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  • 170rd Capacity 
  • Compatible with AEG AUGs
  • Translucent polymer construction

Looking to feed your AUG? This box of 4 magazines for a bargain price will have you well covered. Made from robust textured translucent polymer just like the real thing and featuring a whopping 170rd capacity, these AUG midcaps represent the best value for money for these unique mid-cap magazines. 

  • Steel outer shell
  • Speedloader filled
  • 40 round low-cap

A spare or replacement magazines for SR25 or AR10 rifles which use the Classic Army/A&K style of magazine. This mag is filled via a speedloader through the feed port at the top of the mag. Perfect for the designated marksman who likes to challenge themselves with low/real capacity!

  • Low profile magazine
  • Adjustable capacity
  • Polymer-MAG style

If you are the type of player who spends plenty of time prone, you will appreciate this magazine. The low profile 20/70 round DMAG allows you to get lower to the ground when crawling and gives a great look to a DMR platform rifle.

  • Variable Capacity
  • Modern Textured Mag
  • Lightweight Polymer Design

A variable capacity 30/130rnd mid-cap magazine for AR36 platform Airsoft Electric Guns which can be rapidly switched between a realistic capacity of 30 rounds and a medium capacity of 130rnds.

  • P-Mag Style Design
  • 80 round Capacity
  • Mock Bullets

A tough-constructed Polymer magazine for the AUG series which is a Mid-Cap design and holds a total of 80rnds. It is based around the P-Mag design with cool styling and mock bullets visible through the side window, and makes a nice change from the traditional transparent AUG magazine design. It is loaded from the top using a Speedloader and will feed BBs until empty, without making the annoying rattle of a High-Cap magazine.

  • 110rnd Mid-Cap
  • Transparent Body
  • Spring Fed System

A Polymer constructed 110rnd Mid Cap Magazine for AUG Airsoft Electric Guns, which is filled using a Speedloader and will feed BBs quietly into the gun until empty. This is the perfect purchase for any AUG-wielding Airsofter who wants to stealthily carry more ammunition in the field.

  • Original AK47 Magazine
  • 120 Round Capacity
  • Alloy Construction

A 6mm BB medium capacity Airsoft magazine replica, based on the AK47's original Magazines, designed for use with E&L Airsoft's AK47 series of AEGs. 

  • Lightweight Polymer Design
  • Modern Textured Mag
  • 550rnd Capacity

A clockwork high capacity 550rnd magazine for AK platform Airsoft Electric Guns. The mag has a modern aesthetic loosely based on P-Style magazines and is ridged and textured to improve grip in even the worst conditions.

  • 30rnd or 125rnd
  • Selectable Capacity
  • Mags Can Link Together

A spare magazine for AR36 Airsoft Guns, which has the option of either a standard 125rnd capacity, or a realistic 30rnd capacity by flicking a switch.

  • Hex Pattern
  • 130rnd Mid Cap
  • Orange Follower

This is a Polymer constructed Magazine for Airsoft M4/M16 Platform Airsoft Guns, that holds a total of 130rnds and has an awesome hex pattern which looks great in any stock or custom gun. The Magazine also features '5.56x45mm NATO' markings for another layer of realism.

  • AEG Compatible
  • Dummy Bullets
  • Magazine Pull Inc.

This Mid-Cap Magazine is constructed from tough Polymer, and features a modern P-Mag style design with Mock Bullets visible through a faux 'capacity checker window'. The Magazine also comes included with a Mag Pull installed on the Baseplate for easy removal from pouches. Filled using a Speedloader, this Magazine holds a total of 120rnds and will feed completely until empty, without any rattle like it's High-Cap brothers. The Magazine is also compatible with Tokyo Marui (non NGRS) branded Replicas.

  • Transparent Body
  • No Rattle Design
  • 45rnd Magazine

A Low / Real Capacity (low-Cap) Magazine for Steyr AUG A1, A2, and A3 Rifles. The magazine is constructed from Transparent Polymer which lightweight and durable, which allows you to see through the magazine and count the ammo you have left in the magazine. 

  • 120 Round Capacity Magazine
  • Lightweight Polymer
  • High Quality Replica

A 6mm BB medium capacity magazine replica, based on the Bakelite-polymer Magazines of the AK74 series of weapons, designed for use with E&L Airsofts line of various replica AK74 AEGs. 

  • Lightweight & Tough
  • 350 Round Capacity
  • Ridged & Textured

A lightweight Polymer high capacity wheel wound magazine for Airsoft M4/M16 variants that will be accepted by 99% of M4 based Airsoft weapons.

  • 300rnd Capacity
  • Lightweight Design
  • Modern Period Magazine

A lightweight Polymer high capacity flash magazine for Airsoft M4/M16 variant rifles that is accepted by 99% of M4 based Airsoft weapons.

  • 30/125 Rnds Selectable
  • Lightweight & Tough
  • Modern Design

A lightweight Polymer mid-capacity Airsoft magazine for M4/M16 variant rifles, with the neat trick that you can switch between a maximum capacity of 30 or 125 BBs.

  • Lightweight Polymer Design
  • Modern Textured Mag
  • Variable Capacity

A variable capacity 30/135rnd mid-cap magazine for AK platform Airsoft Electric Guns which can be rapidly switched between a realistic capacity of 30 rounds and a medium capacity of 135rnds. 

  • Three Colour Options
  • For LCT AK Series
  • 70rnd Capacity

A series of 70rnd Polymer constructed magazines for LCT AK platform Airsoft Electric Guns. They feed BBs into the gun via a spring until completely empty, and are ideally loaded via a Speedloader. They are a replica of the 5.45x39mm magazines but will work in any LCT branded AK platform AEG, and are available in a choice of three colours.

  • 70rnd Capacity
  • Spring Fed Design
  • For LCT RPK Series

A low-capacity magazine for the LCT branded RPK series of Airsoft Electric Gun. It holds a total of 70rnds and is a replica of the orange Bakelite 5.45x39mm magazine design. It feeds BBs into the gun via a spring, and will feed BBs until completely empty. We recommend the use of a Speedloader to fill this magazine. It is designed for the RPK series but will work with other LCT branded AK replicas, however is a very tight fit in standard AKs.

  • For AR/M4/M16 AEG
  • Textured Surface
  • 70rnd Capacity

A Polymer constructed low-capacity magazine for AR/M4/M16 platform Airsoft Electric Guns. It is created by Lancer Tactical but has been tested as fitting in other brands such as G&G and ASG.

  • Top Fill Window
  • 450rnd Capacity
  • Magazine Clamps

A High Capacity Magazine for AR36 series Airsoft Electric Guns, which can be linked together with other Magazines to create one gigantic mega-mag. They hold a total of 450rnds and can be filled from the top of the Magazine via the Fill Window, and are wound from the bottom of the Magazine via the Clockwork Winding Wheel.

  • 120 Round Capacity
  • Modern Styled Design
  • Moulded Polymer Magazine

An Airsoft Medium Capacity Magazine that is ideal for the Airsofter wanting to inject a little more realism into their Skirmishing style. Loosely inspired by the design of modern P-Mag type magazines, this is G&Gs attempt at creating a lightweight and uniquely styled magazine for STANAG Magazine compatible Airsoft Guns, such as the M4 and M16.

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  • Semi Transparent
  • 5.56x45 Markings
  • Dummy Rounds

A Polymer constructed Mid-Cap Magazine for AR/M4/M16 platform Airsoft Electric Guns, which holds a total of 130rnds and is a semi-transparent design with dummy rounds inside.

  • Mid-Cap Design
  • For AR-10/SR-25
  • Modern P-Mag Type

A Polymer constructed Mid-Cap Magazine for AR-10/SR-25 Platform Rifles. The Magazine features a modern P-Mag Style aesthetic with mock bullets seen through the window on the Mag, and a 220rnd capacity. The Mag is filled using a Speedloader, and will feed your Gun until empty, with no rattling or winding required.

  • Perfect for CQB
  • Fake Rounds Inside
  • Mags Can Be Linked

A low capacity AR36 magazine from ASG, with a transparent Polymer casing and dummy rounds which can be seen through the case.

  • For G&G ARP-9
  • 30Rnd Low Cap
  • Realistic Capacity

A realistic capacity magazine for the G&G ARP-9 electric 9mm replica, which is perfect for those who like to test their skills and push their immersion/realism to the absolute limit.

  • PTS Enhanced Polymer
  • Compatible with TM, JG, Classic Army & more
  • Reliable feeding

The PTS EPM-G Magazine is designed for use in airsoft AR36 replica's & is compatible with Tokyo Marui, Jing Gong, Classic Army, SRC, Umarex, Echo1 & other AR36 platforms alike. 

  • Semi Transparent
  • Fake Bullet Shells
  • 40rnd Capacity

A simple spare additional or replacement magazine for your G&G G2H Airsoft AEG. With a 40rnd real steel capacity limit, yo u can run and gun with zero BB rattle whilst sniping away with your electronic powered AEG.

  • Feed Window
  • Orange Follower
  • Textured Surface

A Polymer constructed Mid-Cap Magazine from KRYTAC which holds a total of 150rnds and is built to the usual high standard that you would expect of a KRYTAC product.

  • 20rnd Capacity
  • Speedloader Filled
  • Stay in the Fight Longer

A spare or replacement Magazine for the G&G Armament M1 Garand, holding a total of 20rnds and filled using a Speedloader. These lightweight Magazines are easy to carry in bulk, and are an absolute must for an M1 Garand owner who wants to last longer in a skirmish without running out of ammo.

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