stock
  • Removable Carry Handle
  • Enter & Convert™ Spring System

Based off the standard M4A1 used by the US Army and Marines this rifle is a high quality replica built by Specna Arms with high levels of detail, finish, with a top quality wobble free design. If you're looking for a high quality full metal rifle for a beginner weapon you're going to be hard pressed to find anything else in this price range of this quality.

From £149.99
  • Optional X-ASR MOSFET Version
  • 6.03mm Tightbore Barrel
  • ESA Spring Change

Part of Specna Arms' CORE series, the SA-C12 brings an affordable CQB monster with a Quick Change Spring System to the table, as well as internal quality such as a Rotary HOP unit, Steel Gears and a 6.03mm inner barrel. This variant of the SA-C12 comes with a PDW stock instead of the traditional M4 stock, and is designed for CQB environments to be as low profile as possible.

From £149.99
  • 6.03mm Tightbore Barrel
  • ESA Spring Change
  • PDW Style Stock

A brand new rifle built by Specna Arms as part of their CORE range of beginner rifles. With a KeyMod hand guard and high quality build this rifle is the ideal starter weapon and has everything players new any old need in a rifle. This particular version of the SA-C07 comes with a PDW stock instead of the traditional M4 stock, and is designed for CQB environments to be as low profile as possible.

From £154.99
  • Nano Coating
  • Quick Change Spring

An Airsoft Electric Gun from Specna Arms' Edge series of up-rated rifles, which offer much more out of the box than you would expect.

From £159.99
  • Rotary HOP Unit
  • PDW Sliding Stock
  • Quick Change Spring

The SA-C20 PDW is a medium-length AR Platform Replica that features a Sliding PDW Stock at the rear, making it effective both indoors and outside. It comes absolutely crammed with quality of life features such as a true Quick Change Spring System, a Rotary HOP Unit and Steel Gear Set. Whether you're new to the sport or have been playing for years, Specna Arms tick the boxes of most Airsofters.

From £159.99
  • Rotary HOP Unit
  • Quick Change Spring

A compact-sized Airsoft Electric Gun that features a tough external and internal construction, coupled with quality-of-life features that used to only appear on top end Airsoft Guns. A Quick Change Spring, Rotary HOP Unit and Gate X-ASR MOSFET ensure that you will enjoy every minute using this RIF. A PDW style Sliding Stock at the rear of the Gun makes it very effective for tight corners and close engagements.

Was £199.99
Save £37.00
  • Externals in good shape
  • Only fires full-auto reliably
  • Missing C-clip which holds the dust cover on

This Specna Arms E-25 carbine was returned to us due to issues with semi-auto fire mode, which works intermittently. There is also a missing C-clip from the dust cover. The dust cover is still attached but is not secure. 

From £164.99
Was £174.99
Save £10.00
  • Quick Change Spring
  • Fully Licensed Replica

A highly realistic replica of the instantly recognisable M4A4 platform, which features Zinc Aluminium externals, excellent internal parts, a quick change spring, GATE MOSFET and fully licensed, engraved trademarks.

From £174.99
  • Fully Licensed
  • Quick Change Spring

A Zinc Aluminium, Steel and Alloy constructed Airsoft Electric Gun based on the highly successful M4A4 platform; featuring a 20mm railed handguard, X-ASR MOSFET, quick change spring and more.

Was £194.99
Save £20.00
  • Externals are good
  • Full auto doesn't work
  • Semi-auto works fine

This SA-E05 carbine was returned to us due to a fault with the fully automatic firing mode. The AEG works fine on Semi-auto, but does nothing on full auto. May be a fault with the selector plate, or the MOSFET. The externals on this AEG are fine, with no damage or marks, just a green two tone paint job. Great for someone who wants a fixer-upper project. 

From £179.99
  • Specna ORION Gearbox
  • Aluminium/Zinc Alloy & Steel

A compact and versatile M4 platform Airsoft Electric Gun which is built to be as solid as possible, is crammed full of uprated parts and is finished off by a GATE X-ASR MOSFET to protect your electronics.

Was £259.99
Save £80.00
  • Fully Dead rifle
  • Externals in used condition
  • Gearset may need replacing 

This SA-E23 EDGE 2.0 was returned to us due to a firing issue. It turns out that the AEG is dead. The externals are in average condition, with no structural issues but some marks from use. The issue appears to be either electrical or an issue with the gearset. Perfect parts gun for a project. 

Was £199.99
Save £20.00
  • Externals are perfect
  • Cycles fine on both firemodes
  • FPS insanely low with HOP on

This SA-E15 EDGE Carbine was returned to us due to an issue with the HOP unit. This results in the FPS with hop turned on being in the double digits, way too low. I suspect a torn HOP rubber, so with a small investment and a little knowhow you can have this AEG fully functional. The externals are absolutely spot on, I can see no signs of damage or wear. 

Was £199.99
Save £19.00
  • Internals working fine
  • Externals Unblemished
  • Mock bolt and Charging Handle non functional

This Specna EDGE E25 AEG was returned to us due to a stuck mock bolt. This appears to be down to the internal plastic component linking the charging handle to the mock bolt being broken or misaligned. The dust cover also will not close. As far as internal function is concerned the rifle is as new and it may be possible to open the AEG and remove the offending part and the mock bolt, allowing you to adjust your hop through the ejection port as usual. 

From £189.99
  • Anodised Alloys
  • Reinforced Polymers
  • Quick Change Spring

An almost exclusively Alloy constructed MK18 style M4 based electric replica, with some seriously hardcore anodised Alloys and Nylon fiber reinforced Polymers for an amazing build quality.

From £199.99
  • Enter & Convert™
  • Anodised Externals
  • Aluminium, Zinc & Steel

The Specna Arms SA-H03 is a full Zinc/Aluminium Alloy electric powered Airsoft replica of a popular 'Special Forces' favourite. Internally and externally, Specna Arms haven't compromised on quality at any point.

From £199.99
  • Nano Coated Alloys
  • Quick Change Spring

Part of Specna's 'EDGE' series, this AEG is crammed with quality goodies such as the GATE X-ASR MOSFET, reinforced internals coupled with the ORION Gearbox, as well as a unique Alloy handguard and engraved receiver.

Was £239.99
Save £40.00
  • Functions fine
  • Trigger clicks on full auto
  • Magazines missing 

This SA-E19 EDGE carbine was returned to us due to an iffy trigger, which did work when tested but has a strange click when fired on full auto. This isn't very noticeable and the AEG still functions perfectly but the click may escalate into a larger issue down the line. The Included Magazines are both missing. 

Was £289.99
Save £85.00
  • Non-Functional
  • Cool display piece
  • Cannibalize it to trick out your 249

This SA-249 was returned to us due to a firing issue rendering the gun a paperweight. A more advanced airsoft tech may be confident enough to go inside and try to resuscitate her but I don't have any clues as to what is wrong with the replica. The box mag was also reported to have feeding trouble but I am unable to confirm or deny this. A good opportunity to get hold of tan M-249 parts for a proper cocktail of a custom support weapon. 

From £209.99
  • ULTRA Compact
  • EAC Quick Change Spring
  • High Quality Internal Features

The SA-H04 is an ultra compact PDW style Airsoft Gun, sporting a retractable PDW stock and a railed front end, the H04 is an excellent option for the player who needs a versatile primary that can handle CQC and medium range engagements. 

From £209.99
  • ULTRA Compact
  • EAC Quick Change Spring
  • High Quality Internal Features

The SA-H07 is an ultra compact PDW style Airsoft Gun, sporting a retractable PDW stock and a railed front end, the H07 is an excellent option for the player who needs a versatile primary that can handle CQC and medium range engagements. 

From £209.99
  • Mid Length AR15
  • M-LOK Rail System
  • Ultra Realistic Handling

The Specna Arms SA-A27 is an M-LOK Railed, Full Alloy constructed, Modern AR-15 Airsoft Rifle that not only looks but feels awesome! The gun features a sleek alloy M-LOK handguard, a multi position stock, a rotary hop up, Ambi sling plate, RIS sections, flip up iron sights and a MOE style pistol grip. This rifle feels great to hold, is equipped for any skirmish and shoots so good, an ideal rifle for any player!

Was £229.99
Save £15.00
  • Shoots perfectly
  • Small scratches on the reciever
  • Ejection port cover/Dust cover won't close

This SA-E19 EDGE was returned to us due to being unwanted. The rifle is in fully functional condition, with the only issues I have identified being a few small scratches on the receiver, mainly on the rail, and the ejection port cover will not stay closed. Ready to go to a skirmish whenever you are!

Was £289.99
Save £74.00
  • Box Mag is dead
  • Internals Function Intermittently 
  • Has been painted in "PoundlandGun-pat"

This SA-249 PARA CORE was returned to use due to a faulty box magazine and intermittent firing. The AEG was originally Tan in colour but has been painted in a camo paint job of a woodland style. The camo job has been done with some care, the gun has clearly been either disassembled or masked off properly before painting. Great for a project if you like a challenge!

From £219.99
  • Enter & Convert™
  • KeyMod/M-LOK/RIS
  • Aluminium, Zinc & Steel

The SA-A90 from Specna Arms is an electric powered AR-platform Airsoft rifle with a KeyMod, M-LOK and RIS combination handguard, threaded outer barrel and a rear wired solid stock for massive battery capacity.

Was £289.99
Save £65.00
  • Intermittent Fault
  • Excellent Condition in Box
  • Gearbox/Motor/Electrical Issue

Support your teammates with a Specna Arms SA-249 MK2 - once, that is, you've been able to figure out what is going on inside the gearbox! This replica is in excellent condition, with it's original box and accessories. The drawback is that it keeps locking up after short bursts. the few times we managed to get it to fire we had to use an 11.1v Li-Po (not normally recommended for this gun) and achieved an average of 260fps on 0.20g BBs.

This could be an easy fix - perhaps a higher torque motor - or it could be a bit more complex. Either way, if you fancy a project this could be just the deal you're looking for!

Was £289.99
Save £65.00
  • Specna M249 Airsoft Replica
  • None Functional Gun
  • Mag Broken

This Specna MK2 M249 Core was returned due to the box magazine being broken, there's an issue with the magazine making crunching noises. The gun is also non-functional, this would be best suited for someone looking for a project or for spares & repairs.

Was £289.99
Save £65.00
  • Fires most of the time
  • Externals in good order
  • Some wear around the battery compartment

This SA-249 PARA CORE was returned to us due to intermittent firing. The cardboard box it is supplied in is also damaged. When tested, the AEG chronos at around 310 FPS, but the firing issue is there, although it appears the source is probably loose wiring as following unplugging the battery, fiddling with the wiring, and firing again the AEG worked fine. Worst case scenario this thing needs rewiring, best case just some messing around and shink wrap. 

Satisfying Price, Quick Change Springs, Supreme Quality, and a Spectacular Range of Models...

Specna Arms is a well established brand in the Airsoft World, with all their weapons coming in at an attractive price with no compromise in features and quality. Specna Arms believe in their brand so much they have their own promise, the 4S: Satisfying Price, Spring Quick Change, Supreme Quality and a Spectacular range of models.

Specna Arms not only want to follow the trends of the Airsoft market, but to create them as well. They aim to make their replicas unique and exceptional not only in terms of quality, but in their appearance as well. Specna Arms want to try to offer you something which you won't find in other brands, and their team of designers are constantly working on something new and better!

With a wide variety of "series" in their arsenal, it's guaranteed that Specna Arms have something for you. The CORE series are perfect for beginners, offering amazing beginner Airsoft Guns which don't compromise on internal quality, but sacrifice Alloy construction to bring you a competitive price. The EDGE series offer the best of all worlds; rock-solid external construction, no-compromise internal quality as well as an affordable price that will make you look twice to believe it. Some models come with the GATE TITAN pre-installed to offer the user absolute control over every aspect of how their Airsoft Replica fires. Also, the Rock River Arms series will be appreciate by those who desire a fully licensed design, with trademarks from a real-world firearms manufacturer.

If you want top-tier quality and a mid-tier price point, Specna Arms are the replicas for you.