8Fields Tactical MOLLE Assault Back Panel Mod.3

8Fields Tactical
  • 1000D Polyester construction
  • Mounts to MOLLE webbing
  • Includes removable utility pouch

If you need the ability to carry more kit for long-duration operations, the 8Fields Tactical MOLLE Assault Back Panel Mod.3 has your back, quite literally! This MOLLE-mounted back panel is made from 1000D Polyester, providing water and tear resistance thanks to its high stitch density. 

Ideally, the Assault Back Panel Mod.3 should be mounted to the rear plate bag of your plate carrier, offering space for a 1L or 2L hydration bladder and two utility pouches for miscellaneous items, one built-in and one removable, attached via Velcro. Whether you need somewhere to store more kit for full day or weekend skirmishes or want that fully decked-out plate carrier look, the 8Fields Tactical MOLLE Assault Back Panel Mod.3 will provide!

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If you've run out of space on the front and sides of your Plate Carrier but need more carrying capacity, the 8Fields Tactical MOLLE Assault Back Panel Mod.3 is the ideal addition to your loadout. Constructed from 1000D Polyester, the MOLLE Assault Back Panel Mod.3 mounts to any surface with MOLLE webbing loops but is designed to be mounted to the rear of a plate carrier or tactical vest. 

The Assault Back Panel Mod.3 includes an internal hydration pouch designed for 1L or 2L hydration bladders, giving you somewhere conformal to stash your essential fluids and keep energy levels high all day. Also present are two utility pouches, one built-in at the top and one at the bottom which can be quickly removed, retained by velcro and a polymer buckle-equipped strap. 

The upper utility pouch is secured via dual glove-friendly zips, allowing easy access to the goodies inside, even in the heat of a firefight. On the outside, we are treated to a Velcro panel which doubles as MOLLE loops, giving you the option to add morale patches or additional MOLLE pouches for even greater load-bearing capacity. 

The second utility pouch presents the unique opportunity to throw useful kit across beaten ground to a teammate in need thanks to its removable design, and also features a Velcro panel on the outside so you label it up with a patch. To remove the lower utility pouch, simply pop open the clip and rip it off!

Whether you seek the mission-ready special forces look or need somewhere to stash your mission essentials and consumables, the 8Fields Tactical MOLLE Assault Back Panel Mod.3 is ideal for your setup!


  • 1000D Polyester construction
  • Mounts to MOLLE webbing - Ideally mounted to the rear of a plate carrier
  • Velcro/MOLLE rear panel - Add I.D or Morale patches, or mount more pouches
  • Removable utility pouch on the bottom - Retained via velcro and a polymer buckle
  • 2x Utility pouches - One removable, one fixed, dual glove-friendly zips to secure
  • Space inside for a 1L or 2L Hydration bladder - Between the rear panel and the pouches
  • Struggling with MOLLE? Check out our MOLLE Guide

Package Includes

  • 8Fields Tactical MOLLE Assault Back Panel Mod.3



Tactical Equipment Type
Colour Wheel Greyscale
Item Colour
Multicam Colour Icon
Coyote Tan, Olive Drab,
Patrol Base | Multicam Black
Multicam Black
Tropic Multicam
Multicam Tropic
Material Icon
Velcro, Polymer, Elastic, 1000D Polyester,
Product Length
Approx. 29.5cm
Product Width
Approx. 25.5cm
Weight KG Icon
Weight (KG)
Approx. 0.47kg

Pouch Specific

Pouch Type
Utility, Hydration bladder,
Attachment Method
Securing Feature
Dual Zip
Adjustable Size
Front Panel