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  • Replacement Sling Loop
  • ICS OEM External Part
  • For ICS SMG-5 SD Range

A replacement for lost or damaged ICS CES SMG-5 SD Series sling loops these parts are direct from the manufacturer replacements, which are exactly the same as the ones supplied with the weapon. Can be used to replace lost or damaged sling loops which may have been lost if too much force was applied to the sling.

From £549.99
  • Faithful Replica 
  • Realistic Stamped Alloy 
  • Includes Two Magazines

Constructed from realistic materials, this 6mm BB Airsoft gun is a high-quality replica of the British Armed Forces’ standard issue service weapon, the L85A2 Infantry Weapon. A must-have for Airsofters attempting a contemporary British Airsoft loadout, and an excellent choice for the skirmish field.

From £649.99
  • Alloy Construction
  • Light Support Variant
  • Folding Bipod And Rear Brace

Bring a little additional firepower onto the skirmish field in a weapon platform that’s scarcely bigger than a standard assault rifle! This is a highly accurate and authentic Airsoft replica of the L86A2 Light Support Weapon, the long-barrelled brother of the L85.

ICS Airsoft

Ranging from Airsoft magazines to high-performance AEG assault rifles, ICS produces a huge array of Airsoft gear that is both reliable and lauded by Airsoft players. ICS is known as a top-tier Airsoft brand and one of the oldest in existence, with AEGs ranging from its SMG-5 series to its highly popular split gearbox M4 series. ICS even make an L85/SA80 replica; a fantastic choice as a primary for your British Army loadout. 

ICS's gun range caters for all types of players; you can find lightweight, easy-to-maintain beginner rifles made from polymer, as well as ultra-realistic high end replicas made from alloy and steel, designed especially for more skilled players and enthusiasts. Many ICS AEGs even feature light-enhancing sights for extreme precision in every shot, as well as other advanced features like custom rail systems, unique stock setups and pre-installed MOSFETS for a lightning-fast trigger response. 

As one of the biggest names in Airsoft, you can trust ICS to provide one of the best shooting AEGs on site with a smooth sounding low friction gearbox, superb performance at long range and high reliability in the long term. Whether you are a fan of M4s and SMG-5s or you prefer a gas pistol or even an M203 Grenade Launcher, ICS is bound to have something you like!