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  • Variable Capacity
  • Modern Textured Mag
  • Lightweight Polymer Design

A variable capacity 30/130rnd mid-cap magazine for AR36 platform Airsoft Electric Guns which can be rapidly switched between a realistic capacity of 30 rounds and a medium capacity of 130rnds.

  • Top Fill Window
  • 450rnd Capacity
  • Magazine Clamps

A High Capacity Magazine for AR36 series Airsoft Electric Guns, which can be linked together with other Magazines to create one gigantic mega-mag. They hold a total of 450rnds and can be filled from the top of the Magazine via the Fill Window, and are wound from the bottom of the Magazine via the Clockwork Winding Wheel.

  • Elongated Follower
  • For G&G G36 AEGs
  • 110rnd Capacity

A Full Polymer constructed Mid-Cap Magazine for the G&G branded G36 series AEGs. Perfect for those who want to inject more realism into their play-style.

  • For AR36 AEGs
  • Auto / Sound Winding
  • 1500 Round Drum Magazine

A high capacity drum magazine designed for AR36 Airsoft Electric Guns. For the AR36 user with a heavy trigger finger and never enough ammunition, Battleaxe has a solution for you: a single drum magazine with a staggering capacity of 1500 rounds!

  • Mag Clamp System
  • For G&G G36 AEGs
  • 400rnd Capacity

A  Full polymer constructed High Cap Magazine for the G&G branded G36 series AEGs. Perfect for those who want to spends more time shooting rather than reloading. 

  • Clamp Together
  • 300rnd High Cap
  • Clockwork Winding

A High Capacity Magazine for the G&G Armament GEC36 Airsoft Electric Gun, which is easily used by pouring BBs into the top of the Magazine through the open-able Fill Window, and then wound at the bottom Clockwork Wheel to start feeding BBs into your Gun. The more you wind, the more it feeds! These awesome Magazines can also be clamped together using the external lugs for even faster reloads, without taking up a slot on your Chest Rig.

  • 54rnd Capacity
  • Clamp Together
  • Bullet Sticker Inserts

This 54rnd magazine is designed for AR36 platform Airsoft Electric Guns, and comes included with a set of Bullet Stickers to install behind the semi-transparent plastic, to make your replica look as realistic as possible. Not only this, but multiple magazines can be clamped together for lightning-fast reloads and easier magazine management. A Speedloader is required to fill; the magazine will feed until empty, without any annoying rattle sound.

  • 30rnd or 125rnd
  • Selectable Capacity
  • Mags Can Link Together

A spare magazine for AR36 Airsoft Guns, which has the option of either a standard 125rnd capacity, or a realistic 30rnd capacity by flicking a switch.

  • 470rnd Capacity
  • Mags Lock Together
  • High-Capacity Magazine

A Magazine for AR36 Series Airsoft BB 6mm Assault Rifle, and works in both AEG and HPA weapons, built by NUPROL for their Essentials magazine range. 

  • Perfect for CQB
  • Fake Rounds Inside
  • Mags Can Be Linked

A low capacity AR36 magazine from ASG, with a transparent Polymer casing and dummy rounds which can be seen through the case.

  • Bolt Stop Lever
  • Efficient Gas System
  • Interlocking Magazine

A magazine designed for WE brand AR36 / G39 Airsoft gas blowback rifles.

G36 Series Platform Magazine for Gas and Electric Rifles