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From £36.99
  • Easy To Load
  • Fits 20mm Rails
  • Full Metal Construction

A compact 40mm MOSCART grenade launcher. The perfect combination for any Airsofter looking to make a scene, clean up any CQB killhouse in style and leave a huge mess in the same trigger pull. 

From £38.99
  • Top 20mm Rail
  • Holds Long Shells
  • Trigger Lock Safety

An Airsoft Hand Held Grenade Launcher which is used to fire 40mm Airsoft MOSCART / Grenade Shells. The launcher is heavy duty and is constructed with a full Alloy Body, with a Polymer Grip. 

From £128.99
RRP £134.99
Save £6.00
  • Foldable Stock
  • Shells Not Included
  • Mountable Optic Rail

A standalone 40mm Airsoft MOSCART Grenade Launcher, designed to take 40mm Airsoft Shells allowing you to shower your targets in a wall of BBs. 

From £249.99
  • Sawn-Off Style
  • Hand Held Launcher
  • For 40mm MOSCART

A 40mm MOSCART Launcher lovingly crafted by NUPROL, you can surprise your enemy by pulling this out your pocket. Whip it out loaded with a shell and shower your unsuspecting enemy with hundreds of BBs.

  • Bottle Included
  • Large Stock Pad
  • 10 Year Tank Life

Now your favourite Grenade Launcher can be run on HPA by installing this Conversion Kit to the TAGinn TAG-ML36 Madritsch Grenade Launcher, which includes a Bottle that doubles up as a comfortable Butt Stock, and allows you total control over the pressure flowing through your TAG Launcher.

  • Pistol Mounted
  • Gas Powered
  • Holds 40 BBs

The HG-138 is a Rail Mounted BB Launcher designed to be attached to the underside of Pistols and Rifles as a single shot 40 round launcher which can be used to clear a group of enemy or as a last hurrah before you get hit.

From £54.99
  • RIS & Barrel Mount
  • Fires 40mm MOSCARTS
  • Instant Firepower Upgrade

An M203 Grenade Launcher replica which fires 40mm MOSCART Grenades and attaches to rifles either by a 20mm rail or direct to an M4/M16 outer barrel.

From £59.99
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  • Available in Multiple Sizes
  • 40mm MOSCART Launcher

Available in multiple sizes these 40mm Under Barrel Mounted Airsoft Grenade Launchers are designed to fire 40mm MOSCART Grenade, and can be attached to the underside of a range of Airsoft Rifles.

  • 72rnd Capacity
  • Two Trigger Styles
  • For Pistols & Rifles

A compact and deadly Mini Grenade Launcher, which is perfect for placing on Pistols and Rifles to shock and awe the enemy with an impressive 72rnd cloud of angry white plastic. This is without a doubt the greatest performing MOSCART we have ever seen.

From £69.99
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  • Available in Multiple Sizes
  • 40mm MOSCART Launcher

Available in multiple sizes these 40mm Under Barrel Mounted Airsoft Grenade Launchers are designed to fire 40mm MOSCART Grenade, and can be attached to the underside of a range of Airsoft Rifles.

From £74.99
  • All metal where the real one is
  • Supplied in a decent hard case
  • Includes mounts for 20mm Rail and M4/AR barrel

With this simple trick, you can turn one gun into two guns! The M203 under-barrel grenade launcher: heavy, manly, and ready to shower an unlucky opponent with a cloud of BBs! This is the 12 Inch full-sized variant, ideally suited to mounting to an M16 or M4A1 with a 14.5 inch barrel, though it will fit all M4 variants and anything with a 20mm rail on the handguard (or elsewhere, heretics!) with the included adaptor.

From £79.99
  • Holster Included
  • Super Lightweight
  • Lever Action Design

Did someone say 'compact Bolt Action Grenade Launcher that can fire TAG rounds? No? Oh...

This is a compact and insanely lightweight Grenade Launcher that is operated by a lever, that also doubles up as a Fire-Status Indicator, and also comes included with its' own very small Retention Holster for quick deployment in the field.

Did we mention it can fire TAG rounds as well as other 40mm MOSCART Grenades?

From £79.99
  • Full Alloy Construction
  • 40mm Moscart Launcher
  • Fits 20mm Rail & M16 Barrel

A full metal M203 style Airsoft Grenade Launcher by BELL, designed to fit onto either a 20mm RIS rail or the underside of your M4A1 / M16 this 203 launcher adds an inimitable menacing look to your gun!

From £109.99
  • For AK Replicas
  • Aluminium/Steel
  • Heavyweight Launcher

The GP-25 is a proprietary Grenade Launcher for the AK series of Assault Rifles. This replica from Double Bell is constructed from Aluminium, Steel and Polymer which gives it a realistic feel and a VERY realistic weight, being only 250g lighter than its real counterpart. Coming included with a 36rnd Gas MOSCART, you've got everything you need to go out the box, except more Grenades, which we guarantee you're going to want.

From £149.99
  • Semi Automatic
  • Adjustable Stock
  • Six Barrel Launcher

A six barrel MOSCART / Airsoft Grenade launcher perfect for those who want to rain down hundreds of BB down on their enemies at once! The launcher takes 6 grenades and is perfect for clearing rooms.

From £169.99
  • For AR36 Replica
  • Fires 40mm Grenade
  • Underbarrel Launcher

This imposing piece of equipment is designed for AR36 Platform Airsoft Guns, and will install in place of your Handguard to provide an awesome Underbarrel 40mm Grenade Launcher for you to effortlessly fire Airsoft MOSCART Grenades from underneath your Assault Rifle. If you want a serious firepower upgrade for your AR36, then the S&T G316 Grenade Launcher is just what you were looking for.

From £199.99
  • Amazing Build Quality
  • Compact and Retractable
  • Ambidextrous Tube Release

The ARES M320 Launcher is a standalone 40mm Moscart Airsoft Grenade Launcher built with quality in mind. Featuring a compact and retractable design and constructed from strong alloy, polymer and rubber this launcher sure feels awesome to hold and provides you with the ultimate grenade launcher experience!

From £269.99
  • Full Size Launcher
  • For 40mm MOSCART
  • Shoulder Fired Launcher

A 40mm MOSCART Launcher lovingly crafted by NUPROL, the full sized version of the M79 Grenade launcher used by the US Army during the Vietnam War and on-wards, commonly nicknamed the "Thumper", "Thump-Gun", and even "Big Ed" by some.

  • 20mm Rail Block
  • For TAGinn ML36
  • Carries 2 x CO2 Bulbs

The TAG ML36 Standalone Chassis is everything you need to convert your ML36 TAGinn Launcher to a Standalone Grenade Launcher with Pistol Grip & Stock. It also extends the CO2 carrying capacity by holding 2 x 12g CO2 Bulbs in the Buffer Tube.

  • CO2 Powered
  • RIS/RAS Mounted
  • Accepts TAG Rounds

The ultimate Airsoft Pyro/Grenade Launcher is here! CO2 powered, this Launcher can be loaded with any shell that fits inside the MK2 Cases from TAG, allowing you to throw a variety of different loads down range to barrage the enemy into submission through a rifled barrel.

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