8Fields Tactical Skeletal Chest Rig

8Fields Tactical
Code: M51611063-CP
  • Super Lightweight
  • High Speed, No Drag!
  • Skeletal MOLLE Webbing

An ULTRA lightweight, compact and super low profile chest rig for the Oscar Mike Operator! Decorated in a full coverage MOLLE webbing and removable shoulder straps, this rig is a great grab for any player looking to tactically-prance their way into enemy territory.

Full description


The Skeletal design of this Chest Rig allows the user to wear it over whatever clothing they have on without any added bulk or weight. Although it may look like you're wearing some form of tactical lingerie, the MOLLE webbing that runs across the entirety of the rig allows you to secure all your Mag & Equipment pouches all while keeping it minimal.

The rig is one size fits all and secures on via straps and a font position zip, so even if you wanted to you could do away with the shoulder straps and run the waistline MOLLE section alone.


  • Skeletal Design
  • Super Lightweight
  • Secure & Steady
  • Front Zip Fitting
  • Removable Shoulder Straps
  • MOLLE Webbing
  • Modular
  • Great for Run N' Gun!

Package Includes

  • Skeletal MOLLE Chest Rig



Tactical Equipment Type
Tactical Vest
Over 18 Only Icon
Over 18

Weight and Dimension

Weight KG Icon
Weight (KG)
Approx. 0.5kg
Product Height
Approx. 40cm
Product Length
Approx. 40cm


Colour Wheel Greyscale
Item Colour
Multicam Colour Icon
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Wearable Specific

One Size Fits All