8Fields Tactical Split Front Chest Harness

8Fields Tactical
  • Fully adjustable strapping
  • 4 x MOLLE magazine pouches
  • Rotating polymer swivel buckles

Achieving comfort, durability, manoeuvrability and a means of carrying up to 4x STANAG magazines with more than enough room to expand with additional pouches. You can even remove the included MOLLE pouches to completely re-configure and mix everything up with a different range of magazine pouches such as AK or the ultimate speed-soft pistol setup.

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This setup has adjustment on your stomach, back and shoulders resulting in a near tailored fit for people of all shapes and sizes. The shoulder straps are lightly padded which continues over onto shoulder blades consisting of a large MOLLE and Velcro surface. Here you have a drag handle for your team mates to drag you to cover to be medic'd, or just look the part... You have a small strip to add your favourite Velcro patches too, attract friendlies or insult the enemy, this is completely your choice.

The shoulder straps and back section lead down to your main split MOLLE belt platform. This consists of two large areas of MOLLE that cover your ribs down to your belt button. Here you can find the included 2x double STANAG magazine pouches that are completely removable. You can add your own pouches from AK to pistol setups and more as long as they are MOLLE compatible. The front, rear and connecting waist to shoulder strapping is all clipped together with 2x front buckles and 2x rear swivel buckles. This allows you to remain highly flexible and comfortable no matter what angle you twist your body in, providing you are not trying to do any extreme acrobatics. 

Finally at the rear, the main securing strap and swivel buckle mounts are completely adjustable and any loose material can be looped up and secured with the included Velcro wraps. This prevents any loose material snagging on doorways, vegetation and any wandering hands from fellow Airsofters looking to play a prank.


  • Ultra-lightweight setup
  • Includes 2 x double M4 magazine MOLLE pouches
  • Adjustable wide shoulder straps
  • Lightly padded back and shoulder mesh
  • Adjustable waist back strap lines
  • Velcro panels on front and back
  • Very easy to put on and adjust by yourself without aid of others
  • Polymer swivel hinge system to allow to you to remain flexible and move easily
  • Loose adjustment straps can be rolled up and kept together with the included Velcro wraps
  • 2 x  attachment points on your shoulders (one each side) to attach whistles, glow sticks and other tethered line items

Package Includes:

  • Split Front Chest Harness
  • 2 x Double M4 Magazine Pouches

Special Instructions:

Please note that the pictured magazines are not included with this product!



Tactical Equipment Type
Tactical Vest
Over 18 Only Icon
Over 18

Weight and Dimension

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Weight (KG)
Approx. 0.6kg


Colour Wheel Greyscale
Item Colour
Olive Green
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Patrol Base | Multicam Black
Multicam Black
Tropic Multicam
Multicam Tropic
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600D Polyester