8Fields Tactical Elastic Single M4 Pouch

8Fields Tactical
  • Lays Flat On Rigs
  • Lightweight Pouch
  • MOLLE Compatible

    A MOLLE compatable magazine pouch, designed to hold a single STANAG magazine, made to be both low profile and lightweight for high speed Airsoft setups. 

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    The pouch is constructed from 600D Nylon, and features an elasticated fabric front. The pouch is great for lightweight rigs where weight is key, and takes up minimum amount of space on rigs, making them perfect for stacking on top of other MOLLE fronted pouches. The pouches themselves are designed for M4 and STANAG style magazines, but will accept smaller ones, making it great for holding sniper rifle magazines as well. The pouches hold magazines in using elasticated fabric, giving them a tight hold on their contents, but once removed will lay flat against the rig. These magazines are perfect for those Airsoft skirmishers who want a rig with the lowest profile possible, to reduce snag when moving through dense foliage or hugging the ground.


    • MOLLE modular design
    • Ultra lightweight construction
    • Designed for low-profile use
    • Takes up minimum space required on rigs
    • Fits M4 / STANAG magazines and smaller
    • Perfect for JPC and other low-profile rigs
    • Can be used for sniper magazines
    • Reduces snagging when moving through dense foliage
    • Securely retains magazines

    Package Includes

    • Elastic Single M4 Pouch



    Tactical Equipment Type
    Colour Wheel Greyscale
    Item Colour
    Black, Tan , Olive Green ,
    Material Icon
    Nylon, Elastic,
    Product Height
    Approx. 13.5cm
    Product Length
    Approx. 1cm
    Product Width
    Approx. 8cm

    Pouch Specific

    Pouch Type
    Attachment Method
    Securing Feature
    Magazine Style Icon
    Magazine Style
    Adjustable Size