5KU SF QD Spitfire Tracer Unit for SMG5/Tri-Lug

Code: BBP-312-BK-C
  • Full alloy construction
  • Tri-Lug attached
  • Fluted design

For all you serious SMG5 lovers out there in need of a tracer, this is the one for you! Featuring robust full alloy construction with a smooth, brushed finish for a lightweight build and sleek design.

The tracer unit sports a fluted design, which in the real world equivalent would help displace heat, however even though this is an Airsoft replica the fluted design does have other practical benefits such as reducing weight to prevent your weapon from becoming too forward heavy.

Featuring a tri-lug muzzle attachment method, the tracer can be quickly attached and detached on the fly if you need to switch up your shooting style during gameplay and it can be used on other replicas with a tri-lug device (see special instructions).

Full description

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  • Full alloy construction
  • Tri-Lug attached
  • Fluted design
  • USB-C connectivity
  • ~20cm long

Package Includes

  • SF QD Spitfire Tracer Unit for SMG5/Tri-Lug

Special Instructions

The silencer is not compatible with airsoft rifles by CA, JG or WE, but is compatible with CYMA CM.041 Series.

Due to the design of this 5KU tracer unit, there is potential that the internal tracer module can be damaged by BB impacts if your HOP-up is over-adjusted. If the inner barrel in your AEG is shorter than the outer barrel, this problem can be amplified. We recommend dialling down your HOP-up when initially testing the tracer unit and being cautious when applying mid-game adjustments. 

Any damage to the unit as a result of BB impacts, whether it is from incoming fire or the above scenario is not covered by your warranty and is considered "user error". 



External Part Type
Package Includes
USB Cable
Tracer unit


Colour Wheel Greyscale
Item Colour
Construction Icon

Weight and Dimension

Product Height
Approx. 3.5cm
Product Length
Approx. 21.5cm
Product Width
Approx. 3.5cm
Weight KG Icon
Weight (KG)
Approx. 0.227kg

Mount Specific

Mount Type
Barrel Mount

Suppressor Specific

Icon Thread Type
Outer Barrel Thread Type
Tri-lug Attachment System

Tracer Unit Specific

Tracer Unit