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  • In-Built Compass
  • Paracord Lanyard
  • Full Plastic Design

A small, easy to use and functional emergency whistle.

  • Handle winder
  • 15 meters
  • 3mm Cord

15 meters of Mil-Com olive green super strength para cord on a spool. The para cord is suitable for tying items together including rafts, magazine pulls, slings, holding together shelters and much more. If you're a more creative Airsoft player the cord can be used to add more grippy surfaces to grips and stocks, or to create magazine pulls with a bit of tape, or even Paracord Wristbands for the more adventurous.

A must have survival item in the bottom of your rucksack. Paracord is the kind of tool which you don't miss until you really need it. If you've ever been camping and broken a guide rope you'll know exactly what we mean.

  • Nested Tins
  • Two Piece Set
  • Skeleton Handle

A lightweight mess tin set, designed to allow you to cook and eat food on the go, with minimal stress and hassle. The mess tin is constructed from Military Specification (Mil-spec) 1.2mm High Grade Aluminium, and features folding handles allowing for compact storage. 

  • 3mm Thickness
  • Stored On A Reel
  • 100 Metres Length

A 100m roll of Paracord, useful for all applications from securing items to improving the aesthetics of a rail system.

  • Pack of Twenty
  • Five Colour Types
  • Four of Each Colour

This is a pack of twenty Glowsticks/Chemlights, that includes four of each colour, including Red, Orange, Yellow, Green and Blue.

About Our Miscellaneous Airsoft Equipment

For all those admin bits you need to complete your airsoft collection, explore our miscellaneous equipment. These are those last minute pieces you forget you need until the day before your skirmish (but don’t worry - that’s why we offer next day delivery). 

Looking for something specific? We’ve got a huge selection of tactical airsoft equipment, including battle belts, airsoft masks, airsoft goggles and more.  

We also offer a huge collection of airsoft guns by some of the biggest names in the market, including G&G and more. Whether you’re the designated marksman in the market for a new airsoft sniper, or looking for a high-accuracy airsoft revolver for those CQB conditions, you’ll find what you’re looking for with Patrol Base. 

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