5KU 1913/20mm Picatinny Folding Skeleton Stock w/Folding Butt Plate

Code: 5KU-324
  • Steel folding/mounting mech
  • Aluminium stock body with folding butt plate
  • For 1913/20mm Picatinny stock adapter/MPX/MCX

If your primary weapon is boasting a 1913/20mm Picatinny stock setup you now have some fresh new stock options thanks to 5KU! The 1913/20mm Picatinny Folding Skeleton Stock w/Folding Butt Plate is designed to mount to any 20mm Picatinny rail, but please, don't mount it to your handguard!

The stock itself is constructed from aluminium with weight reducing cuts throughout, and the folding/mounting mechanism is constructed from steel to provide the prerequisite strength. This stock is ideal for super compact setups with its folding butt plate, and its raised cheekpiece provides superb sight alignment. This stock can be mounted directly to the Sig Air MCX or MPX, or any AEG with a 1913/20mm stock adapter, providing an ultra-compact solution when folded, with full functionality when deployed! Get this on your MPX, it deserves it!

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If you are running an MPX or MCX, or your primary is equipped with a 1913/20mm Picatinny stock adapter this should be right up your street. The 1913/20mm Picatinny Folding Skeleton Stock w/Folding Butt Plate from 5KU is designed to mount to 1913/20mm stock mounting apparatus, but feel free to mount it wherever you like to commit some serious Airsoft heresy!

This stock is constructed from aluminium to reduce its weight with a steel folding/mounting mechanism to provide strength where needed, and can be mounted to a Sig Air MPX or MCX straight out of the box, or any other long gun with a 1913/20mm stock adapter. The party trick of this stock is its folding butt plate which allows the stock to be folded into an ultra slim and compact form, aiding concealment for scenario games and keeping the stock well out of the way when you are working up close with the stock folded.

The stock has a raised cheekpiece built into its skeletonised design, allowing for perfect sight alignment and cheek weld. As a bonus, this variant can be mounted at two different heights, allowing you to lower the cheekpiece by remounting the stock in the lower hole in the mounting mechanism for extra clearance when wearing a face mask. The stock also includes a pair of QD sling sockets at the stock base, though in our tests we found these to be non functional. If you want to try your own QD swivels feel free as this may be down to a tolerance issue, though we recommend giving the swivel a good hard yank to ensure it is locked in before entrusting it with the weight of your RIF.

With the advent of the 1913/20mm Picatinny stock attachment method comes a plethora of stock options which can be swapped out quickly and easily to suit the mission at hand. The Folding Skeleton Stock w/Folding Butt Plate is well suited to a CQB skirmisher who wants to compress their primary down to be as small as possible while avoiding snagging their gear with the butt plate, but could also be an asset on a sniper's backup SMG or any other role which requires the primary weapon to be compressed down into a smaller footprint.


  • Steel folding/mounting mechanism
  • Aluminium stock - Lightweight and strong
  • Folding butt plate - Perfect for concealment and snag reduction
  • Raised cheekpiece - Solid and comfortable cheek weld
  • Two mounting heights available - Simply install the stock on the upper or lower hole in the folding mech
  • QD Sling swivels were non-functional in our tests - If you are going to use them, proceed with caution!
  • Mounts to 1913/20mm Picatinny rail adapter - For AK | For M4/AR15
  • Compatible with Sig Air MCX and MPX

Package Includes

  • 5KU 1913/20mm Picatinny Minimalist Folding Stock



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External Parts
External Part Type
Stock, 1913/Picatinny Stock Attachment System,
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Aluminium stock with steel folding/mounting mechanism

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Approx. 11cm
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Approx. 20cm
Product Width
Approx. 2cm
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Approx. 0.261kg

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Weapon Platform
Submachine Gun, Assault Rifle, Rifles and SMGs with 1913/20mm Stock mounting apparatus,