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  • Allows Use Of Suppressor
  • For SA1 Series Sniper Rifle
  • Durable Alloy Construction

A thread adapter for the Swiss Arms / Cybergun SA1 series sniper rifle which allows the attachment of standard Airsoft suppressors and moderators to its' barrel for a wider range of customisation options, and even tracer units.

  • CNC Machined 
  • Lightweight Design 
  • For Full Length VSR Rifle

An extremely high quality replacement outer barrel for the full length VSR Airsoft sniper rifle, machined from aluminium and featuring a sleek design. 

  • For 14mm CCW Suppressor
  • Allows the use of Suppressor
  • Fits to Threaded Outer Barrel

A thread adaptor which allows the attachment of Silencers and Suppressors to WE Europe Pistols with internally threaded 11mm outer Barrels. 

  • CNC Machined
  • Anodized Finish
  • Thread Protector

A simple yet effective device, designed to protect your Airsoft gun's outer barrel threads from damage during gameplay and transport. 

  • Protects Threads
  • 6026 T9 Aluminium
  • For 14mm CW Threads

A CNC machined sleeve for 14mm CW threaded barrels that will protect the threads and ensure longevity.

  • For M700 / SA1G Sniper
  • 14mm CCW Thread Compatible

Fit suppressors and silencers to your Airsoft M700 / SA1G sniper rifles, through the use of this barrel adapter, allowing the use of 14mm CCW accessories. 

  • Converts to CW
  • Steel Construction
  • 18mm to 14mm Conveter

An adaptor which converts the 18mm thread on the Airsoft Scorpion Evo to a 14mm Counter Clockwise (CCW) Thread, allowing you to use a multitude of Suppressors, Silencers and Tracer Units. 

  • Screw In Adaptor
  • For CYMA CM701/702
  • Adds a 14mm CCW Thread

A screw-in muzzle adaptor allowing users to fit Airsoft silencers, suppressors and muzzle devices with a 14mm CCW thread onto their CM 701 / 702 spring bolt action sniper rifles. 

  • CNC Machined
  • Anodized Finish
  • Thread Protector

A simple device yet effective, designed to protect your Airsoft gun's outer barrel threads from damage during gameplay and transportation, or any other situation which might leave the threads exposed to the elements.  

  • 117mm Long
  • 3 x Types Available
  • Add Suppressors/Tracers

A 117mm barrel extension for any AEG with a 14mm CCW thread on the end of it.

  • 38.6cm Long
  • Usual Guarder Quality
  • Stabilise Your Handguard

A replacement gas tube for an Armalite (M4/16) platform rifle (or an upgrade depending on your current one).

  • Easy To Install
  • Adapts To 14mm CCW Threads
  • Allows Attachment Of Suppressors

For owners of the Airsoft APM40 & APM50 sniper rifles, this barrel thread adapter replaces the original outer barrel threads with a 14mm standard Airsoft suppressor thread. 

  • 76.2mm Long
  • Easy To Attach 
  • Add Suppressors/Tracers

A 76.2mm long barrel extension for any AEG with a 14mm CCW thread on its outer barrel.

  • CNC Machined
  • 10mm to 14mm
  • High Quality Thread

An adaptor which fits into 10mm Threads to enable the attachment of standard 14mm Counter Clockwise Suppressors, Tracer Units and other attachments.

  • Easy To Fit
  • 14mm to MP9
  • Steel Construction

    A thread adaptor kit which converts 14mm Counter Clockwise (CCW) threads into the MP9 Quick Detach (QD) Mount. 

    • Durable Metal Build
    • Attach More Supressors
    • VSR-10 Pro to 14mm CCW

    A thread adapter for the Tokyo Marui VSR-10 Pro Airrsoft sniper rifle, which allows the attachment of standard Airsoft suppressors, muzzle devices and moderators with 14mm CCW threads.

    • Replacement Outer Barrel for KSC/KWA M11
    • Provides a 14mm CCW Thread
    • CNC Machined 6082 T6 Aluminium

    This is a replacement outer barrel for the KSC/KWA Airsoft M11, made from CNC machined 6082 T6 aluminium and providing a 14mm CCW thread.

    • Precision Manufacture
    • 14mm CCW Standard Thread
    • Allows Fitting Of Suppressors

    An adaptor which allows the use of Airsoft barrel accessories like suppressors which use the standard 14mm counter clockwise threading. 

    • CNC Machined
    • Matte Black Finish
    • Aluminium Construction

    Produced to replace the end cap of your stock ARES Honey Badger suppressor so you can fit a tracer unit straight onto your gun.

    • Quick Detach System
    • Foam Inner Reduces Noise
    • Fits M4/M16 Birdcage Flashhiders

      A 6mm BB Airsoft Replica Quick Detach Suppressor, designed to reduce the noise output of your Airsoft Electric Gun. The Suppressor is constructed with a full Alloy Body, with Foam Internals and a centralised spring to keep the BBs trajectory clear.

      • 310mm
      • Fluted Design
      • 23mm CW Thread

      A drop in replacement or upgrade barrel for the Ares Amoeba Striker series of sniper rifles.

      • Mock Suppressor
      • Fits 28mm Threads
      • Full Metal Construction

      Purpose made for the ASG Ashbury ASW338 Airosft sniper rifle, this is an Airsoft replica of the ASW338LM suppressor, designed to add some intimidating asethetics to your ASW388LM. 

      • 2 x UV LEDs
      • 35RPS Consistency
      • 14mm CCW Thread

      A 14mm CCW compatible tracer unit that will illuminate your BBs as they leave the barrel, making it much easier to identify hits, teammate locations, run infection themed skirmishes and generally lighting up the dark with bio-luminescence.

      • Black Anodised Finish
      • Clockwise To Anti-Clockwise
      • CNC Machined T9 Aluminium

      A CNC Aluminium machined thread adapter to convert a 14mm CW thread to a more widely accepted 14mm CCW thread.

      • OEM Replacement
      • 14mm CCW Thread
      • Weapons Grade Aluminium

      A 10.5" one-piece Aluminium OEM replacement inner and outer barrel set for Krytac's Trident CRB.

      • TM VSR / Bar-10
      • T-Bar Fitting Holes
      • 14mm CCW Thread

      An adapter which fits into the outer barrel of a Tokyo Marui base VSR / BAR-10 Airsoft Sniper rifle to allow the attachment of 14mm Counter Clockwise (CCW) threaded silencers and suppressors.

      • CNC Machined
      • 11mm to 14mm
      • Anodized in Black

      A thread adaptor for 16mm Sunken Threaded Outer Barrels allowing the attachment of 14mm Counter Clockwise (CCW) mock suppressors and silencers. 

      • Alloy Outer
      • Foam Filled
      • 3.5cm Wide

      A simple screw on 14mm CCW and CW suppressor which attaches to 90% of Airsoft AEGs on the market. Both ends of the suppressor have opposite threads, almost guaranteeing that this will fit your weapon.

      • CNC Machined
      • 12mm to 14mm
      • High Quality Thread

      A thread adaptor which fits into 12mm outer barrel threads to enable the attachment of standard 14mm counter clockwise suppressors, tracer units and other muzzle attachments. 

      • CNC Machined
      • Anodized Finish
      • Thread Protector

      A simple effective device, designed to protect the threads on your Airsoft gun from damage during gameplay and transport, during which time they may be exposed to damage. 


      A range of Aftermarket Barrel, Parts and Accessories

      Want to shorten or extend your rifle? Here at Patrol Base we have a wide variety of lengths of barrel in all shapes and sizes for a range of different Airsoft 6mm BB Gun Rifles, Submachine Guns and Sniper Rifles, as well as parts to fit them with ease.

      Looking to suppress your Airsoft Pistol or Rifle but don't have the a threaded barrel? We have a range of Silencer and Suppressor adaptors allow them to be attached to your Airsoft Gun.

      Want to try before you buy? You can come down to our store in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire between Leeds and Manchester to fully kit up your rifle before you buy to see if you like the feel of your potential purchaces!

      If you can't find something that you like, or want something which isn't on the website why not contact us via Phone and we can do our best to source it for you!
      Telephone: 01484 644709