AGM PH-Style Telescopic Bipod for Harris Lug

Code: AGM-PT-001
  • Alloy construction
  • Compatible with harris lugs & bipod spigots
  • Spring loaded legs for fast deployment 

If you need something to support the weight of your sniper rifle setup, you can't go wrong with a bipod! The AGM PH-Style Telescopic Bipod for Harris Lug is compatible with common Harris-style sling/bipod lugs found on the stocks of most sniper rifles, including M40A1, M24 and VSR-10 replicas. 

Constructed from hefty alloy with a steel sling loop built-in, the PH-Style bipod boasts adjustable leg length via the pair of catches on each and the bipod feet are wedged so you can dig into soft ground for perfect stability. The legs can be deployed and stowed in an instant by squeezing the legs together, and thanks to the included spigot mount, you can quickly detach the bipod if you need to reduce weight. If you find yourself sniping from a static position more often than not, this bipod will be an asset to your setup!

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If your sniper rifle is getting kind of hefty and you always find yourself defending a static location, a bipod is the ideal thing to reduce fatigue and improve stability. The AGM PH-Style Telescopic Bipod for Harris Lug is based on a popular real steel bipod and is constructed from alloy with a steel sling loop built-in. 

Deploying the bipod is quick and easy; all you need to do is squeeze the legs together and rotate them down into place. You also have the option of stowing the bipod facing the front or rear of the rifle depending on your weight distribution preferences. 

The bipod legs are adjustable independently using the catch on each, and the feet include a wedge shape on the bottom to grip into soft ground for maximum stability. Thanks to the inclusion of the bipod spigot mount, you can quickly ditch the bipod if you want to move faster via the catch on the side. 

The PH-Style Bipod mounts to Harris sling/bipod lugs present on many Airsoft sniper rifle replicas, including most M40A1, M24 and VSR-10 replicas. Installation instructions are included in the box, but if you're unsure whether this will fit your rifle we recommend contacting us before ordering to confirm. 


  • Alloy construction - Steel springs & sling loop
  • Includes bipod spigot mount - Allows the bipod to be quickly removed
  • Spring loaded legs - Squeeze them together to unlock, nice quick deployment
  • Adjustable leg length - Each leg independently adjusts via the catch near the feet
  • Wedged feet - Allows you to dig into soft ground for maximum stability
  • Sling point built into the spigot mount - Even if you only have one front Harris lug you can still mount a sling
  • Can be stowed in either direction - Either towards the front or the rear of the replica
  • Compatible with VSR-10, M40A1 and M24 replicas with a front Harris sling/bipod lug - Ask us if you're not sure!
  • If you need a 20mm rail-mounted bipod or a bipod for L96, check this out!

Package Includes

  • AGM PH-Style Telescopic Bipod for Harris Lug/Spigot
  • Installation instructions



External Part Type
Bipod, Bipod Mount,
Package Includes
Bi-pod mount


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Item Colour
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Alloy with steel sling point, springs and screws.

Weight and Dimension

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Weight (KG)
Approx. 0.748kg

Part Specific

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Rail System

Mount Specific

Mount Type
Bi-pod Mount