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From £99.99
  • Faux Wood
  • Classic AK47 Platform
  • Perfect Beginner Airsoft Gun

    The CM.522 Airsoft AK is a new member of the CM.5 family and is yet another excellent beginner airsoft gun platform that would be a great choice for anyone looking to get into the sport but wants something simple, easy to use and ready to go out of the box. The gun comes with a 450rnd Hi Cap, a battery and charger so you're set from the moment you get it! 

    From £124.99

    A modernised AK-47 Airsoft AEG Replica, with a Railed Hand Guard and Solid Stock. The Rifle is constructed with an Alloy body, with Polymer Hand Guard, Grip and Fixed Stock. 

    From £129.99
    • Original AK47
    • Perfect For Beginners
    • Full Polymer Construction

    An accurate and affordable Airsoft replica of one of the most infamous and recognisable firearms of the twentieth century.

    From £139.99

    An Electric Airsoft rifle based on the world famous and seemingly timeless AK47, now updated with a more practical, and tactical configuration! Complete with a side folding stock, folding vertical foregrip and handguards sporting 20mm Picatinny rails, the CM.028U is perfect for PMC impressionists, and those who want something with rails which isn't an M4!

    From £179.99
    • Based on the SVD
    • Semi-Auto Locked
    • Tactical Black

    Based on the Dragunov SVD this Airsoft replica is a re-creation of the real world rifle, powered by an Airsoft electric powered gearbox, the rifle features a tactical black look, rather than the standard wood design usually seen on the traditional SVD. This rifle is perfect for beginners Airsoft players looking into getting started with their Russian loadouts.

    From £199.99
    Was £209.99
    Save £10.00
    • Real Wood
    • Full Metal Construction
    • Hinged Upper Receiver

    A faithful replica of the real steel AKS-74u. Built with an alloy body this Airsoft weapon is designed to last, with a real wood hand guard and alloy folding stock this weapon is lightweight and compact, making it perfect for even the closest CQB action.

    From £219.99
    • Battery & Charger Inc.
    • Skeleton Folding Stock
    • Full Metal Construction

    A highly convincing full metal 5.45x39mm AK variant electric Airsoft gun which is built to a realistic standard, and combines modern Polymer aesthetic with an old school folding skeleton stock.

    From £229.99
    • M-LOK Compatible
    • Dynamic AK Platform
    • Multiple Stock Variants

    A 6mm BB Airsoft Electric Gun, based on the AK-102, and given a comprehensive overhaul, creating an Operator Platform that is incredibly dynamic.

    From £239.99
    • Perfect Starter Gun
    • Rear Wired / Solid Stock
    • Tough Alloy Construction

    For years G&G have dominated the entry-level M4 market, but have now shifted their focus to the AK platform to bring you a competitive and reasonably priced AK47 electric powered replica.

    From £349.99
    • Highly Realistic Build
    • Sound Enhancing
    • 5.56mm AK Base

    Looking for an AK which stands out from the crowd, but is short enough for CQB engagements then this is the rifle for you. Based on the SLR-106 UR SBR this rifle is a replica of the real steel US re-imagining of the AK which in real life fires 5.56mm rounds and features more tactical looking body parts.

    From £349.99
    • Steel Externals
    • Microswitch Trigger
    • Quick Change Spring

    The Arcturus AK-12 is a replica of the legendary AK-12, an updated revisit of the AK Platform in an attempt to bring it into the modern day. This replica is built to a stunning standard using majoritively Steel for the externals, with handy features like a Quick Change Spring and Microswitch Trigger.

    From £369.99
    • Disturbingly Brilliant
    • AK-47 Magazine Well
    • Fully Licensed KRYTAC

    Disturbingly brilliant, this rifle takes the best of both worlds and combines them into one. Love it or hate it, this rifle is truly a unique beauty; an AR style weapon which accepts AK style magazines!

    From £379.99
    • Tactical Handguard
    • ETU & MOSFET
    • AR Buffer Tube

    An Airsoft Electronic 6mm BB Gun, based on the AK74 with more Tactical and Modern Features than the standard design and features G&G's new ETU and MOSFET Control System. 

    From £379.99
    • Burst Fire
    • MOSFET & ETU
    • Modernised Tactical AK74

    A 6mm BB Airsoft Electric Gun from G&Gs premier line of High Quality AK74 inspired Replicas. The RK74-E, or Elite is the intermediate Carbine Length, Medium sized member of the G&Gs RK74 family, measuring in at a CQB friendly 79cm long, yet remaining equally at home on an open outdoor site.

    From £389.99
    • Steel Externals
    • Incredibly Realistic
    • Real Wood Furniture

    The LCT LCKM63 is a Real Wood and Steel constructed Airsoft Gun replica of the Hungarian AKM design, which features an integrated foregrip, AMD-style handguard/heat shield. It is made to a stunning standard using Real Wood furniture as well as an almost completely Steel external construction, which makes it feel very realistic and incredibly sturdy.

    From £439.99
    • AK Magazine
    • Threaded Barrel
    • Strong Blowback

    An AR platform replica which accepts AK magazines; commonly known as a 'Mutant' in the real world, and features trademarks from K.A.C. This electric-powered feature is crammed with Bolt's Recoil Shock System which provides powerful mechanical recoil.

    From £89.99
    • Lightweight
    • Solid Construction
    • Great Beginner / Backup

    For this money this is an excellent Airsoft RIF. Although most of the externals are made from Polymer, the main components are alloy. We were surprised when we first shot this to feel how smooth the gun actually cycles.

    From £109.99
    • AK74 Platform
    • Threaded Outer Barrel
    • Included Hi Cap Magazine

    A Classic Airsoft Replica based off of the iconic Russian Military Service Rifle, the AK74. Known for it's simplicity and versatility, the AK74 is a great platform and now DEVGRU are providing you newbies with the perfect beginner AK.

    From £109.99
    • AKMS Platform
    • Under-folding Stock
    • 14mm CCW Threaded

    A Classic Airsoft variation of the AKMS platform, featuring an unfolding stock and a 14mm CCW threaded outer barrel.

    From £119.91
    • 345FPS w/ 0.2g BBs
    • Threaded Outer Barrel
    • Full Metal Construction

    The CYMA CM.031 is an Airsoft Electric Gun based on the AK74 Assault Rifle. Featuring a Full Metal Construction, Threaded Outer Barrel, Adjustable Hop Unit and 345FPS output Muzzle Velocity, this is a great choice for beginners and those looking for a reliable backup.

    From £119.99
    • Modern Tactical AK
    • Battery & Charger Inc.
    • 20mm Railed Handguard

    An Airsoft 6mm BB Gun, based on the AKM, but with a more tactical and updated look. The RIF features a railed handguard, included foregrip and a telescopic sliding stock to make it useful for all engagement distances.

    From £139.99
    • Full metal externals
    • Faux Wood handguards
    • Pre-upgraded gearbox for LiPo batteries

    Looking for a shorty AK? This one is a treat. With full metal construction and surprisingly authentic looking faux-wood handguards, this Krinkov is a remarkably good deal, and that's before you consider that the gearbox has been pre-upgraded to handle LiPo batteries!

    From £149.99
    • Solid Replica
    • Steel Receiver
    • Dovetail Side Rail

    An electric powered Airsoft Gun which is another addition to the battle-proven and bomb-proof CM.045 series, which is an AKS-74U platform replica. It features Stamped Steel externals as well as an Alloy HOP Chamber, Steel 7mm Bushings, Directional Piston Head and a Spring Guide w/ Bearings.

    From £159.99
    • 14mm CCW Thread
    • Dovetail Side Mount
    • Real Wood Furniture

    Robust, hardwearing and a true performer - just like the real thing! This replica represents absolute bang for buck, and spares no expense with a Real Wood handguard, Alloy receiver and Steel gears.

    From £169.99
    • Metal Receiver
    • Folding Solid Stock
    • Polymer Hand Guard

    A modernised AK-74 6mm Airsoft AEG Replica, with a ergonomic polymer Hand Guard, Moulded Grip and folding Solid Stock. The Rifle is constructed with an Alloy body, with Polymer Hand Guard, Grip and Stock.

    From £179.99
    • Tactical AK74 Platform
    • EAC Quick Change Spring
    • Two Included 130rnd Magazines

    The Specna Arms SA-J07 is a Tactical AK74 Airsoft gun fine tuned to perfection, rocking a 14" M-LOK Tubular Battle Rail Handguard and a Ultra Durable Steel Receiver this replica is a great choice for any airsoft player looking to change up their loadout Russian Style.

    From £189.99
    • Full metal construction
    • Side folding stock
    • ETU and MOSFET pre-installed

    As one of Lancer Tactical's new line of AK AEGs, the LT-52 takes Lancer's philosophy of providing the best out of the box performance possible and wraps it up in a stamped steel receiver with authentic AK-105 style black polymer furniture. The LT-52 features a pre-installed electronic trigger unit, MOSFET, an adjustable metal HOP-up unit, and a high torque motor which works together with the Lancer gearbox internals to provide performance to rival Lancer's Pro Line M4s, but in modern the AK-105 format.

    From £189.99
    • Authentic "Plum" furniture
    • Steel receiver, top cover and stock
    • High-speed version - 13:1 Gearset pre-installed

    For those with a thing for the classic utilitarian style of the AK platform who need a rifle for CQB duties, the AKS-74U has your name on it! The CM.045 High-Speed from CYMA takes the original CM.045's superb externals and drops in a 13:1 steel gearset, high-speed motor, silent piston and cylinder head with a polycarbonate piston with steel teeth to provide a pre-upgraded speed demon of an AK! To sweeten the deal, this AKS-74U comes with authentic-looking "Plum" coloured polymer furniture and magazine, matching AKs built during the 1985-1989 era.

    From £199.99
    • Solid Build Quality
    • Real Wood Furniture
    • Full Alloy Construction

    An absolute pleasure to hold and shoot. Don't let the budget price tag put you off. This AK is rock solid and every shot is lovely and crisp. The wood is genuinely real and finished to a high quality with no fraying or splintering on any edges. 

    From £199.99
    • M-LOK Compatible
    • Dynamic AK Platform
    • Multiple Stock Variants

    A 6mm BB Airsoft Electric Gun, based on the AK-102, and given a comprehensive overhaul, creating an Operator Platform that is incredibly dynamic.

    About Our Airsoft AK Assault Rifle Variants

    An action movie and video game classic, the AK is one of the most iconic modern-era assault rifles. We have a vast collection of an array of AK assault rifles, including AK47s, AK74s and AKS-74us for you to choose from, so you can find your ideal AK Airsoft gun.

    We offer both AEG and GBB Airsoft AK assault rifles, with options for beginner, regular and experienced players alike. You can choose each detail on your new airsoft piece, down to the primary and secondary colours, so you don’t have to compromise. As AKs are now highly popular, it’s easy to find new parts for your assault rifle, with some of the top Airsoft manufacturers offering high quality replicas, including G&G, CYMA and more. There is even a great choice of aftermarket parts and accessories available so you can upgrade and customise your Airsoft AK AEG. 

    Looking for something traditional? We have a wide selection of AK47 Airsoft guns in real wood and mock bakelite finishing. For those who want a modern piece, we have full metal AK AEG variants as well as a range of rifles tricked out to the max with KeyMod, 20mm and M-LOK handguards for complete customization.

    Find your ideal airsoft AK assault rifle variant online and opt for our next day delivery so you don’t have to wait any longer to get in the game. Plus, with our buy now pay later finance plans and price match guarantee, you’re always getting the best value with Patrol Base. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Check out our full Airsoft rifle collection or our entire range of Airsoft guns.