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About Gas Blowback Rifles

GBBR stands for Gas Blowback Rifle and is the next step up from an Airsoft AEG for those who seek a greater challenge and a more immersive experience when skirmishing. GBBRs work similarly to GBB pistols but on a much larger scale and their party trick is their unrivalled realism and exciting recoil which cannot be beaten by any AEG. 

A GBBR is the perfect platform for the AEG user who is getting bored of that sewing machine sound, lack of recoil and unrealistic capacity magazines. If this sounds like you, a GBBR should be right up your street, but make sure you do plenty of research before you take the plunge!

With a GBBR, you are treated to the highest levels of realism Airsoft can offer; with realistic-looking internals, perfect 1:1 dimensions, shoulder-thumping recoil you have to work to control and realistic capacity magazines which require the charging handle to be pulled or the bolt catch slapped to bring the rifle online after a reload. 

There are various GBBR internal systems out there, from the original Western Arms/G&P WOC system to the WE Tech Open Bolt, KJ Works, VFC, KWA/PTS and the more recent Tokyo Marui ZET system, and each type takes its own proprietary magazines

If you are new to GBBRs, a Golden Eagle GBBR can be a great first option, based on the WA system but starting at a more affordable price point than most with all of the GBBR goodness. CYMA and Double Eagle also offer GBBRs which use the Tokyo Marui ZET system, widely regarded as the best GBBR system out there currently. 

Nothing beats the satisfaction of bagging a kill with a GBBR, though it doesn't come without challenges. With a gas power source and low-cap magazines, you will have to choose your shots and when it comes time to reload, showcase your handling skills. If you're the type of player who gets a kick out of working hard like the real warriors do, you'll love a GBBR!