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From £72.99
  • Bolt Action Rifle
  • Great Starter Rifle
  • Top And Lower Rail

Featuring a custom stock with both upper and lower 20mm RIS accessory rails, the MB03A is WELL's unique version of the ever-popular VSR / BAR 10 bolt action Airsoft sniper rifle, and is perfect for those looking to get started in Airsoft sniping.

From £99.99
  • Bolt Action Airsoft Rifle
  • Extra Butt Plate Spacer
  • VSR-10 Style

This Airsoft rifle is a spring powered Airsoft Sniper rifle built and designed to fire heavyweight BB's allowing you to hit targets at longer distances than ever before. This sniper rifle is based on the VSR-BAR 10 and is a great rifle for any Airsoft Skirmisher looking to dip their toes into Airsoft Sniping. Grab yourself some heavyweight BB's and start blasting.

  • Super Quiet Rifle
  • TM VSR Compatible
  • Rubberised Externals

Due to the Rubber texture of the body of this gun it can not be 2 toned 

This Spring Powered Bolt Action Rifle is a super lightweight and quiet Airsoft Sniper Rifle that is based on the TM VSR; so much so that it is compatible with all Tokyo Marui VSR upgrades such as PDI and Prometheus brands. The externals of the Rifle feature a Rubberised Polymer which feels very different to your average replica and helps achieve a really realistic and eye-catching finish.

From £129.99
  • Spring Bolt Action
  • Easy To Adjust Hop
  • Endless Upgrade Parts

A great out of the box starter rifle, delivering a consistently high FPS, between 420-500fps. A Sniper rifle that can be used without any upgrades but only the right BBs, ASG 0.40g BB. 

From £129.99
  • Spring Bolt Action
  • Easy To Adjust Hop
  • Endless Upgrade Parts

Based on the ever popular and reliable VSR / Bar-10 platform, this 6mm BB Airsoft spring powered bolt action sniper rifle is great out of the box, delivering a consistently good FPS, range and accuracy. 

From £149.99
  • Real Wood
  • 20mm Railed
  • 545FPS w/ 0.2g

A spring-powered Airsoft Sniper Rifle which is based on the highly successful and widely compatible VSR-10 model. Coming out of the box at 545FPS w/ 0.2g BBs with a smooth cycling bolt and Real Wood furniture, this is the ideal Sniper Rifle for someone who wants maximum realism and minimal setup / fuss.

From £189.99
  • Spring Bolt Action
  • Limitless Upgrade Potential
  • Incredible Marui Build Quality

The ultimate Airsoft sniper rifle! Although they are lowered out of the box compared to other Airsoft sniper rifles on the market, these are incredibly accurate, deliver great range for such low FPS and are very quiet. 

From £199.99
  • Beginner Choice
  • Lightweight & Simple
  • Included Scope & Bipod

A Perfect out of the box starter, providing a simple and easy use platform along with a consistent velocity and included accessories such as Scope & Bipod.

From £204.99
Was £239.99
Save £35.00
  • Spring Bolt Action
  • Endless Upgradeable
  • Incredible Build Quality

Supplied with a functional Airsoft suppressor, the G-Spec is the tactical and stealthy version of Marui’s excellent VSR-10 spring bolt action Airsoft sniper rifle.

About Our VSR/Bar-10 Sniper Rifles

Up your game with sleek precision and unrivalled accuracy with an airsoft VSR/Bar-10 sniper rifle from Patrol Base. It's an extremely diverse shooter, with many upgradable options to allow you to make the most out of each shot. 

You’ll enjoy a seamless shot every time with the powerful spring bolt action and impeccable build quality. Our selection of airsoft VSR/Bar-10 snipers are available in a number of variants, so you can find the sniper rifle you’re looking for. 

We’ve made your purchase easy and flexible with our interest free finance options. Plus, our price match service means you know you’re getting the best deal with Patrol Base. Find your ideal VSR/Bar-10 airsoft from our online range or visit our store and escalate your abilities with Patrol Base.