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  • Loops For Camo
  • MICH 2000 Cover
  • Durable Nylon Material

A fabric helmet cover, designed to be used to cover MICH 2000 helmets and change their appearance as quickly and as easily as possible.

  • NVG Mount
  • ARC Side Rails
  • Lightweight & Tough

This Airsoft Replica Ballistic Helmet is both lightweight and tough, offering protection from Airsoft Hits for your head, as well as allowing you to mount accessories, and just to enhance the look of your loadout. If you're looking to secure an operator loadout, then a brain bucket should be high on your list.

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  • Padding Support
  • COBRA FC45 Buckle
  • 18kN Maximum Load

A comfortable and rugged MOLLE Battle Belt which is ideal carrying your loadout on your hips rather than your chest, and comes packaged with the COBRA FC45 Buckle to hold a whopping 18kN of load.

  • Teflon Coated
  • Water Resistant
  • Elbow & Knee Pads

A water resistant and Teflon coated combat uniform set for Airsoft skirmishing that is made from durable rip-stop material, features removeable hard elbow and knee pads and is very breathable for even the warmest of days.

  • Mil-Spec Ripstop
  • Integrated Kneepads
  • Kneepad Height Adjust

This Combat Uniform from EMERSONGEAR are the latest in their line of manoeuvrable and tough Assault Uniforms which are comfortable to wear, and offer long lasting performance due to their design and materials. If you're looking to upgrade your loadout, and you want to operate and maximum efficiency, the EMERSONGEAR Gen. 3 Combat Uniform is just the ticket.

  • Large Sized
  • Velcro Patch
  • Visible At Range

    A patch which is designed to be attached to Velcro panels on Rigs, Shirts and Bags which lets players know that you are the team medic. 

    • Medic Patch
    • Hook & Loop
    • 2.5cm x 2.5cm

    A Hook & Loop backed PVC Rubber Patch for Medics to make themselves known, whether for Airsoft gameplay or personal use. This Patch will attach to Chest Rigs, Backpacks, Hats, or anywhere with a free space of Hook & Loop panel available.

    • Eastic Bungee
    • Requires Whole Sling
    • Secure To Rear Sling Point

    A very simple and innovative design. This adaptor secures onto the SMG7 or SMG5 sling point of your choice. You can then equip your sling of choice onto the polymer buckle. 

    • Velcro Patch
    • Medium Sized
    • For Hats and Rigs

    A patch which is designed to be attached to Velcro panels on Rigs, Shirts and Bags which lets players know that you love both Coffee and Guns.

    • Velcro Backing
    • Fits into MOLLE
    • Waterproof Design

    A small LED powered Light designed for use as a marking device to donate Locations and Team Colours for Identification. The Body of the Light is constructed from Polymer, with a Gel encased LED Light, making it waterproof.

    • Elasticated 
    • Glows In The Dark
    • Lightweight Design

    If you want to look incredibly fashionable on the Airsoft battlefield then this is the mask for you! The GHOST Skull Balaclava makes an excellent base layer to wear below goggles or surrounding Airsoft goggle eye protection. 

    • Loops For Foliage
    • Easily Change Camo
    • Large Velcro ID Panels

    A lightweight cover for FAST helmets, allowing you to quickly and easily change the camo pattern of your helmet with minimal effort.

    • Dual Zip Design
    • MOLLE Compatible
    • Two Compartments

    MOLLE compatible pouch designed to be attached to MOLLE compatible tactical gear like vests and bags, and allows the user to hold a variety of small items, from ammunition and snacks, to spare parts and tools. 

    • Competition Belt
    • Two Stud Securing
    • Velcro Inner Retainer

    A Nylon constructed Competition Belt for IPSC / 3 Gun shooters who need their equipment to be as dynamic, reliable and tough as them when it comes time for action.

    • NVG Mount Point
    • Hard Polymer Shell
    • Left / Right Side Rails

    A replica EXF helmet, designed to act and function just like the real thing. 

    • Helmet Side Rails
    • 2 x RIS Pieces Inc.
    • Front NVG Mount

    A lightweight and comfortable helmet for Airsoft use, which is available in a variety of colours, features an NVG Mount, Side Rails and tactical Velcro space.

    • NVG Mount
    • FAST Side Rails
    • Quick Adjustment

    A Polymer constructed helmet which is lightweight yet tough, and offers good ventilation along with an NVG mount and FAST style side rails.

    • One Size Fits All
    • Elasticated Ghillie Loops
    • Adjustable Waist Restraints

    One of, if not the most compact ghillie system out there! A must-have for any sneaky shooter looking to get the drop on an enemy target without overheating.

    • Rip-Stop Polycotton
    • Removable Rubber Pads
    • Designed To Reduce Tearing

    The latest combat uniform trousers to come from EMERSONGEAR, and aims to update their uniform to keep up to date with current spec in the real world.

    • Highly Modular
    • Super Lightweight
    • Buckle-Up Compatible

    The ultimate compact and modular rig, which allows you to quickly adapt all aspects of your platform depending on the mission at hand. Do you want to be more lightweight and have less clutter on your rig during the day? This Micro Chest Rig Platform is the answer.

    • Teflon Coated
    • Cotton / Polyester Mix
    • Vented & Comfortable

    These Ergonomically fitting tactical pants from EMERSONGEAR are made to a high standard from a Cotton/Polyester mix, are lightweight and comfortable and offer a Teflon coating to be easy to clean and stay fresh.

    • They don't need to know
    • You know things others don't
    • Show them you're in the know

    A PVC patch which depicts a squirrel with the word 'secret' above it. Show your team mates you know secrets that they're not privy to.

    • Rubber PVC
    • Velcro Patch
    • For Hats and Rigs

    A patch which is designed to be attached to Velcro panels on rigs, shirts and bags and displays the biohazard symbol in a choice of red-on-black, or black-on-yellow.

    • Velcro Patch
    • Medium Sized
    • For Hats and Rigs

    A Velcro Patch which is designed to be attached to Velcro Panels, with a Glow in the Dark Green Skull allowing the player to show off their own personal flair and taste. 

    • 8cm x 5cm
    • Velcro Backed
    • Great For Backpacks & Rigs

    A thick PVC patch with velcro backing that is great for rigs, backpacks, hats or any space on your rig where velcro is available.

    • 6cm x 7.5cm
    • 3D Effect Skull
    • Thick PVC Rubber

    A large 6cm x 7.5cm PVC rubberised patch designed to be placed on rigs, vests, coats, bags or pretty much anywhere Velcro panel that isn't already covered in patches. 

    • Lightweight
    • Elasticated Cotton
    • Worn In Multiple Ways

    An ultra lightweight snood, designed to be worn in multiple different ways and keep you warmer by reducing the effects of wind chill. 

    • Fleece Cap
    • Protects Head
    • Camouflage Design 

      A lightweight fleece cap featuring a camouflage pattern that keeps your head nice and warm, designed to be worn under helmets or by itself.

      • Loops for Camo
      • MICH 2000 Cover
      • Durable Nylon Material

      A fabric helmet cover, designed to be used to cover MICH 2000 helmets and change their appearance as quickly and as easily as possible.

      • Hold 27 Shells
      • Adjustable In Size
      • Waterproof Nylon 200D

      If you play Airsoft and own a shotgun this is the ultimate belt platform for you. Hold up to 27 shells at a time, in this waterproof 600D Nylon belt.