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  • Heavy weight BBs
  • Compatible with Novritsch ''Full thrust'' platforms
  • Biodegradable!

These 0.58g BIO BBs are 6.44mm in diameter, which means they are only compatible with snipers that have been upgraded with the Novritsch ''Full thrust'' kit and also require a Novritsch ''Full thrust'' magazine. The higher surface area of the 6.44mm BBs means the force of the BB when it hits is spread over a bigger area. This results in the 0.58g 6.44mm BB causing no more damage than a standard 6mm BB when shot at equal power and range. These white BBs come in a resealable bottle which contains approximately 420rnds, plenty of ammo to hit those shots from across the battlefield and being white means they can be easily tracked due to their contrast with the colours of mother nature.

The heavier weight of these BBs means they will travel further, provide better accuracy and maintain more stability in the wind. This provides a superior sniping experience and allows you to hit opponents consistently from extremely long distances. These BBs are biodegradable, which is perfect for outdoor skirmishing, What's better than a veteran sniper? An environment-friendly veteran sniper!

  • 530rnd Resealable Bottle
  • 0.46g 6mm BBs - Excellent for snipers and long range engagements
  • Biodegradable BBs are perfect for outdoor skirmishing

If you're in need of high performance, high accuracy BBs for your Airsoft Sniper Rifle then look no further! These Novritsch 0.46g 6mm biodegradable BBs come in a resealable bottle of 530 BBs and come pure white in colour.

BBs are a crucial factor when it comes to accuracy, a high quality BB can mean all the difference and Novritsch certainly doesn't disappoint. These BBs are second to none when it comes to long range engagements. The pure white colour allows you to track the full trajectory of the BBs no matter how far they travel. With Novritsch ensured quality control you can be sure you are getting only the most premium biodegradable BBs. The slick plastic bottle that these BBs are stored in allow for convenient transportation and also excellent compatibility with speedloaders.

  • Biodegradable BBs - Great for outdoors
  • 0.28g Weight - Suitable for most AEGs
  • Ideal for upgraded HOP-ups

If you've treated yourself to a Novritsch AEG or GBBR, treat it to some of these! The Novritsch 0.28g BIO BBs are high-grade biodegradable BBs ideal for outdoor skirmishes and platforms with upgraded HOP-up parts. These BBs are supplied in a resealable bag of approximately 2500 BBs, plenty to keep you going!

The extra weight of 0.28g BBs lets them punch through foliage more effectively and resist wind for better accuracy at long range, essential for AEGs with upgraded HOP-up units, including Novritsch platforms! If you need high-grade biodegradable 0.28g BBs, these are some of the best around!

  • High-grade sniper BBs
  • Resealable 530rnd bottle with O-ring seal 
  • 0.4g Weight - Ideal for upgraded sniper rifles

If you're running an upgraded Sniper Rifle or one of Novritsch's fantastic pre-upgraded platforms, the Novritsch 0.40g Sniper BBs will help you get the most out of your setup. Supplied in a resealable bottle of 530 rounds with an O-ring sealed top, even the bottle of these BBs is designed to give you the best possible accuracy by keeping dirt and debris out and your BBs clean and ready (even as you are clean and ready!). 

Ideal for platforms with upgraded HOP-up parts like the SSG96, SSG10 series and SSR63 A3, Novritsch's BBs boast tight tolerances and a finely polished surface for maximum accuracy. Feed your sniper rifle with the ammo it deserves!